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2013 {Mostly} In Pictures & {Mostly} About Running

2013 was the year of running.  I consciously made an effort to run more this year because I knew my body needed the cross-training (my regular cardio = Zumba which = mostly lateral movement), and the only way I can make sure I run?  Sign up for lot and lot o’ races.  

Race #1 of the season: The bluenose 10K!  I’m not going to recap all of my races, just throwing in pictures from some of the more memorable ones!

IMG 3299

IMG 3305

The wettest race goes to the Epic Canadian 10K.  I can’t remember ever being so wet in all my life!

IMG 3788

and then I got muddy,

IMG 3879

Dressed like a pirate in a tutu,

IMG 4502

and got wet again,

IMG 4545

then dressed up in another pirate tutu and collected more GOLD! Arrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

IMG 4535

I got covered in colour,

IMG 4756

met Jeanne Beker,

IMG 4944

and Bob Blumer,


IMG 4943

ran in the sun!! (That happens sometimes.  But usually only if Cathy is there ;) )

IMG 5106

Then went to California one weekend…

IMG 5153

IMG 5164

hung outside in the dark early one morning,

IMG 5294

with over 30,000 other people,

IMG 5295

then froze to death,

IMG 5333

but collected one of these!

IMG 5339

and still managed to see some sights!





And then I ran once more, in the cold, with two of my fav buddies!!

IMG 5625

2013 was an interesting year.  I raised over $4000 for cancer research with Team in Training, I went to Toronto and San Francisco.  I got a new (and adorable) nephew, and became a certified Yoga instructor.  But no year is all good without bad, and we certainly had our share of bad again this year, mostly all health related between both myself and J, but overall I will look back at 2013 with good memories.  

This year has been a big year of transition for me in my work, going from teaching almost all cardio/Zumba classes, to now only teaching Zumba 2x/week in an effort to bring my body back into a happy place where I’m not dealing with overtraining issues.  That change was needed, but financially has been difficult.  To go from 17 classes/week to 12/week alone caused a big shift in my income, but to then have to cut back on the most popular type of class I teach has made even more of a change to the negative.  But on a positive, it’s very rare that I need to take a mid-day nap anymore (I use to need to do that 2-3x/week!), and I feel better physically and that’s the important thing.

What was your most memorable moment of 2013?  

One that sticks out for me (and maybe that’s because I just looked through all the pictures preparing for this post) is when I came to the top of the mega hill in San Fran and saw Amanda there screaming and cheering me on.  That was exactly what I needed in that moment!

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My 2013 Race Season is OVER!

Yup, as of about 9:45am Sunday morning my race season is over!


Sunday was actually the first time I’ve run since my half so it wasn’t my speediest but I covered the 7km in 44:19 which I was still happy with!

I’ve run more races this year than any other year in the past, and aside from that annoying overtraining issue that started last winter (I’m a million times better now, but it’s still something I struggle with) I’ve had less injuries this year than the past couple years.  Coincidence? I don’t think so.  Sure I teach a variety of classes, but most of them still have the same movements (largely lateral) over and over which opens me up for muscle imbalances.  The addition of a {somewhat} regular running routine has helped me cross train to avoid those injuries.

It’s kinda funny since most people cross train for running, and I run to cross train, well to cross train and strength my lung.  But either way, I’m certainly stronger thanks to running, and thanks to the races I’ve run because otherwise I probably wouldn’t bother to run at all. ;)

And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t pretty impressed with my haul of medals this year!



Oh and let’s not forget the Tiffany’s necklace!


What a year.

And like any runner as I finish my last race of the year I immediately start thinking about next year’s race schedule!

Right now I know that five of the races I did this year that I will be doing for sure in 2014, and I’m actively searching for new race adventures to tackle in 2014.

I’m starting to think I like the half distance more than the 10K, so I’m guessing you’ll be seeing more of those in my 2014 future!

How about you?  Do you have your 2014 race schedule already planned out?

I may or may not go start a spreadsheet….

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