Halloween Dance Fitness: Time Warp

Hey there! Here is another of the routines I’m using this week as part of my Halloween classes. Time Warp might not seem super Halloween-y until you realize it’s from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and is just a fun (and crazy) song to toss into the mix.

time warp

This routine is a bit more complex (though not much) than the one I shared on Tuesday, but is still easy enough to follow that participants catch on pretty darn quickly.

The song is pretty straight forward and easy to memorize after a few listens, so if you are looking for a last minute festive routine this might do the trick!

Enjoy :)

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Healthy Hallowe’en! Make This Year’s As Healthy As It Is Happy For Your Family

Indulgence in candy, desserts and other enticing sweet treats appears to be a universal weakness. Food and drinks high in simple sugars can affect dopamine levels, a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centres, altering brain wave activity and in the process boosting our mood, feelings and attitude.

With Halloween just around the corner, how can parents reduce the ghoulish effects displayed as a result of an overindulgence of candy? To allow your family to enjoy the trick-or-treating season, Michele Sevier, DNM, DAc, B.Ed., M.Ed., and director of education at nutrition house shares healthy “tricks” to pull from your own Healthy Hallowe’en bag of surprises!


Aim for protein intake prior to candy consumption. Simple carbohydrates like candy affect blood sugar levels quite rapidly, so protein intake can help stabilize blood sugar levels. When possible keep treat intake “post-meals”


Mix a small whey protein smoothie and have them drink it first. Not only will this help balance blood glucose levels, whey has numerous health benefits attached to its use including its ability to benefit immunity and increase satiety. If that’s not enough, they are incredibly tasty with fresh or frozen fruit added


Have them consume a small handful of nuts and seeds, a spoonful of almond or peanut butter – all which contain healthy fats which can benefit blood glucose levels and appetite


Brush your teeth with a peppermint flavour toothpaste to reduce the desire for candy


Drink a large glass of water to help fill your tummies to help reduce excess intake


Take a multivitamin each day to ensure they obtain all the essential vitamins and minerals. Formulations are available in tasty chewables and gummies

There are full body detox/cleansing kits for adults (obviously 18 years +) that don't directly tackle excess sugar, but aid the organs of elimination. A powerful, effective solution is Herbal Cleanse Whole Body Detox Kit while first time, sensitive cleansers can try First Cleanse Kit

There are full body detox/cleansing kits for adults (obviously 18 years +) that don’t directly tackle excess sugar, but aid the organs of elimination. A powerful, effective solution is Herbal Cleanse Whole Body Detox Kit while first time, sensitive cleansers can try First Cleanse Kit

While there is no supplementary vitamin or mineral to help digest the sugar down in Hallowe’en candy and treats, a digestive enzyme called amylase helps to breaks down the starch in complex carbs (think fruits and vegetables) into monosaccarides (think glucose) in order to aid digestion

Michele Sevier, DNM, DAc, B.Ed., M.Ed., is nutrition house’s resident Director of Education. Michele is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, holds a Doctorate of Acupuncture, and has a certificate utilizing Auriculotherapy and its applications in health and healing, including techniques to deal with addictive behaviours. A Consulting Nutritional Analyst, Michele holds certificates in Clinical Microscopy/Blood Analysis and Urinalysis in Biological Medicine. Michele is responsible for training and coaching nutrition house’s Natural Health Product Advisors. 
Find your local store to have a natural health product advisor help you find the right products for your family, visit www.nutritionhouse.com

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Halloween Dance Fitness: La Cumbia de los Monsters

Happy Halloween week!!! I was intending to post one video on Friday, but when I was on periscope earlier I was chatting with Nakia about Halloween Zumba and decided what the heck, I’ll go record a few videos right now, so I will be sharing them this week.

When I do special holiday routines like this I keep the choreography super, super, simple. That way people can relax and enjoy the (usually crazy) songs and follow the routine without much difficulty. There are of course a few that are more complicated, but this certainly isn’t one of them. The song La Cumbia de los Monsters is one I bought from iTunes and is by Los Reyes Locos. Anyone who is familiar with The Munsters will recognize this as a play on that theme song which makes it a fun Halloween tune.


In addition to keeping it simple, I also keep it low impact so I can use it for both regular and Zumba Gold classes. If you get a chance to use it in your class (or do it just for fun), I hope you enjoy it!

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How To Schedule Social Media Posts With CoSchedule

Us bloggers can get a little passionate about our favourite tools, and to say I’m passionate about trying to get EVERYONE to try CoSchedule is an under statement.

In every mastermind and blogging group I’m part of this is a topic that has come up in the past two weeks and I keep telling everyone about how obsessed I am with CoSchedule. I rambled about it on a Periscope stream for well over half an hour one day, and started blathering on about it in a session at BlogJam a few weeks back.

I’m smitten.

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4 Tips for Purrrfecting Pet Health

It’s no secret that I am a crazy cat lady. I refer to my cats as co-workers (they are terrible co-workers by the way…), I have full conversations with them, and I change words in songs to pretend they are about my cats. It’s true. And I’ve embraced it. I have no problem admitting I follow as many accounts on Instagram that belong to animals as I do humans, that I have a pair of leggings that are cats flying in outer space, and framed photos on my walls of cats. Life’s too short not to admit I have a bit of an infatuation.

But can you blame me? Look at that cute little face!

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