Reducing Chemical Exposure in Your Daily Care Routine

Back in the late spring early summer I started moving into more natural (less chemical filled) body products when I kept getting what appeared to be an allergic reaction to my toothpaste or lip balm, or something. We still haven’t figured out what it was. At first I switched from Sensodyne (which I really miss, my teeth are noticeably more sensitive now) to Tom’s of Maine thinking it would be SLS free (because that was what we supposed my problem to be). I later discovered that the “all natural” TOM’s still has SLS in it -_- After talking with some clients one suggested I try JASON toothpaste and that is what I’m using these days. It is SLS free and I haven’t had any resurgence of the allergic reaction/rash so I’m sticking with it. On top of the new toothpaste I used this LUSH Lip Service lip balm exclusively for about 3 months before I even considered trying any other lip balms (I’m now back to using EOS lip balm as well).


In the midst of these woes I started really trying to nail down what I might be still doing that is keeping my estrogen levels high and my progesterone levels low. I’ve now discovered those with Fibromyalgia frequently have lower than usual progesterone which means I need to be especially careful about keeping my estrogen in check. Without getting too technical on you the just of the matter is there are thousands of xenoestrogens both natural and chemical based that will disrupt your endocrine system and your hormonal balance. A xenoestrogren is something that imitates estrogen which is why many women in this day and age are estrogen dominant. You might wonder how that can be, doesn’t your body know the difference? In short – no.

I heard this said once and it was the best way I’ve ever heard to describe it: Your endocrine system is like a very promiscuous person. It’ll sleep with anyone who has the basic equipment they are looking for, no questions asked. So anything and everything you touch with xenoestrogens in or on it are going right through your skin and into your body.

If you want more in depth version of what a xenoestrogen is (as well as a list of some common chemicals that are endocrine disruptors) you can find that here.

Before I go any further I want to say that I am not an expert on this topic by any means, I only know whatI’ve read and learned. I also want you to know that I am aware that a number of the products I use still have chemicals and possible endocrine disruptors in them. The point is, what I choose now always has fewer disruptors than what I would have chosen in the past. I don’t feel like I can realistically remove ALL of them from my life (even just touching a sales receipt brings you in contact with endocrine disruptors), but by purposely choosing to limit my exposure when I can, I feel like I am making a difference.

So without further ado, here are a few of the other products I use on daily basis in the morning and at night!


In the bath/shower I’ve used Aveeno Pure Renewal shampoo and conditioner for well over a year. I first started using it when my beloved AVEDA shampoo and conditioner no longer seemed to be getting my hair clean so I tried this. Not only did it get my hair clean, but it was about 1/3 of the price for twice as much! This line is sulfate-free but does still have other chemicals in it. I’m sure there is an even “cleaner” option out there, but I’m quite happy with this.

For body wash I’m using Honest Shampoo + Body Wash (but I’ve never tried it as a shampoo). Honest is the company that Jessica Alba co-founded and what I really like about their products is you can sign up for a bundle and have it delivered whenever you like (the default is every 4 or 6 weeks but you can email them to have longer intervals between deliveries). You’ll be seeing more of their products show up in this and the next post I plan to do on household products.


I’ve talked about LUSH Charity Pot before, I really love this product. It smells so good and a little goes a long way. I use it mostly has hand cream and have had my small container for over a month and use it everyday but have barely made a dent in the pot! And for all over body lotion I use Honest Face+Body Lotion. This too goes really far. I’ve had this bottle on the go for well over month and you can see I haven’t used much of it yet.


The Tom’s anti-persperiant is decent. I know I should switch to a deodorant because antiperspirant has aluminum in it but with as much sweating as I do, I need the antiperspirant! I think it works well, I really still miss my Dove antiperspirant, but when I compare the ingredients in the two I know that Tom’s is the better choice.


On my face I keep it pretty simple (aren’t I punny?) with Simple cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Again, I’m sure there is something even better out there, but I’m happy with how these work and the ingredient list doesn’t frighten me so I’ll still with what I know!

And finally, when I ran out of my beloved Clinique eye make-up remover I gave plain old coconut oil a whirl, and you know what? I liked it just fine. So these days that’s how I’m taking off my eye make-up at night


Because I’m not using it for it’s health benefits I got a lower quality oil, but it’s still 100% coconut oil with nothing else added in. Can’t get much better than that really!

Feminine Care

Without getting into details, I’ve also switched up the products I use during my period. Previously the brand I used wasn’t natural at all and to put it mildly, my skin wasn’t a fan. I didn’t even realize that was I was experiencing was probably an allergic reaction until a couple months ago. Sure enough, the very month I switched products, my problems disappeared. Amazing. I haven’t switched over 100% as there are still times I use the old products when my flow is really heavy or something, but even reducing the use from 100% to probably 20% has made a huge difference! I really like the Organ(y)c line you can get from, but the NatraCare line seems to be quite well liked as well. When you start looking into the chemicals that are in traditional tampons and pads it’s really quite disturbing. Even cutting back on their use by as little as half the time would reduce your exposure dramatically. I wish I could wrap my head around using the Diva Cup because I know lots of people who do and love it, but I just can’t do it…

So there you have it, this is my go-to line-up for personal care these days. Like I said above I know I’m still getting some chemical exposure in some of these products, but it’s far less than what I was getting perviously. It’s really quite scary when you stop and look at what’s in some of the things we use everyday.

Just remember, what you put on your skin effects you just as much as what you put in your mouth…

Disclosure: This post includes affiliate links for The Honest Company.

Zumba ZIN 53

Happy day! ZIN 53 arrived yesterday!!

I actually have watched (or skimmed anyway) the DVD and I gotta say – I like it! Of course there area few songs I’m not crazy about, but overall I’m pretty happy!


Las Mamies (Merengue)

Llego el Rumbero (Salsa) – Zumba Fitness

Mi Gente (Cumbia)

Watch Out For This {Bumaye} (Moombahton) – Major Lazer

La Zumbera (Latin Dance) – DJ Samuel Kimko ft. Edward Sanchez Drd.

Vem Vem (Brazilian Funk) – Zumba Fitness

Solito y Sin Ti (Tribal) – Zumba Fitness

Moviendo Caderas (Reggaeton) – Yandel feat. Daddy Yankee

Talk Dirty (R&B) – Jason Derulo

What’s your favourite song from this month’s release?