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Volume 55 Preview!

I always get tickled pink to see the preview of the upcoming releases! My only beef about this one is we don’t really get much clue as to what songs might show up (aside from the one playing throughout the video).

On the other hand I lovvvvvvvvve me some Kass Martin so I’m excited to see her and Steve in the live class. And more importantly, did I miss the release of Zumba camo leggings or are my eyes playing tricks on me and that is some other sort of pattern? Like I seriously need to go check the shop right now because those are amazing (in that cray Zumba lady sort of way!)


Here is the preview…

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Mix 37

It’s early!  I never get my CD’s from Zumba before the 20th of the month!!


Here are the songs found on Mega Mix 37 along with YouTube videos for any I could easily find there.

1. Dale Dlae {Electronic/Warm-up} – Francesca Maria ft. Jayko, Cisa & Drooid

2.  Boom {Merengue Electronico}

3.  Si tu me Besas {Salsa} – Victor Manuelle

4.  Mi Pololita {Reggaeton} – Fainal

5. Sexy Bam Bam {Latin Dance} – Soldat & Luis Guisao

6.  Con To lo Cacabele {Dembow} – El Alfa

7.  Volvi a Nacer {Cumbia/Vallenato} – Carlos Vives

8.  Mi Mulata {Salsa}

9.  Kollo Khaled {Belly Dance} – Khaled Sarsa

10.  Quiero Bailar Contigo {Axe} – Ceceu Muniz

I’m really digging this Mega Mix, and that rarely happens!  Now who knows when I’ll actually get around to choreographing any of these songs, but at least I like a bunch of them!

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The Arrival of Volume 41

Non Zumba lovers you can skip this post 😉  I was planning to write about something different today, but then this finally showed up in my mailbox

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For those of you who are new around here, back in June I road tripped it with a bunch of my Zumba peeps to T. Dot for ZIN Day which included a live class which was taped for ZIN 41.

And then last month Zumba released a trailer for ZIN 41 and I could see myself in it and got a *little* excited, so you can imagine what I was doing when I finally had the full DVD in my paws!

I sat right down and watched it like the nerd I am playing “where’s Suzi”  I even went so far as to record a super short video of one of the places you can see me on the DVD.

Can you find me?

I’ll help you out, I’m right there.


It’s pretty cool.

I thought I’d share with you what songs are on ZIN 41, just in case there has been a new jam in your Zumba classes and you’re dying to know what it is.

#1 Mueve ese Eskeleto {Electro Merengue} by Fulanito

#2 Pretenciosa {Salsa} Zumba Fitness Original

#3 Me Gustan Todas {Techno Cumbia} by Fuego

#4 Pose {Reggaeton} by Daddy Yankee

#5 Now That We Found Love {Disco Rap} by Heavy D & The Boyz

#6 Mereketengue {Pasito Duranguense} Zumba Fitness Original

#7 Bem Vindos {Funk} Zumba Fitness Original

#8 Taca Taca {Merengue/Calypso} by Yi-Way-Pi

#9 Como un Angel {Raggaeton Pop} by Zulayka

(This video clip is 9 minutes long, but the very first song that plays when you start the video is Como un Angel)

I like a lot of the songs on this ZIN, but it’s possible that is because they bring back memories of ZIN Day.  There are some (Pose for one) that I would have loved regardless.  All you need to say is the words “Daddy Yankee” and I’m there 😉

Which song(s) did you like best?  Or did you think this CD wasn’t that great?

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ZIN Day Canada 2012

The time has come.

It’s taken me over a week, but I’m finally writing about my trip to ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network) Day in Toronto a week or so ago.  I did share a few photos with you last week but now I’ll give to a better overview of the happs that went down. 😉

IMG 0070

As most of you know, I road-tripped to T.O. with four other Zumba instructors to attend ZIN Day.  Yes we are crazy, but we lived to tell the tale!  The truth is I already had made plans for two other trips this summer before I found out about ZIN Day and couldn’t afford another place ticket so if I hadn’t been able to road trip-it I wouldn’t have been able to go.  For those of you wondering, from my house to Toronto is approximately a 20 hour drive (calculating in stops along the way).

We left the valley around 4pm Friday afternoon and landed in Toronto around lunch time.  Three of us were on no sleep (cue Seinfeld moment)….

[youtube_sc url=””]

and this is where the story gets interesting.  This year, Zumba Head Office decided to add a new element to ZIN Days called ZIN Crews.  Groups of ZIN were to get together, create a Zumba routine and submit their crew online and 10 would be chosen to go on stage and teach their routine to everyone in attendance.  The Nova Scotia Instructors has submitted their names to be one of these crews (I had opted out and volunteered to take photos).

Friday (back that the start of the road trip) we found out that Team Nova Scotia has been chosen to go on stage.

