A Christmas Explosion

There is a rule in our house, no decorating until December 1st. Which means when December 1st comes along, a Christmas bomb goes off, and that bomb’s name is Suzi. ;)

Last Monday I had 6 classes to teach, but my number one concern was, “When am I going to have time to decorate for Christmas!?!?”. Never fear, where there is a will, there is a way. Between 4:30 and 5:30 I put up our outside lights (which I still haven’t plugged in, what a dork), decorated the entire house (fortunately for me, our house is small) and had put up our small 3 foot tree that is upstairs on our pellet stove (the top of a pellet stove does’t get hot like a wood stove). Then I went and taught two more fitness classes and came home and started putting up our main tree around 10:00pm. It’s called dedication. ;)

That right there is a 7 foot pre-lit tree, with two extra sets of lights (I like lights), 40 feet of ribbon, 20 bows, 80 plain gold ornaments, 20 sports ornaments (as you can see our tree is in our sports/media room), and then tops off with somewhere between 50-100 other ornaments we’ve been given or collected over the years (I like ornaments).


I remember years and years ago before I had the gold and the sports themed “starter” ornaments, J would come in as I decorated the tree and kept saying, “There are enough ornaments on that tree, you should stop.” What a guy. In those days our tree had maybe 75 ornaments total on it. Now we are closer to 200 and he doesn’t even bother opening his mouth, either he’s resigned himself to the fact that I am compelled to over decorate, or he’s come to the dark side. I like to think it’s the later.

When I finished the tree I of course instagrammed it, and then followed that up with a very important announcement. That for the month of December, I will be taking Olaf along with me on adventures.


Why? Partly because I’m insane, but mostly to help relieve us all from those dang elf on a shelf posts. Everyone has agreed that Olaf is much more adorable, and so far folks have been loving his adventures!

He’s gone to exercise class, spent an evening in drinking tea, made a cake, went out for lunch, made snow angels, and last night went to a concert! If you’re not following me on Instagram or Facebook you’re missing out on all the fun so click over to one (or both) and follow me (and catch up on his adventures last week)!

You should notice how wonderfully empty it is under the tree in the photos above, and then check out this photo taken Tuesday afternoon…

gift tree

It looks like I’ve finished al my shopping and wrapping doesn’t it? Don’t be deceived, those boxes are all empty. Yes empty. I wrapped up a whole pile of empty boxes to create a barricade to keep one grey kitty away from the tree. Why? Because she insists on chewing on it. Pekoe on the other hand is content to just hang out under the tree like a good kitty


but Ollie is not. Here she is devising her plan of attack. So far she has penetrated the wall of boxes at least 3 times. So bad!


Between decorating and wrapping empty boxes I did still work last week, the weather has been nutty so there has been lots of tea (from my David’s Tea advent calendar!) and Chai Tea Lattes to keep me toasty warm

chai tea

but more importantly, our pellet stove is up and running!!! I’ll spare you the long saga as to what took so long to get it going this fall/winter, but the important things is that it is running!!  We are pretty darn excited!


This weekend I finally had a change to check out this cookbook that was sent to me a few weeks back

What I really like about it, is that it’s like those cookbooks you get from fundraisers. The ones where everyone contributes their favourite recipes and they get complied into one. Those are the best cookbooks around, and this is just like one of those. There are countless amazing sounding recipes and one of the ones I made was spiced pecans


They were super easy and would make an amazing gift if you bottles them up in a cute container. These ones aren’t going to make into a gift though,


because I’ve already eaten them. All. So yeah… they are yummy. If you are in the market for a new Christmas cookbook definitely check this one out.

I’ve also been up to some Christmas-y crafty business, but for obvious reasons I can’t talk about that…

This week is my last week of craziness before the holidays, I’ve got a full 17 classes (whaaaaa) to teach, and then the following week I’m down to 10 before my long awaited 2 week vacation starts. I’m like crazy excited for the 19th to arrive! I love what I do, but it’s going to be soon nice to have a two week break!

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December Yoga Challenge – Week 2

Happy Saturday morning! How did last week go? Did you get your three yoga workouts in? If you didn’t, don’t worry it doesn’t matter how many times you fall off the horse, what matters is how many times you get back on! And what could be a better way to get back on track (or to stay on track) than a new yoga video!

This week’s video can be done as a stand alone video, or you can couple it up with last week’s video to make a longer flow. In this video we are working on building upper body strength. Depending on where you are in your fitness journey, you may find holding the stationary poses challenging enough. If you are looking to add a bit more difficulty into your workout, you can join me in the more challenging variation. Remember, you can always try one repetition of the more challenging option, and then go back to the stationary pose (or take a break if you need to). Building strength and muscle isn’t always pretty business. Sometimes you have to push yourself a little bit, and sometimes you need to recognize when you need to cut yourself a break.

You can tell near the end of this video that I was getting pretty tired. I recorded all three videos back to back without a break in between so my arms were getting pretty noodle-y and in that last plank section my hips are definitely a bit higher than they should have been. But that’s real life for you!

One more reminder – if a full plank is a bit more than you are ready for physically, you can (and should) go into a kneeling plank. Just make sure you are creating a nice long line from your knee to the top of your head.

In today’s video you can see my Women’s Powertrain Heat Tank a bit better than you could last week (since I had my jacket on in the video).


This tank is going to be a fantastic tank come next summer because it is super light weight and comfy. I think it will be making quite a few trips to teach aqua fitness as well as the pool deck is always so hot and humid.


The tank cuts in quite far in the back which will help keep things cool in the hotter temperatures. This tank is made with Champion Vapour® technology which dries super fast to keep you cool and dry, and Double Dry™ moisture management to wick away moisture. Sadly, I haven’t had the chance to experience that yet as it’s now darn cold here in Nova Scotia, but I very much look forward to those warm days when that technology will come in handy!

Remember, your challenge this week is to get in three yoga workouts. Those can come from doing my videos, practising on your own or taking a class. Each time you get your yoga on, remember to leave comment on this post (up to a maximum of 3 comments/week) and at the end of the challenge the most active challenger will win a Champion Sports bra!

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