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Yogi Clothing

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Yogi Clothing about doing a review of their clothing on the blog.  I took a look at their site and when I saw the beautiful clothing they make I excitedly said, “Yes please!”

I picked out a couple pieces and a week or so later I got a package in the mail full of goodies!

IMG 5048

In the package was their pink ruched hoodie jacket which is super cute with pleating in the back that makes it look sort of like a riding jacket

IMG 5054

and it has thumbholes!  I heart thumbholes.

I also received their Zip V-Neck Cardigan which I am obsessed with

IMG 5051

It is so soft and comfy!  In fact, the day the shipment arrived I tried it on to take these photos and then wore it for the rest of the day!  I’ve worn it a number of times since, it is a perfect fall cardigan for those not so chilly days.

Here is another shot of the two sweaters/jackets

IMG 5058

I really like that the hoodie is different from your traditional zip-up hoodie/jacket.  The rushing on the front, and pleated back really makes this hoodie stand out, and I’ve received a number of compliments already and I’ve only had the chance to wear it twice.

As for the cardigan, what more can I say?  Besides loving how soft and comfy it is, I adore that the sleeves are nice and long so my wrists stay warm along with my arms!  The problem with being tall/having long arms is that is can be tough to find sleeves that are long enough, so I always get excited when a top has extra long sleeves!

As much as I love the hoodie and cardigan, the Print WB Pant they sent me are my favourite item (and that’s saying something!).  My usual go-to black workout pants are my Lululemon Astro pants (which are super old and getting very close to retirement) and I gotta say – I like these better.  Why?  Because of the way they are made.  Instead of just having a front and a back sewn together at the sides, these have a third smaller panel on the sides which makes for a more comfortable and flattering fit.

I wore them on the plane to San Francisco, and to teach a few classes and I really am pretty smitten.  In fact I wore them just this morning!

IMG 5384

I treat all of the items like I would any other athletic wear, I wash them in the washing machine and then hang to dry.  Each piece has been washed a minimum of two times and I’ve had no issues with discolouration, shrinking, pilling, etc.

I also found the items to fit true to size, so if you’re wondering what size to order I would go with your regular size.

If you are in the market for some new workout wear check out Yogi Clothing!  They have lots of cute items and their products are made in the USA (which I know is important for a lot of people)

Disclosure:  In case it wasn’t clear, I received these items free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  I really do love the products I received and would tell you if I felt otherwise.

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Valley Harvest Marathon 2013

Happy Tuesday!  Here in Canada we are just getting back int o the swing of things after our Thanksgiving long weekend, and I officially ran my last real “run” before this weekend’s Nike Women’s Half in San Francisco (yikes!  How it that only 5 days away??).  

I’ve run the 5K the past few years, and it’s become my favourite Thanksgiving tradition.  For so many years I wasn’t able to be active because of my ailments (mainly fibromyalgia and a weak left lung) so being able to get up on Thanksgiving Sunday and run a 5K feels like a great way to be “thankful” for what I can now do.

I had big hopes for a PR this past weekend.  I figured if I could run a sub 30 5K out of the blue after not running for like 3 years, I should certainly be able to beat that this year since I’ve run more in the past 4 months than I probably have any other year.  

Saturday I picked up my race kit and hung out at the football field while waiting for my nephew Andrew to run in the kid’s run.  It was soooo cold!  Luckily for Andrew and his sister Emma, I got a sweet blanket and jacket in my race kit that they were able to snuggle up in

IMG 5070

and a better shot of the goodies

IMG 5098

Best. Race. Swag. To. Date.  I’m obsessed with that blanket.  The end.

Sunday morning was a beautiful (but freezing) morning, and I ran without a watch (my new trend) so I really didn’t have any idea how fast I was going.  Looking back, since I wanted a PR I really should have worn my watch so I could have paced myself… but I guess luck was on my side because when I entered the football field I could see the time clock was right at 29 minutes.  I could still do it!  So I sprinted to the end

1374975 10151917248190027 139197350 n

1384263 10151917248290027 1725220527 n

When I finished the clock read 29:30.  My old PR was 29:22, when my chip time was posted it was 29:19.  So yay!  A new PR, but I was still annoyed for about 10 minutes thinking I should have done better.  But hey, I didn’t wear a watch, I didn’t hurt myself and I still beat my own record.  So I got over it.

Also, I think I’m going to arrange to have my own photographer for all future races.  That first “action” shot is the best running photo I’ve ever had.  Thanks Lisa!!

