Zumba Mega Mix 46

Wow, somehow it slipped my mind that it was time for this month’s Zumba CD to even be here until I saw it in my mailbox this afternoon. I’m really hoping it is as good as the last Mega Mix was *crosses fingers*.


Mal de Amores (Dance) – Juan Magan

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Icebreaker Heritage T-Shirt Contest: Vote & Win!

In a world where synthetic fabrics are often sought out as the best choice for “technical” fabrics, Icebreaker Merino has been challenging that now for 20 years with their line of high quality, and hard working clothes made from merino wool.

At Icebreaker, our role is not to create the latest “technical” fibre. Nature has already done that, and without an oil rig in sight. Merino wool was born not in a lab, but in the mountains of New Zealand. The Icebreaker fibre factory works 24 hours a day, on the back of a sheep. Sustainability is at the heart of Icebreaker, and we aim for profitable sustainability — a business model that balances ecology with economy. It’s possible because nature is an astonishing designer. Everything it creates is simple, efficient and beautiful. We believe nature is a powerful force that is within us and around us. We have harnessed this force to become the passionate world leader in merino.

Merino wool is not your traditionally thought of wool. It’s not scratchy or itchy, thick or bulky. Instead it is soft, not itchy. It keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. It is a natural fibre so it breathes to keep your skin dry, and is amazing at keeping you smelling fresh even when you’re not. ;) This makes merino wool not only the perfect everyday fabric, but especially great for active people, and those who are travelling (less smell = more wear between washings).

Icebreaker Merino is celebrating their 20th year this year, and want your help in choosing which of their Heritage graphics to re-release, and in doing so you’ll be entered to win one of their weekly prizes of $500 of Icebreaker products, or the grand prize of $1500 in Icebreaker Merino apparel!

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Dance Toning: Donya

How’s your day going? Fantastically I hope :D

On Tuesday I shared a brand new toning routine with you so today I’m showing you an oldie! This is a routine set to Donya, which I discovered and choreographed quite a few years ago. Ironically more than a year after I started using the song it showed up on a Zumba Toning release, which I thought was pretty funny. I mean, what were the chances? Anyway, this routine is primarily a lower body routine with a little upper body action to keep you from getting too bored.


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Zumba ZIN 56 Preview

Lookie what I found this morning? The preview video for Zumba’s ZIN 56!

I love it when they have all the ZES in the crowd, I spend the whole time seeing who I can find!

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Finding The Perfect Fit With eShakti

I, like many people in not-so-urban areas, do the majority of my clothing shopping online. I live in an area where we have to drive an hour just to get to Old Navy for goodness sake, so it can be a real struggle to find that certain item when you are looking for it without driving to the city.

Online shopping is wonderful, but it too has it’s drawbacks, mainly ordering clothes in a size you “think” will fit and then you have to just cross your fingers and hope that when it arrives it fit your properly. That is an issue I’ve had so many times. I’ve ordered entire boxes of clothing only to return everything when they didn’t fit my body shape. And I don’t think that my body is that difficult to dress, it’s just hard to know what size to get and how a certain style will look on you until you’ve tried it.


That was until I discovered eShakti, an online retailer that allows you to customize their pieces according to your style and/or measurements. Have you ever found a dress and wished it were a few inches longer? Or that it had a different neckline? Maybe you wished it did (or didn’t) have pockets? These are some of the customizations you can make through eShakti.
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