5-Minute Meals: Burrito Bowl


Eating healthy when in a hurry can be difficult. And with the lure of fast food it can be all to easy to take a trip to the drive thru instead of making something yourself. Well today is your lucky day! With my 5-minute burrito bowl, not only can you make a healthy meal fast but it’ll be less expensive and just as tasty as one from the local fast food joint (or hot bar)!

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My 2015 Pan Am Games Experience

There are many opportunities that blogging has given me, and travelling to Toronto two weeks ago to experience the first couple days of the 2015 Pan Am Games certainly ranks as one of the most amazing.

I’ve known for months that I would be going, but like any trip, it almost seems too good to be true until it’s actually happening. Even as I sat in the airport waiting to board my plane to Toronto, it was hard to believe I was on my way to such a cool event!


I had an early flight in so I arrived in Toronto well before lunch. Because I flew into Billy Bishop Airport, I was able to walk the couple kilometres to my hotel instead of grabbing the shuttle or a taxi. Let me tell you, after spending all morning in a plane my legs were happy for the stretch! When I arrived at Le Germain Hotel at Maple Leaf Square I was able to check in early and go unpack and rest a little bit after my
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Nova Scotia’s Pan Am Princess Ellie Black!

In the words of one of the CBC broadcasters last week,

“Every young girl in Canada wants to be the next Ellie Black.”


And in these games, I don’t think there has been a more true statement. Ellie is powerhouse, and was a force to be reckoned with last week coming home as the most decorated Canadian athlete at the 2015 Pan Am Games, and is currently tied with USA’s Laura Zeng (rhythmic gymnastics) and Brazil’s Thiago Pereira (swimming) for most decorated athlete overall at the games.

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Zumba ZIN 58 Sneak Peek

Fast on the heels of Mega Mix 48 arriving last week Zumba released a sneak peek for ZIN 58 last week.

As usual we only get a tiny look at what to expect, but right out of the gate I have to say, man the production value of these releases has really gone up over the past few years. More and more they are becoming videos that ZIN members who don’t teach can use as a regular workout video. I mean, you could always do that, but now they look more inviting in that regard. The backdrops are more interesting, the live classes are easier to follow and prettier. All in all regardless of what songs and moves the videos hold, it’s hard to deny that they keep getting prettier and prettier!

I still really like the old volumes that were more industrial (for lack of a better term), but the last few years they really have become pretty awesome!

What do you all think? I’m so far behind on new choreography that I’m not even close to thinking about ZIN 58. I really need to get back to a more organized schedule so I have time carved out each week for new routines. In fact, I think tomorrow I’m going to go back to 57 (which I haven’t used at ALL yet – I only watched it through very briefly when it came) and see what I can throw together for tomorrow night’s class!

What are your favourite songs from ZIN 57? And are you looking forward to ZIN 58 now that you’ve seen this preview?


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Fitness Friday: Dance Fitness Descontrol

It’s a little Fitness #FlashbackFriday because I’m sharing an old routine with you!

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