The post race picture I took – notice that stupid me had my medal turned the wrong way.

IMG 5107

And the post race photos our official photographer took 

1381699 10151917249660027 379474712 n

563664 10151917250340027 1251408820 n

with Cathy who ran her first official 5K!  Whoop! Whoop!

And one last close up of the medal:

IMG 5109

And now we await my San Francisco adventure for one more race recap this month.  Eep!

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Training Recap Aug 27-Sept 2nd

I’m a day late posting my weekly recap, but that’s because I was enjoying my Labour Day Monday by running my long run!

Both Runtastic and Nike+ followed me on my run, but the times are both off as I had technical difficulties starting out and stood there for a good 2 minutes trying to get all of my electronics started and then packed away in my belt. 



I really wasn’t sure if I was even going to be physically capable of running the 18K but I did it!  I stuck to a 10 min running, 1 min walking ratio, until somewhere around 1hr 45 min when I gave myself a full 5 minute walking break.  I was less than 4 km from home and was getting pretty tired and wanted to make sure I could make it home.  The Nike app thinks I went 12.45miles which I think is a lie, but I do know there can be issues with Runtastic’s distance log sometimes so it’s safe to say I went at least the 18K I was scheduled to run.

My knees and hips hurt last night and during the night, but today aside from stiffness in my calves and a bit of knee pain in my left knee I’m okay.  Still fairly tired, and a bit wheezy.  Turn out my hypothesis from last week appears to be right, my lungs (or specifically my left lung) is not a fan of long runs.  I took Fir/Sat/Sun off from exercising to see if it made a difference, and it really didn’t.  After about 1hr 10min I go downhill.  I don’t have difficulty breathing but my lungs certainly feel tired, and last night I had pain on my left side consistent with diagnosed lung pain I’ve had in the past.  

So what do you do?  At this point, not much.  I keep plugging away as long as I keep an eye on how I’m feeling and if I become short of breath or have pain while running it’s a full stop, and call someone to pick me up.  But with 18K under my belt I’m so close to the half marathon distance I know I can do it.  It might not be in the 2hr 15min I initially wanted, but that was before I knew my lung was going to give me trouble.

I’ve officially dropped down to 1 run/week now (that’s all I’ve been getting in, but I’ve been “planning” to do 2 or 3/week, they just weren’t getting done), so my next run won’t be until next weekend and that one is 20K.  Someone please hold me…

I would like to get it done on Saturday so that I can take Sunday off, but it’s very likely I won’t get it in until Sunday.  Friday night I’ve got a 90 minute Zumba Fundraiser, and Saturday morning I have Zumba Toning to teach so I’ll probably need the rest of Saturday to rest in order to have enough energy for the 20K.  At least on Mondays I don’t have any classes until evening so if I do the 20K in the morning/afternoon I will really have 24 hours “off” before exercising.

As I type this I still have $1130 left to raise to meet my fundraising goal.  I have big hopes that next week when I post an update that number will be down to $600 or less.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that, that happens!

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SportLine Solo 925 Heart Rate Monitor Review

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you’ve no doubt seen me sporting this watch for the past month or so

IMG 2113

It is Sportline’s SOLO 925 Heart Rate Monitor which they sent me to review.

While I knew they were sending me a heart rate monitor I didn’t know what colour it was, and of course I was tickled pink (excuse the pun) when it arrived and was a super pretty pink colour!


As a Polar F4 user, I was interested to see how this monitor compared to my beloved Polar.  The SOLO doesn’t include a chest strap and required you to touch your finger tips to the metal area around the face in order to  record your heart rate and this feature was what really drew me to the SOLO in the beginning.

I’ve come to find that wearing my Polar while teaching classes is a real pain.  The chest strap always slips no matter what I do to it and it’s a bit awkward to be adjusting your chest strap during classes in front of a room full of people.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked down at my Polar during a class only to see “Check Transmitter” and know that there was no way I could fix the problem because I was in the middle of teaching a song.  This has led me to having a lot of inaccurate calorie burns and makes it difficult for me to monitor my heart rate during classes.

Enter the SOLO.

While some people may find having to touch your fingers to the watch in order to register your heart rate a pain, it doesn’t both me at all.  I do find it registers most quickly if you are standing still so I tend to only take my heart rate between songs or on water breaks which works out really well.  It doesn’t disturb my class and it gives me a good idea of how hard I’m working.  Another thing I really like is I can wear the watch for all of my classes and if at the last minute I decide I want to record my heart rate or calorie burn I can, there is no chest strap to bother with, and no parts that I need to wet down prior to use (with the Polar you need to wet the chest strap in order for it to get a proper reading).