Small problem – there was still no song chosen and no routine created.  The instructors are from all over the province so many hadn’t even met in person, and a bunch of them wouldn’t even be getting to Toronto until Saturday afternoon.  Reminder – ZIN Day was to be on Sunday.  Most of these other crews had been practicing for well, a month.  So I tell them they better figure out what they are doing ‘cuz they’ve got some serious practising to do before Sunday!  At which point I’m informed that my request to take photos was denied, “Suzi you’re in the crew.”

Oh Dear.

Back to Toronto.  Since only 1/2 of the “crew” was in Toronto we headed over to the Eaton Centre for some food and shopping (since if we had stayed in the hotel we likely would have all been asleep in a matter of minutes and we still had a heck of a lot of stuff to do).  I might mention, when you’ve been up for 30-some hours, the day goes by very slowly.  I’d look at my watch thinking it must be 7 or 9 pm and it would be like 1:12 in the afternoon.  It was very disorienting.

After we shopped and ate – I didn’t buy anything but I REALLY wanted this purple bag

IMG 0039

we headed back to the hotel and started working on our routine.  The rest of the peeps had just landed and headed out to get something to eat so we told them to meet us at 6pm so we could get everything figured out.  We put the song we ultimately chose on repeat in the hotel room, ideas were tossed out by everyone and while Katie and Josie went to work making our team shirts

IMG 0046

I kept trying to piece the routine together (with help and ideas from all the others).  By 6pm we had it pretty much all figured out, met up with the other three and went to look for somewhere to practise.

Enter the park and a random gazebo.

I may remind you it is Saturday evening, around 7pm.  There were some drunk peeps hanging around.  There had been a dog fair nearby and afterwards lots of people brought their dogs to the park.  There was just in general a fair amount of people hanging around wondering what the hack we were doing.

We practised and practised for probably 1 1/2 or 2 hours until we were satisfied that we wouldn’t make total fools of ourselves on stage.  Since we knew we wouldn’t get any video of us actually on stage, Angie took this video of us in the park.  Please remember we are all very tired and very hungry at this point…

After “practise” we went for pizza then hit the hay to get some rest for Sunday.

The first order of the day Sunday was filming ZIN 41.  Every other month Zumba sends all ZIN a DVD with choreography on it.  On the DVD there is a live class and a one-on-one class and we were going to be in the live filming for an upcoming ZIN 🙂  My outfit of choice

IMG 0064

We checked out and took the short-ish (it seemed a lot longer on the way back) walk down to Kool Haus where the event was being held

IMG 0072

I forgot to bring my sunglasses :/

Once inside I checked my bag/phone so I have no photos from the live taping but it was super fun!  Sadly, there was no room for me and my giant wingspan so if I actually am visible in the DVD I’m sure I’ll look like a weirdo with my arms all tucked in like a flamingo.  Aw well.

After the live taping I attempted to go to the Zumba Wear Shop

IMG 0075

um yeah.  It was too crazy for me so I got the heck out of there!

There were a few info sessions with Zumba Head Office

IMG 0076

And then it was time for the Crews.  We were slotted to be crew 9 out of 10.  Giving us (or at least me) lots of time to worry/get nervous.

Here is the whole crew all dressed in our outfits

IMG 0080

For those of you not from around here, blue and white are obviously our provincial colours, and Susan in the front is rockin’ some seriously fab Nova Scotian Tartan 😉

And then we went on… front of over 550 other instructors….

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Somehow, I am never involved with anything that is mishap free.

The song we chose was just over 4 minutes long.  During those 4 minutes I managed to have 3 or 4 mishaps.

#1 – One of the previous groups must have had bells sewn on their outfits.  One of these bells fell off and was on the stage unnoticed.  Until I stepped on it.  I thought I stepped on Josie’s foot so quickly lifted my foot and shot said bell directly under her lifted foot which nearly caused her to fall.

#2 – Each of us wore a “snap bracelet” that was covered in Nova Scotian Tartan.  My crazy spider arms flail too much and sent my bracelet flying across the floor.  I decide to ignore the bracelet and continue with the routine

#3 – I nearly step on the rogue bracelet and then decide I need to pick it up and put it in my pocket.

#4 – I decide I don’t like having it in my pocket and put it back on my wrist.  Where it falls off AGAIN.  This time I have enough sense to pick it up and toss it off stage, in doing so forget where we are in the routine and mess up.  Doh.

Mishaps or not – we finished!

IMG 0086

Despite the fact that the announcer said, “Team Nova Scotia – bringing us some country!!!!”  It wasn’t country.  It was a celtic song.  Sheesh.

Afterwards we had a number of people come and tell us how much they liked our routine (there were even some sweet souls that said they liked our routine the best!), which made us happy, especially since 24 hours earlier we still didn’t have a routine at all!

