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Zumba Mega Mix 37


It’s early!  I never get my CD’s from Zumba before the 20th of the month!!


Here are the songs found on Mega Mix 37 along with YouTube videos for any I could easily find there.

1. Dale Dlae {Electronic/Warm-up} – Francesca Maria ft. Jayko, Cisa & Drooid

2.  Boom {Merengue Electronico}

3.  Si tu me Besas {Salsa} – Victor Manuelle

4.  Mi Pololita {Reggaeton} – Fainal

5. Sexy Bam Bam {Latin Dance} – Soldat & Luis Guisao

6.  Con To lo Cacabele {Dembow} – El Alfa

7.  Volvi a Nacer {Cumbia/Vallenato} – Carlos Vives

8.  Mi Mulata {Salsa}

9.  Kollo Khaled {Belly Dance} – Khaled Sarsa

10.  Quiero Bailar Contigo {Axe} – Ceceu Muniz

I’m really digging this Mega Mix, and that rarely happens!  Now who knows when I’ll actually get around to choreographing any of these songs, but at least I like a bunch of them!

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The Arrival of ZIN 41

Non Zumba lovers you can skip this post ;)  I was planning to write about something different today, but then this finally showed up in my mailbox

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For those of you who are new around here, back in June I road tripped it with a bunch of my Zumba peeps to T. Dot for ZIN Day which included a live class which was taped for ZIN 41.

And then last month Zumba released a trailer for ZIN 41 and I could see myself in it and got a *little* excited, so you can imagine what I was doing when I finally had the full DVD in my paws!

I sat right down and watched it like the nerd I am playing “where’s Suzi”  I even went so far as to record a super short video of one of the places you can see me on the DVD.

Can you find me?

I’ll help you out, I’m right there.


It’s pretty cool.

I thought I’d share with you what songs are on ZIN 41, just in case there has been a new jam in your Zumba classes and you’re dying to know what it is.

#1 Mueve ese Eskeleto {Electro Merengue} by Fulanito

#2 Pretenciosa {Salsa} Zumba Fitness Original

#3 Me Gustan Todas {Techno Cumbia} by Fuego

#4 Pose {Reggaeton} by Daddy Yankee

#5 Now That We Found Love {Disco Rap} by Heavy D & The Boyz

#6 Mereketengue {Pasito Duranguense} Zumba Fitness Original

#7 Bem Vindos {Funk} Zumba Fitness Original

#8 Taca Taca {Merengue/Calypso} by Yi-Way-Pi

#9 Como un Angel {Raggaeton Pop} by Zulayka

(This video clip is 9 minutes long, but the very first song that plays when you start the video is Como un Angel)

I like a lot of the songs on this ZIN, but it’s possible that is because they bring back memories of ZIN Day.  There are some (Pose for one) that I would have loved regardless.  All you need to say is the words “Daddy Yankee” and I’m there ;)

Which song(s) did you like best?  Or did you think this CD wasn’t that great?

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