Holiday Sweat Chellange

Have you heard? Amanda from Run to the Finish and the Sweat Guru have joined forces to bring you the Holiday Sweat Challenge!


What’s the Holiday Sweat Challenge you ask? Well you can read all about it in Amanda’s post, but in a nut shell it’s:

A 6 week health & fitness challenge to help you get a jump start on feeling great for the New Year or stay on track with fitness/clean eating goals. We want to strut in to 2015 like a girl on fire, not slink in with yet another resolution about weight loss!!

It’s a friendly competition to exercise, eat healthy and even do a little soul work. There are different fitness levels, so everybody can compete with a multitude of ways to earn points. {Trust me those little points have a crazy impact on making you work!!}

When: Nov 24 – Jan 5
Cost: $16

For less than the cost of a gym membership:

Did you catch that last part? Over $3000 in prizes to be won!? SIGN ME UP! Well, actually you don’t have to, because I’m already signed up ;)

As exciting as all of that is, I’m pretty pumped to say that I’ve partnered with them which means if you join The Holiday Sweat Challenge a couple of the workouts you will get will be from yours truly. That alone is worth the $16 isn’t it? Don’t answer that…

Ready to get registered? You can register here (and be sure to say Suzi Fevens referred you!) and I’ll see you there!

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Keeping It In Perspective

Today is Remembrance Day here in Canada. A day when we pause to remember all that was lost, and all that was fought for in the line of duty.


Instead of posting my weekly re-cap I decided today to instead share something a bit different.

Yesterday was a rough day for me. Murphy’s Law struck and struck again, with anything that could go wrong going wrong, and upsetting news cropping up all over the place. On top of which I have an injured knee and had four fitness classes to teach.

But when I stopped to think about all of my struggles, be they money, injury, difficulties with technology or issues of another nature, not one came even close to the problems those who have fought for our freedom encountered on a daily, hourly, or even minute to minute basis.


When I was an insurance agent and had a bad day, I would finish the day by thinking, “In 5 years time, will what happened on this day have any bearing on my life?” Sometimes the answer was yes, but most times the answer was no, and on those days I consciously chose to let the day fall from my memory instead of holding onto my angry and irritation.

Since then I’ve begun to coach others to use that reflection in their own lives when a day has been rough, but yesterday I needed to take my own advice.

Breathe. Relax. Let it Go.

Because in perspective, none of it really mattered in the least.

So today, on this day of reflection, whether you are Canadian or not, I urge you to take a moment to reflect on all that has been done to allow you the freedom we so often take for granted today. And the reflect on the issues you might currently be struggling with and use some perspective to decide if they are worth holding on to, or if it is time to let it go.

Whatever your decision, taking two or three deep, rib expanding breaths will help you move froward with your decision in a place of calmness. And in that place, please think of all that was given to give us all that we have.

In remembrance.

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