Garnier Color Shield Products

Last week I received a selection of Garnier’s new Color Shield products from Influenster in exchange for a review.

I received the new color shield shampoo, conditioner and shine and care leave-in treatment.

I was sceptical from the get-go, not because of the claims of the products, but because I have been finding it increasingly difficult to find a shampoo especially that will actually clean my hair. I have naturally oily hair and I think adding all the sweating I do from teaching makes my hair harder to clean. I’m certainly not one of those people who can get away with washing their hair once or twice/week (though I wish I was!). And what’s more, I am down to two specific shampoos that will clean my hair and not leave my scalp feeling really gross and for lack of a better term, “cake-y”. Yes I know. Gross. So when I received these products from Garnier I wondered if they would fall in the “cake-y” category.

The first night I used the products everything was fine, but I often find that is the case with a different shampoo especially. The first night everything is great, it’s about day 3 that nights go downhill. Having said that, day 3 has come and gone and I’m still walking away with clean hair that is most certainly NOT cake-y. Yay!


In fact, I feel like my hair is cleaner than with my usual brand which is sort of exciting. And I really am enjoying the scent of the products (which is a total girl thing to say). As for whether or not they help shield color from fading I haven’t used it long enough to know, and it’s been quite a while since I colored my hair (these black locks don’t stay black all on their own anymore :’( ) so I can’t really attest to that attribute but otherwise I’ve been pretty happy, especially after straightening my hair as it’s super shiny and smooth!

While I’ve really enjoyed the products, and will continue to use them until they are gone, as much as I like them I personally will probably not be buying them again because my regular brand is sulfate-free and as I am actively trying to minimize my exposure to endocrine disruptors and sadly these products are not sulfate free. That aside, I think they are a great line of products and would happily recommend them to others looking for a good line-up for color treated hair.

Disclosure: I was provided with these products free of charge from Influenster in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own.


Shelled Versus Whole Flaxseed – Which Is Better?

I think by now most anyone who is at all interested in healthy eating has at least heard of flaxseed. They are these tiny little powerhouses that we know are a good source of Omega 3′s and fibre, but for many people that’s about all they know, so when they go to the store and want to buy flaxseed and are faced with choosing between whole flax seeds, shelled flax seeds, ground flaxseed (or flax meal) they have no idea if one is better than the other.

Before we get into which type is best, first let’s talk fibre. There are two main types of fibre, insoluble and soluble. Insoluble fibre goes through your digestive track without being digested, in other words – it comes out looking the same as it went in. Soluble fibre breaks down as it is digested and acts like a Swiffer cleaning out the “gunk” as it goes through (which is why flax is a great food for helping to reduce excess cholesterol). Insoluble fibre comes out looking the same as it went in, it adds bulk to stool and helping speed up the elimination of waste but because it isn’t broken down provides few other health benefits. Soluble fibre helps clean out the junk but doesn’t aid in regularity or stool size, so both types of fibre are important in their own way.

Back to flaxseed…

Whole flaxseed have a hard outer shell that contains insoluble fibre, so when you eat flax in it’s original state, it will help with elimination and stool size, but you won’t be getting any of the other nutritional benefits of the seed. In both the shelled and ground forms the tough outer shell has been removed or ground up allowing the seed to be both digested and provide additional nourishment (most notably those precious Omega 3 fats).

Ground flax, because it is simply whole flaxseeds ground up contains both the soluble and insoluble fibre so it provides you with both soluble and insoluble fibre and omega 3′s… but I think it tastes like dirt. It can be okay mixed in some recipes, but as far as adding it to yogurt or salad or anything where you will actually taste it, it’s yuck city IMO. In fact, one of the things my naturopath had be do was drink a warm class of lemon water each morning which was fine – until she told me to add a full tablespoon of ground flax to it. You guys, I couldn’t even look at the glass and I had to down in all in one gulp otherwise I would spit it back out into the sink. It was so bad!!


Anyway, you can guess from that little story that my preferred type of flax is shelled. It tastes good (or has no real taste at all if you get the plain shelled) and I can happily put it on most any foods without fearing it’ll make it taste like dirt ;)

In fact my favourite granola recipe calls for shelled flax, and while it’s not listed in the recipe, I usually add some to my macaroons as well, so when Omega Crunch (my shelled flax BFFs) contacted me and offered to sponsor a giveaway for my readers I was of course excited to share one of my fav products with you all! And even better – they sent me a couple of their new products to try out (score!). I received a shaker of their Omega Crunch Super Sprinkle Sweet Seed Blend which is made with shelled flax, organic shredded coconut, hulled seasme seeds, organic chia seeds, shelled hemp seeds and maple sugar:


And a shaker of their Sweet Cinnamon Shelled Flax


and I’ve been enjoying both sprinkled on oatmeal, in yogurt, and pretty much anywhere else I wanted to add a sweet crunch!

I don’t think I mentioned my favourite thing about Omega Crunch – they are a Nova Scotian company!  Whoop! Whoop!!

The Giveaway:

The awesome folks at Omega Crunch have offered to send one lucky reader will win 1 Roasted Maple shaker, 1 Regular Shelled Flax shaker, and 1 Super Sprinkle shaker!

To Enter:

Please visit the Omega Crunch website and leave a comment below telling me which one of their products you would most like to try.

Giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the US, and will close at 12:01am EST on Wednesday, August 27th, 2014.

Good luck!

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for this review/giveaway. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.


The giveaway is now over and a winner has been chosen – congrats Tanya!



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