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Run or Dye Halifax 2013

This past Saturday I got to participate in my first colour run!!  Well walk actually, as I’ve got a pulled muscle in my back I didn’t dare run.  The race was at Martock – so not actually in Halifax at all, which was great for us since it meant we had a shorter drive Saturday morning.

A bunch of my peeps had signed up to do it too so Friday afternoon Lisa and I went to Martock to pick up a few race kits – 18 in all!

IMG 4723

oh and a case of Red Bull, obviously ;)  I’ve actually neve had Red Bull, but they were giving it out and gave me an entire case since I had so many kits!

IMG 4717

IMG 4716

and then of course we had to check out the store

IMG 4720

new headband?  don’t mind if I do :p

IMG 4721

I was pretty excited about this run, I had made a new white tutu, bought some fancy over the knee socks and was ready to get coloured!

IMG 4729

We headed out early Saturday morning so we would be sure to get a parking spot in the Martock parking lot and not the over flow parking lot (where you had to be bused to the site).  When I picked up race kits I had also bought 7 parking permits thinking that meant we were sure to have parking at the parking lot.

Apparently not.

Friends in front of us got to go to the Martock lot, we got diverted to the overflow even though we knew the Martock lot wasn’t full and we already had a parking permit.  Then to add insult to injury, Lisa who was probably 15 minutes behind us got sent up to the Martock parking lot no questions asked.  What the heck?  What was the point of pre-purchasing our parking permit if we were going to be treated like everyone else that DIDN’T have one?

We were fowl.

Here is Claire and I looking sad on the bus.

IMG 4733

But go figure, once we got there and had some coloured powder thrown on us we cheered up :D

IMG 4738

IMG 4736


IMG 4739

IMG 4745

IMG 4743

IMG 4748

IMG 4752

They were suppose to let 500 people at a time start but I think it was more like 100-200.  We waited a good 35 minutes before we actually got to start.  Here are the people behind us still waiting to go (meanwhile we had more friends still down on the road waiting to get parked and bused up!)

IMG 4753

Before we knew it, it was over!  Even walking it seemed pretty short, I heard someone say their tracker said it was only  3.3k and I believe it!  BUt it was 3.3K of colourful fun!

IMG 4756

IMG 4759

IMG 4757

IMG 4758

IMG 4773

We grabbed the next bus back to the car and arrived around 11am, and there were STILL people waiting to get bused over!  They had planned for 10:30 to be the very last wave of runners/walkers.  Clearly that didn’t happen.

IMG 4776

A before and after side by side

IMG 4780

I registered the day registration opened and had a coupon code so I only paid like $18 for the race.  Had I paid full price I would have been really annoyed.  If they return next year I hope they make a few changes like

1) People who pre-purchase parking permits get first dibs at the on-site parking

2) They get people to sign up in waves (like Mud Hero) so everyone (like 7000 people) aren’t all trying to get to a certain place for a certain time.  It was a bit crazy, and Mud Hero seemed to run much more smoothly in that regard.

I did really enjoy it though, and was super bummed when my skin and hair didn’t get tinted even for a day!  I showered when I got home and it all came right out!  I’m sure most people would be glad for that, but I sorta liked my bright pink arm ;)

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I Did It!

It’s official!



I’m not going to lie and say this way easy, there were a lot (a LOT) of sleepless nights wondering if and how I would be able  to reach $3900, and I cannot thank all of you enough for helping reach this amazing goal.  

The day I met the goal it was like my brain finally had time to breath.  I didn’t have to spend every moment trying to figure out what I was going to do next to raise money, hoping that those who said they would donate would come through, and worrying about the sheer volume of what I was trying to do.  I know there are so many people that do and raise so much more than I had/did, but at the same time there are way more who never attempt to do what I did so I am incredibly proud to have accomplished it.

And now, there is just a small matter of running a half marathon with a bad lung.  No problem….right?  Eep.

Since I ran 10K last weekend, I had planned to run 14K this week as I worked on bringing my mileage back up for the half next month (a month from today it’ll all be over and I’ll already be home from San Fran!) but my body had other plans.  I spent yesterday sleeping, and moaning on the couch feeling like I was going to die.  It was a super fun day, and since I could barely stand up there was no way I was running.

And all I could think about was, “what if this happens when I get there?” and I said to myself, “Suzanne.  You’ll do what you always do, you’ll suck it up and do the race and not tell anyone you feel like dying.”  And I know it’s true, if my fibromyalgia is acting up I’ll still go out and do it, but I really (really, really) hope that isn’t the case.  I really want to enjoy the race and not spend the time counting down the seconds until I can crawl in a bed an pass out.

Only time will tell what happens there, but in the meantime I’m going to try to stay optimistic.  

So while I didn’t run on the weekend, I did teach a full week of classes, and went out with Emma this afternoon to earn our Gimme S’More medals.

994602 10151707138993717 670611261 n

And this weekend I most definitely must run.  I’m planning for 14K, 18K the following week and either 16 or 20 the week after (depending on how I feel) then it’s taper week!

I can’t believe the race is less than a month away!  Yikes!

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