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Yogi Clothing

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Yogi Clothing about doing a review of their clothing on the blog.  I took a look at their site and when I saw the beautiful clothing they make I excitedly said, “Yes please!”

I picked out a couple pieces and a week or so later I got a package in the mail full of goodies!

IMG 5048

In the package was their pink ruched hoodie jacket which is super cute with pleating in the back that makes it look sort of like a riding jacket

IMG 5054

and it has thumbholes!  I heart thumbholes.

I also received their Zip V-Neck Cardigan which I am obsessed with

IMG 5051

It is so soft and comfy!  In fact, the day the shipment arrived I tried it on to take these photos and then wore it for the rest of the day!  I’ve worn it a number of times since, it is a perfect fall cardigan for those not so chilly days.

Here is another shot of the two sweaters/jackets

IMG 5058

I really like that the hoodie is different from your traditional zip-up hoodie/jacket.  The rushing on the front, and pleated back really makes this hoodie stand out, and I’ve received a number of compliments already and I’ve only had the chance to wear it twice.

As for the cardigan, what more can I say?  Besides loving how soft and comfy it is, I adore that the sleeves are nice and long so my wrists stay warm along with my arms!  The problem with being tall/having long arms is that is can be tough to find sleeves that are long enough, so I always get excited when a top has extra long sleeves!

As much as I love the hoodie and cardigan, the Print WB Pant they sent me are my favourite item (and that’s saying something!).  My usual go-to black workout pants are my Lululemon Astro pants (which are super old and getting very close to retirement) and I gotta say – I like these better.  Why?  Because of the way they are made.  Instead of just having a front and a back sewn together at the sides, these have a third smaller panel on the sides which makes for a more comfortable and flattering fit.

I wore them on the plane to San Francisco, and to teach a few classes and I really am pretty smitten.  In fact I wore them just this morning!

IMG 5384

I treat all of the items like I would any other athletic wear, I wash them in the washing machine and then hang to dry.  Each piece has been washed a minimum of two times and I’ve had no issues with discolouration, shrinking, pilling, etc.

I also found the items to fit true to size, so if you’re wondering what size to order I would go with your regular size.

If you are in the market for some new workout wear check out Yogi Clothing!  They have lots of cute items and their products are made in the USA (which I know is important for a lot of people)

Disclosure:  In case it wasn’t clear, I received these items free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  I really do love the products I received and would tell you if I felt otherwise.

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Valley Harvest Marathon 2013

Happy Tuesday!  Here in Canada we are just getting back int o the swing of things after our Thanksgiving long weekend, and I officially ran my last real “run” before this weekend’s Nike Women’s Half in San Francisco (yikes!  How it that only 5 days away??).  

I’ve run the 5K the past few years, and it’s become my favourite Thanksgiving tradition.  For so many years I wasn’t able to be active because of my ailments (mainly fibromyalgia and a weak left lung) so being able to get up on Thanksgiving Sunday and run a 5K feels like a great way to be “thankful” for what I can now do.

I had big hopes for a PR this past weekend.  I figured if I could run a sub 30 5K out of the blue after not running for like 3 years, I should certainly be able to beat that this year since I’ve run more in the past 4 months than I probably have any other year.  

Saturday I picked up my race kit and hung out at the football field while waiting for my nephew Andrew to run in the kid’s run.  It was soooo cold!  Luckily for Andrew and his sister Emma, I got a sweet blanket and jacket in my race kit that they were able to snuggle up in

IMG 5070

and a better shot of the goodies

IMG 5098

Best. Race. Swag. To. Date.  I’m obsessed with that blanket.  The end.

Sunday morning was a beautiful (but freezing) morning, and I ran without a watch (my new trend) so I really didn’t have any idea how fast I was going.  Looking back, since I wanted a PR I really should have worn my watch so I could have paced myself… but I guess luck was on my side because when I entered the football field I could see the time clock was right at 29 minutes.  I could still do it!  So I sprinted to the end

1374975 10151917248190027 139197350 n

1384263 10151917248290027 1725220527 n

When I finished the clock read 29:30.  My old PR was 29:22, when my chip time was posted it was 29:19.  So yay!  A new PR, but I was still annoyed for about 10 minutes thinking I should have done better.  But hey, I didn’t wear a watch, I didn’t hurt myself and I still beat my own record.  So I got over it.

Also, I think I’m going to arrange to have my own photographer for all future races.  That first “action” shot is the best running photo I’ve ever had.  Thanks Lisa!!

The post race picture I took – notice that stupid me had my medal turned the wrong way.

IMG 5107

And the post race photos our official photographer took 

1381699 10151917249660027 379474712 n

563664 10151917250340027 1251408820 n

with Cathy who ran her first official 5K!  Whoop! Whoop!

And one last close up of the medal:

IMG 5109

And now we await my San Francisco adventure for one more race recap this month.  Eep!

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