Zumba ZIN 52

It’s that time of the month again – new Zumba music time! I was happy to see ZIN 52 in my mailbox this afternoon, and I’ve actually already watched the DVD so I can tell you there are three songs on it I’ll for sure be using in the near future. Yay!!


Without further ado…

La Chapiadora (Merengue)

Mulata de Platino (Reggaeton) – Zumba Fitness Original

My Heart in the Beat (Electro-Latin) – Mara

Bailando (Flamenco-Reggaeton) – Enrique Iglesias feat. Gente de Zona

El Serrucho (Cumbia) – Mr. Black El Presidente

La Luz (Tribal) – Juanes

Tanto (Electro-Bachata) – Zumba Fitness Original

Dale Fuego (Calypso Dance) – Edalam feat. Myf & Cuban Mob

Descarga de la Luz (Salsa)

Can someone tell me why all the Bachatas we seem to get lately are “Electro-Bachatas”? I much prefer a plain non-synthesized Bachata. But other than that I’m pretty pleased that even from my first watch of the DVD there are three routines I’m quite keen on. Usually it takes a few times through before I really start to like any of them. How about you guys, what song(s) are you liking form this release?


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The Ups & Downs of Crowd Funding

A month or so ago I had the pleasure of “virtually” meeting Eric Jeffrey, the man behind the successful Kickstarter Campaign for his product Massage Track

Personally, I’m thrilled that his campaign was successful because the Massage Track concept is fantastic, and I’m so excited to know that it’ll be making its way in to so many homes!

I’m a huge fan of myofacisal release and it’s benefits so anything that can make it easier to release some of those hard to target spots is both seriously needed and amazing in my books!

Eric wrote a post about his experiences with crowd funding on his site, after reading it I wondered if he might be willing to share a bit more about his experience with us, and just my luck he said he would be happy to! Since crowd funding is something that more and more start ups and small businesses are looking into I thought I would be fun to hear a bit more about the personal side of this type of funding..

Q: Looking back, what is one thing you wish you would have done differently, (or wish you would have done if you had known about it) when it comes to your Kickstarter campaign?

A: My wife and I spent about $20,000 on the project but only had $200 and no more samples left the day we launched on Kickstarter – I should have planned to have a few more thousand dollars lying around and another 30 prototype kits (another $2000 or so). That was a pretty big mistake because almost no publication will write about you if they don’t have a sample in their hands.

Q: What, for you, was the most difficult part of crowd sourcing?

A:It’s a big life event, like a wedding and it’s just exhausting. I still have significant health issues, so the project really brought me the edge of my physical capabilities many times. And when our day is over, they are just waking up in China, so often my days get extended by the Chinese I’m working with for manufacturing.

Q: What would you say was the most fun part?

A: Meeting wonderful, magical, enthusiastic people like you Suzi – who get it right away:D (aww shucks!)

Q: If you could single out one thing that you think helped you the most during the campaign process what would it be?

A: Spending many months obsessing over the video and the experts who took part in it.

Q: Would you crowd source again?

Without a shadow of a doubt – I plan to. I already have two more dynamite deep tissue tools in the pipeline, just waiting for their moment!

Thanks Eric for taking the time to share a bit more about your experience with me and my readers! There are still a couple days left in the Kickstarter for Massage Track, so you still have time to back the project and get your hands on one of these amazing sets!