Kids Dance Fitness: The Party Starts Now

This week I’m sharing two more kids routines, I would classify these as Zumba Kids Jr, or if you’re not a Zumba instructor, they would be appropriate for kids aged 7 and under. The first one is to a Club Penguin song called “The Part Starts Now” and I have an old (terribly fuzzy) video of this routine already on my YouTube Channel, but the quality is just awful so I figured I’d re-record it.

The Party Starts Now


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Monday’s Odds and Ends

Wow. I almost wrote happy hump day. Where is my brain!? Happy MONDAY! I hope that the start of the week is treating you well so far!

I’m one of those annoying people who doesn’t mind Mondays, but mostly because I don’t really have to start work until after lunch on Mondays so I get to ease into the week. I won’t lie, it’s delightful. ;)

Today I have a bunch of odds and end I wanted to share with you so today’s post is pretty much a mish mash (which auto correct changed to fish mash, hahaha) of a bunch of different stuff.

Thank You!

I want to send out a heart felt thank you to everyone who commented here or on social media, and to those who sent me emails and private messages about my post from last Tuesday. Being a “public figure” you’re expected to only present the best side of yourself, but once in a while I think it’s important to show people what is really going on behind the curtain so to speak, and that’s exactly what that post was. I’m still in a bit of a funk, but do feel better than I did Tuesday, largely thanks to you all. So again, thank you!

I even got flowers and mini eggs out of it! <3 <3 <3

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7 Weeks To Go

Ay yi yi (at least that’s how Google told me to spell it).

7 weeks until the Bluenose Half. That’s a scary thought. Mostly since we still have 5 feet of snow outside and so far have had very little “spring-like” weather.

I hate running on the treadmill. Like really, really hate it. I find it incredibly difficult and run a good 2 miles/hour slower on the treadmill than I would outside, but all of my runs so far have been on it. There have been a few days where I considered running outside, including today, but I decided that it was still too cool for my lung to work properly. I find it causes me more difficulty if I run in the cold, versus running when it’s warm, and I didn’t want to jeopardize that. I really hope we move into the + temperatures and stay there soon.

As I sat here thinking about how quickly the Bluenose is coming up, I started to worry that I was going to be less trained this year, than I was last. And that would be tragic, since I was sure this would be the first time I would get to the start line properly trained for once.
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Adding Probiotics to Your Diet with Kefir

About a year and a half ago I learned about kefir. A cultured milk product that is full of probiotics (nearly double than that found in yogurt) and healthy gut bacteria. In fact I wrote a blog post about it way back then which you can read here: Cultured Foods For Life: A Review.

For a time I was drinking kefir everyday, and even went so far as to purchase my own kefir grains so I could make my own (because homemade kefir has w-a-y more good bacteria than store-bought varieties). But I was a terribly kefir-maker. I regularly forgot about it and ended up killing my kefir grains. Oops. Once I wrote that idea off as a failure, I never really got back into the swing of buying pre-made kefir and eventually it became one of those things I forgot all about.

A little bit more about kefir for those who don’t feel like going back and reading my earlier post:

Last week my interest in kefir was re-ignited when I found out that President’s Choice is now selling their own in of kefir products!

PC Kefir

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The Cop Out

Hi guys! It’s Tuesday which should mean I’m here to share another video with you all, but the truth is – I don’t have one. I thought about sharing an old video that I hadn’t posted on my blog before but when I looked at them the video quality was really poor and grainy and I didn’t feel right about giving you something crappy.

I wasn’t sure what to record, and once again I had to cancel my classes last night due to weather and I really don’t feel like recording in my basement.

But truthfully, I don’t have any videos not because I don’t have anything I could record or somewhere to do it, I just don’t feel like recording anything.

In a nut shell I’m stressed, depressed, and just don’t feel all that cheerful.

It’s a cop out. There is no “real” reason for me to not have a new video for you today, besides me not feeling like doing anything.

As a fitness instructor I have to put a happy face on even when I don’t want to to teach, as it’s my job. And today I get to do that three times which sucks a lot out of a person when they are already having a pretty low energy day.

I was going to just not post, knowing that 98% of the world wouldn’t even notice or care, but then I figured for the other 2% they might be interested to know that everyone of us has down days/weeks/months/whatever regardless of how it might seem. Especially when you are following someone on social media, they generally only show you the best parts of their lives which leaves you wondering why their live is perfect and yours is not.

My life is anything but perfect. And today I’m just going to allow myself a bit of time to feel sorry for myself and be unhappy, knowing that in a few hours time I have to turn the happy face back on and pretend like everything is just peachy.

So I’m sorry there is no new video today, hopefully there will be a new one for Thursday, but if not I’ll be back next Tuesday for sure.