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Mud Run Tips: How To Keep Your Sneakers From Falling Off!

If you follow me on social media you already know that last weekend I took to the mud and participated in Mud Hero 2016 at Ski Martock here in Nova Scotia. This was the third mud/obstacle race for me, and while I want to give you a bit of a recap of the day, I also wanted to share with you some important advise on how to keep your shoes on your feet while trudging through mud and muck. There isn’t much worse during a mud run than losing one of your shoes – especially since you may not be able to find it again!

Learn how to tie your sneakers to keep them from falling off during a mud run.

So let’s talk about your shoes before I head into my recap shall we? Keeping your sneakers in your feet is all about how you tie them, and it is easier than you think. What I’m going to show you is called a lace lock, or heel lock.

Have you ever noticed that second hole at the top of your laces? You know, the one you probably have never used and never understood why it existed? We are about to use it!

Step 1: Start with your sneaker on your foot, laced but untied.

Step 2: Loop the end of your lace and thread it through that top hole, making a a loop on the outside of  your sneaker. Repeat on the other side.

Step 3: cross your laces and thread the end of each lace through the hole on the outside on the opposite side.

Step 4: Pull the loose end of your laces downwards to start to tighten the lock.

Step 5: Pull up on the loose end of your laces and continue moving them up and down until you get your desired tightness.

Step 6: Tie your laces. I like to first knot them to ensure they don’t come untied, but that is optional.

The lace lock keeps the top of your sneaker tight around your ankle so that your foot won’t slip out, but you are able to keep the rest of your laces/sneakers a bit more lose so you don’t feel constricted while walking or running making losing your shoe one less thing to worry about on race day!

Now let’s move on to my re-cap!

I wasn’t planning on participating in Mud Hero this year, but a few weeks back I was contacted by Columbia Sportswear (who is one of the main event sponsors) to see if I was interested in participating as one of their influencers. Well I’m a sucker for punishment so I jumped at the chance to have a little fun in the mud!

Because I’m taking a break from running this year, I knew I wasn’t going to try and “race” the event, instead I was going to walk the course and have fun completing the obstacles, so I recruited my friend Catherine to come along with me and keep me company.

As a Columbia Influencer, I was sent an AMAZING package of gear to choose from when it came to the day of the race.


As the day drew near, the weather forecast was a bit up in the air, it was calling for maybe rain, maybe sun – but fairly cool temperatures so I decided to wear both my tank top and long sleeved half-zip since I know I get cold easily.


Did it make me nervous to think about wearing all BRAND NEW gear in a mud race? Yes, yes, it did. Even my husband said it made him want to cry a little thinking about me wearing those brand new hiking sneakers in the mud. But that was the whole point, that Columbia gear is #TestedTough4MudHero so I was really going to be testing that theory! Though when it came down to it, the thought of wearing my beautiful white hat or headband in the mud made me cringe so I was happy when I got to the race site to find out that our “bibs” were actually headbands so I opted to wear that instead of either headpiece from Columbia.

The “before” – looking all cute and clean!


The weather turned out to be perfect for us. We both wore tank tops with another shirt over top and I was the right temperature throughout the race. Not too hot, not too cold. And as it turns out, I was less concerned about getting my sneakers dirty than getting that beautiful light blue long sleeve! But oh boy, did it get dirty.

The race photos came out on Wednesday, and my bib number didn’t pull any but I did find this gem of us on the slide just as we were about to get down. The photo speaks for itself I think, hahaha.

View Photo:

There were some new obstacles this year but instead of talking you through them, I may as well show them to you. Here is the video walk-through Mud Hero posted on their Facebook page before the event as well as a recap they posted after the race showing you a bit more of the muddy situation I was in by clicking here.

It was certainly the muddiest mud event I’ve been in to date. Oh my, the mud, the mud, the MUD! And needless to say, by the end I was covered from head to toe.



For your viewing pleasure, I saved my SnapChat story from Saturday so you could hear more about the experience!

But let’s talk about how my gear held up in clean up. I didn’t do anything fancy, I came home and cleaned them the best I could with the garden hose, then tossed them in the buckets you saw in the video full of water and a bit of dish soap overnight. Sunday I took them out and put the clothes through one wash in my washing machine (on a cold cycle) and rinsed the soap out of my sneakers and left them outside to dry.

That’s it. No stain remover, no scrubbing, nothing fancy at all.




The verdict? Not a single stain, tear or indication that anything had been literally through the mud pit. I am really impressed! #TestedToughForMudHero indeed!

Thank you so much to Columbia Sportswear for sponsoring me to do Mud Hero this year, it was so much fun and everyone I’ve talked to has been super impressed at how well my gear all held up!

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Mud Hero Halifax 2013


Hi everyone!  I’ve been on a semi-vacation for the past couple weeks so my regular blogging schedule has been a bit “off” but now I’m getting back on schedule, and thought I’d start off with a re-cap of my Mud Hero run from a week ago!

As you all know I live in rural Nova Scotia, so I generally live vicariously through all of my big city friends as they go off to do mud runs/obstacle courses, colour runs, etc. so when I found out Mud Hero was coming I was super excited and quickly recruited a bunch of people to go with me.