IMG 2100

Something else that is really cool about the SOLO is that it can record your total calorie burn each day.  If you remember to reset it when you get up or before you go to bed, and record your heart rate during exercise it will be able to tell you how many calories you’ve burned all day long.  If you are trying to lose weight this information can be invaluable as it helps to take the guess work out of how many calories you should be consuming.

Honestly, the SOLO has a lot of functions that I still haven’t completely figured out.  It has a pedometer which can calculate how many steps you’ve taken, how far you’ve travelled, it has a timer, an alarm clock, has a dual time feature if you travel frequently between time zones and even within the heart rate monitor functions there are lots of features I haven’t yet used.

As far as it’s accuracy, no heart rate monitor is going to be 100% accurate as far as calories burned is concerned, but will give you a much more accurate reading than exercise equipment.  Compared to the Polar, I wore both monitors one night when I went for a 2 mile run and the total calories burned according to my Polar was 275, and the Sportline registered 248 so a difference of 27 calories.  That makes sense to me since I had to stop running in order to get my heart rate to register on the SOLO and obviously as soon as I stopped moving my heart rate would start to slow.

Overall I think the SOLO is a wonderful tool – and is now my preferred tool for calculating calorie burn while teaching classes and for every day use.  I think the strap and fit of the SOLO is much more comfortable than my Polar (which I find a bit big and clunky).  However, when running I will still be using my Polar since I can see my heart rate without having to stop, and when I’m running it is easy for me to adjust the chest strap if it begins to slip.

If you are looking for an affordable option to help keep you motivated to move more I would urge you to take a look a the SOLO 925, besides being pretty it has a lot of wonderful (and practical) functions.

DISCLAIMER: I was sent the SOLO 925 free of charge in order to review it for Sportline, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.  Those aren’t for sale.

Stay tuned: Sportline also sent me an Ab Station which I’ll be reviewing in the coming weeks!


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Kick 2013 off Right With DietBet

It’s 2013 and with a new year comes resolutions to lose weight and get in shape.  Did you know that most people who make a new year’s resolution have abandoned it by February 1st?  Those are sad, but real statistics.  Especially if your goal is to improve your health and well being.  That’s not a resolution you should be giving up on so easily!

This year I want to help you keep your resolution well into February.  Experts say it takes 4 weeks for a new routine to become a habit and once it’s a habit your less likely to give it up.  4 weeks.  4 weeks will take you nicely into February and will hopefully set you up for a full year of living your goals.

So what’s the plan?  I’ve teamed up with the lovely folks over at DietBet  and will be hosting a game starting on January 7th and running until February 3rd.  Notice how that is a) 4 weeks long and b) gets you into February?    Bam!  See the game through to the end and you’ve not only formed a habit, you’ve made it past February first and have beaten the odds as far as new years resolutions go.

Here is a viedo that explains what a game on DietBet is all about:

For anyone who can’t watch the video right now here are the basics:


To join a game, each player is asked to ante up $25 (payable via paypal or credit card). The $25 goes into the money pot, the more people who join the game, the bigger the pot becomes.  Then, from January 7th-February 3rd you have 4 weeks to lose 4% of your body weight.  Every game player that succeeds splits the pot!

Lose weight – and win money.  How awesome is that?

Ready to join my game?  Here is how:

  1. Join Suzi’s DietBet game and ante up your $25 entry fee
  2. On or a day or two before January 7th enter you initial starting weight & photos (don’t worry, you and the referees at DietBet will be the only ones to know your weight, it’s kept private from everyone else)
  3. On January 7th start working towards your goal!  Lose 4% and win your share of the pat!  Don’t lost the full 4%, well hopefully you’ve still formed a habit and are well on your way to reaching your weight loss goal.

Once you’ve joined you have the opportunity to invite others to join the game.  Remember the more players, the bigger the pot, the more you stand to win!

To help you on your journey to lose 4% of your weight, I’ll be posting a daily challenge on my blog for the entire duration of the game to help keep you on track and bring you closer to your goal.  And to make things a bit more exciting, any blog readers who do join the challenge, I will be giving away prize(s) to those players who check in the most (confirming they completed that day’s challenge)!

So what are you waiting for??  For a $25 initial investment, you can:


(click photo above to join my game)

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