ActiPatch: A Drug-free Way To Manage Chronic Pain

I am a huge fan of the oat bag/rice bag/magic bag/whatever you want to call it for pain relief. My mom has made them for years and we have a lovely stockpile of them in our bathroom closet, and it would be very odd for someone to walk into our bedroom and not find at least two on the floor next to our bed. The oat bag has been my #1 go-to for muscle and joint pain for well over a decade. But the problem with the oat bag is you need to have a microwave available to heat it. It’s bulky and not something you can easily wear out of the house without looking well, odd and lumpy. And I most certainly can’t exercise or teach classes while holding an oat bag on my back, or leg or where ever it hurts.

There are lots of topical ointments and creams that claim to reduce pain. With the exception of two, I’ve never found any of them to work for me. Those two creams/sprays that do work are great when I am at home for some relief, but unless I want to smell like a medicine cabinet, they aren’t the best options when I’m teaching or out in the general public either.

So what’s a sore girl to-do? Meet my new friend, the ActiPatch.


If you’ve never heard of ActiPatch before don’t be surprised, it’s a relatively new product in Canada but since launching has clinched 2nd, 3rd and 4th rankings in muscle and joint pain on Amazon. This Chronic Pain Relief Technology provides electromagnetic pulse therapy which is drug-free, clinically proven, safe and effective of treating muscle and joint pain.
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Rompe la Pompa: A Dance Toning Routine

Heeeeey! You guys, I’m both thrilled and frightened that it’s Friday. Somehow I went from being all caught up in my work to being way behind in the matter of about three days so I’ve been scrambling all week to get back to caught up before all my classes start up over the next two weeks. Fingers crossed that I get enough done this weekend that I can take Monday (which is Labour Day here in Canada) off!

I decided it was time to share a new Dance Toning (aka Zumba Toning 😉 ) routine. I haven’t been choreographing any new ones this summer since I don’t teach that format June-August, but with my classes starting the week of the 14th it was time to get back to work!

Rompe la Pompa

Because I was really digging Rompe la Pompa on ZIN 58 and I felt like it had a Zumba Toning-esque about it that’s what I used!

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Back-To-School Lunches for Kids & Adults

I can almost hear the collective groans of parents all around the country as they gear up for another school year of packing lunches. I know how annoying making my own lunch or breakfast the night before can be so I can only imagine what it’s like packing lunch for a kid who probably only likes to eat 7 things.

One thing is for sure, whether you are a kid at school, or an adult at work, packing your lunch is certainly much more cost effective than buying, and gives you what more control over what you eat making it a whole lot easier to eat healthy on a budget. But brown bagging it just feels so sad, it’s time to toss the brown bag and beautify lunch!

I don’t know about you, but having a pretty container to put my lunch in makes carrying my food with me so cooler right from the word go. I recently picked up these awesome Bento Boxes from Tupperware that come in fun bright colours, but there are lots of fun lunch box options out there even if you don’t want to go the Tupperware route. Invest a little bit in some high quality durable containers for yourself that are microwave safe, and possibly some less expensive ones for your kids if they tend to lose every container you send them to school with. 😉

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Zumba Mega Mix 49

I gotta say, it’s nice not waiting around most of the month for my Zumba music to show in my mail box! I just need to go get some blank CD’s so I can burn them for my backups. Anyway, it’s September 1st and thanks to ZIN NOW I have Mega Mix 49!


Let’s see what’s on this month’s release!

Azumbo (Warm-up) – Krys feat DJ Lewis

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It’s Time To Turn Your Dreams Into Goals, And Goals Into Reality

I know you have a dream, or two, or three in mind right now. Things that you want so badly to do or to accomplish. And how long have those been a dream? A few weeks? Months? Years? Decades?

A Goal Without a deaDline is just a dream

Until we set a clear path for how we are going to achieve or obtain our dreams, they are never going to come to fruition. A goal truly is a dream with a deadline.

And I’ve got some deadlines in mind.
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