One thing I really liked about the Mud Hero website was that the focus was on fun, instead of hard core obstacles.  There is no way I’ll ever participate in a Tough Mudder race, ice baths, and shocking really are not high on my list of to-do’s.  Ropes, wading through mud, and climbing over things – that is more my speed!

None the less, come the Friday night before I think we were all wondering what we’d (I’d) gotten us into.  The race took place at Ski Martock, so we knew there would be a ski hill involved, we knew at least part of it would be in the woods (which was one of my biggest fears.  I’m scared to death of ticks!), and we had an idea of what most of the obstacles would be.  I wasn’t worried about my ability to complete the obstacles, I was worried about my ability to complete them without killing myself (remember, I’m a walking disaster).

Unlike the previous weekend when I ran a 10K in a monsoon, It was super hot (with a heat advisory) for Mud Hero.  I’m glad the weather was the way it was (wet for the 10K, hot for the Mud Hero), I wouldn’t have wanted it the other way around, but I gotta say it was HOT.  At some point over the weekend the humidex was 45 C, I’m not sure what it was while we were on the course, but it felt like about 65C 😉

IMG 3878

pre-race, you could say the calm before the storm because we never saw this area empty again

Anyway, I had chosen the 10am wave because I wanted to go through the course before it got too “used” and muddy, and before the mid-day sun hit us, and I’m glad I did.  I don’t envy the people that did it Saturday afternoon at all, as hot as it was in the morning, it was certainly hotter that afternoon.

In pure Suzi form I spent a good few days worrying about what I was going to wear.  I wanted to wear a pair of compression socks since I knew I could run in those with wet feet without worrying about blisters, and for their added tick protection 😉 and decided to go with my NAYAD shorts since they would be quick drying and an old Nike Pro shirt I found in my car truck in the “emergency fitness wardrobe” bag.  It too would be quick drying and I wanted a t-shirt to protect my shoulders from the sun (there’s a lot to worry about when you’re as pale as I am, lol).  As for my sneakers, I knew I’d wear my old Nike running shoes.

IMG 3870

IMG 3875

Another worry of mine was losing my sneaker in a mud pit so you can see how crazy tightly I tied them!  

I’m really happy with the outfit I chose, I didn’t have to spend any time adjusting my shirt or shorts, they stayed in place and didn’t ever feel heavy.  If mud hero comes back next year I will probably wear the exact same outfit (shoes included – I took a garden hose to those babies and I think they look cleaner now than before the run!).  I can’t say enough good things about my NAYAD shorts.  For realz.

Back to the race.  There were 16 obstacles over 6km of terrain (you can check out the map here, but the obstacles aren’t in the correct order, and I’m still not sure what the mystery obstacle was.).

Obviously I didn’t take my phone or the camera on course with me, but thanks to Arlene and Nora who took photos of us as we went around, I do have some action shots 😉 these are out of order, but they’ll give you an idea of some of the things we did.

942985 10151732518470406 1126484510 n

I’m in there somewhere, we had to crawl in the mud under a cargo net, and then up through a tunnel.  I did not like that tunnel.  I tried to crawl through/up it but you really needed to slither on your belly.  I nearly slipped back down into the mud but grabbed the edge of the tunnel with my finger tips and somehow shimmed my way up.  

It was after this that we had to climb the frigging ski hill.  That hill went on and on forever.  Cripes.  That’s all I have to say about that. Here I am getting ready to go down a water slide after making it back down the hill




Nothing better than a water slide that launches you into a mud pit.  


Did I mention all the “mud: smelled like manure?  Because it did.  They claim it’s made with top soil, but top soil doesn’t smell like that.  Keep your mouth closed and get through as quickly as possible.


Happy to be off that dang ski hill!

More mud


And one of the obsacles I was most worried about, simply because I was sure I’d slip on a car hood and injure myself.  I was quite happy when neither occurred!

1005428 173657059472472 1747296280 n

I’m not in this picture but this was our rope climb.  I loved that obstacle.  I was up and over that baby in a flash!


We are almost done!  Just one more hill to go (thankfully this was a cinch compared to the ski hill.  Yes, I mentioned it again.  That thing was a beast!)

1011870 10152995653895263 403582720 n

I look like I’m moving much faster than I actually was 😉

521591 10152995653835263 892600602 n

Just a trip down a bouncy slide and another trip through a mud pit and I was done!  (I’m not in the below pic, but Lisa is 😀 )


I sent this picture to J once I was done

972025 10153025991485305 1783469509 n

His reply?  “You’re a mess.”

Indeed I was.  But I was in good company!


The whole muddy crew

943556 10152995638845263 426854381 n

Would I do it again?  Absolutely.  It was way too hot to run much of it, so it would be nice to do it again on a slightly cooler day to see how quickly I really could do it, but I’m pretty happy with my time (it was like 1:22:58 or something). It was really fun!  

If Mud Hero (or another muddy course!) comes near you, you should check it out!  If they come back next summer I’ll definitely be doing it again!

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