We finished off the day with a Broadway Lights session with the fabulous Tamara Stoke-Said and Amanda Grant

IMG 0088

And Columbian Connection with Jaime Farfan.  Sadly I don’t have any photos from the last session as I was too involved in doing it to take photos, but it was the same kind of session he did at convention last year so just imagine this photo is from Toronto 😉


Once all the excitement was over I shot this quick video

[youtube_sc url=”″]

Then we started the L-O-N-G trip home.  I got home Monday afternoon around 4.  From the time I got up Thursday to the time I got home Monday I had slept a collective 10 hours, and done 10 hours of exercise.  Fro them time I got home Monday, until 11am Tuesday I had slept 16 hours.

I was a tired girl.

Would I do it again?  Heck yeah!  But give me a few more weeks to forget about how tired it made me!

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Zumba Convention 2011 Day 1 – Shop Till You Drop!

Today I’m going to re-cap my first day in Florida which was last Wednesday.  While I was there for the Zumba Convention, it didn’t start for us until Friday so we had Wednesday and Thursday free to do whatever we wanted – and clearly, we wanted to shop!

But let’s first back up a little bit…

Our flight out of Halifax was leaving early Wednesday morning so we had to leave my house at 2:30 am to get there in time to go through security, customs, etc.  For me, sleeping only an hour or two is worse than no sleep at all – so I opted not to sleep.  Here we are in Halifax ready to start our journey

We had a short stop over at JFK where I paid a crazy amount of money for some yogurt and granola and a bottle of juice, and then we were Orlando bound!  The flight to Orlando was quite uneventful, but we were seated next to the engines and it was SOO loud the whole flight.  Our ears were killing us on the decent and it was a good hour or two before we could hear decently.  No amount of gum chewing was assisting us on that one!

Loss of hearing aside – we made it! Neither Holly nor myself had ever been to Florida before so we were pretty excited!  Because we didn’t know where anything was I opted for the “meet and greet” service with our shuttle – we had a guy waiting with a sign with my name on it to get us all straightened out when we landed.  Let me tell ya, that guy was worth every one of the $18 he cost.  He took us right to baggage claim, got our shuttle tickets for us, took us to the shuttle, the whole works.  Another time we probably wouldn’t need to do that but for our first time we were glad we did!

you can’t read it but the one on the left has my name on it

the “we’re in Florida” crazy look

After dropping other folks off at the Ritz Carlton, and a few other hotels we made it to our destination – the Hilton Grand Suites at Sea World and checked into our room.

please note this is the only time this room looked this good.  We were, in short, a pair of slobs.

After we got settled in, we decided to go register for the convention so that would be out-of-the-way.  It didn’t seem like the convention center was very far from our hotel when we drove there so we thought we’d walk.  We walked for I’d say 40 minutes or more when we came across a gas station.  We were thirsty and wanted a drink, plus we wanted to make sure we were going the right way so we went inside.  Well we were in fact NOT going the right way, we actually were going the complete opposite direction and were now 5 miles away from the convention centre :S the folks at the gas station asked us three or four times if we were walking and really seemed shocked that we were even alive after finding out where we had walked from.  We were looking pretty ratty by then, all sweaty and gross, and the gas attendant practically insisted we get on the bus.  Since we weren’t really keen on the idea of walking 5 miles off we trudged to the nearest bus stop – right in front of a swap, and on top of a huge ant hill.  Lovely.

Thankfully we got on the bus and only a stop or two later another Zumba person got on (we tend to carry bags with Zumba written all over them so we’re easy to spot ;) ) and he helped us get to the convention centre.  He didn’t know where to go either but he had a friend on the phone that was there telling us where to go.  Eventually we got there, got registered and were good to go!

Clearly my hairspray was failing at this point.

After registering we had heard the Zumba shop was going to be opening soon so we went to see how long the line-up was to see if we wanted to wait and go in.

See the purple sign WAAAY up there?  That’s the front of the line.  But wait!   The line continued around the corner!

I may be crazy, but I”m not THAT crazy, so we blew that zumbawear stand and headed up to the outlet mall instead!  Be still my shopping loving heart.  We hit up Nike, new balance, victoria’s secret, gap, under amour and a bunch of other stores.  But perhaps most importantly…

PINKBERRY!!  This gem was a mix of coconut and mango fro-yo topped with pineapple, coconut, almonds and a waffle cookie.  It was my supper and it was glorious.  Oh pinkberry, I dream about you at night won’t you please come to Nova Scotia???

We literally shopped until we dropped.  Remember how I didn’t sleep at all before we left in the middle of the night?   Well we didn’t leave the mall until 10 pm.  Loaded up with bags and getting a wee bit cranky.  We hopped on the I-trolly and spent the next hour making our way back down to our hotel.

Let me tell you we were pretty darn happy to make it back to our hotel that night.  After we reviewed all our purchases  we hit the hay to rest up for Thursday – which will come in tomorrow’s post.

Have a good night everyone! :D

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