Sunday Blog Tour

I’m not one of those people that goes out on a long Sunday drive or “tour” but I thought today would be a good day for a bit of a blog tour! My friend Heather from Mmm is for Mommy (who I get to hang out with tomorrow!!!) picked me last week as part of a blog tour (which is pretty much like the blog version of a chain letter) so here I am ready to dish the goods in my answers to the tour questions.

Let’s get started shall we?


1. What am I working on?

Who knows. Seriously though, I’m in the very early (very early) stages of developing a nutrition (and possibly fitness) program that will be available online for clients. I’m only one girl and can only do so much, so I’m hoping this will be a good option for people who need some direction and support but don’t necessarily require one-on-one attention with a trainer. I will of course be there to answer questions and give support, but not in the same way I would be if you were training with me in person.

I’m also working on my vlogging skills. I was doing really well but sorta fell off the bus the past few weeks and need to get back at it. Part of the issue is I don’t like using my phone and the video recorder in my camera isn’t all that great so I need to sort that situation out.

2. How does my work differ from others of the genre?

I’m real and totally imperfect. I’ve never adhered to the “standard” of healthy or fitness bloggers because I based my site on the fact that while I like to eat healthy stuff most of the time, I’m not going to pretend that I don’t eat crap sometimes. Back when I started blogging in 2007 fitness bloggers absolutely did not talk about eating cake, chocolate bars or chips. And that’s just not real. None of us are “perfect” and I wanted to bring some honesty back to the genre. Thankfully now a days there are lots of fitness bloggers who profess their love for cookies, chips, etc. so I’m not a lone reed ( <–bonus points if you get that reference) but starting out I felt very much alone!

3. How do I write/create what I do?

I don’t have a strict editorial calendar or anything like that. I try to put out a couple posts/week and vary the topics covered but that’s about it. I enjoy sharing recipes, but mostly the blog is just me talking about whatever is on my mind. Because this is also a place where I talk about my struggles with my health you can often find posts on what is and isn’t working for me in that regard. Then of course there is the big Zumba section which is a really popular section of the site, and I’m glad it has proven to be so helpful for people!

4. How does your writing/creative process work?

Most of the time I don’t have a process. I just sit down and write about whatever I’ve decided to write about that day. Like I mention above I don’t have much of a process, and unless it’s a sponsored post I generally don’t even re-read or do a spelling or grammar check (which is a total no-no by the way). I don’t usually have a lot of time when writing so I figure a post with a few mistakes in it is better than no post at all. So if you have been wondering if I can actually spell or know any grammar at all, I can assure you I do ;)

For the most part I write my posts directly into WordPress. I use to use WLW but then I moved to a Mac so that was a no go. I have Mars Edit but have found it just as easy to right directly on the platform. However, now that I’ve been reminded of MarsEdit I might give it another go.

Most of my pictures are taken with my sad little iPhone 4, unless they are press pics that were taken by a professional. Sometimes I use my Sony CyberShot but not too often. I am hoping to upgrade my camera in the next year (but that has been my hope for about 5 years so…)

I’m not super active on Twitter (though I typically get on there to converse at least once/day), but you can usually find me on Instagram and Facebook.

Now it’s my turn to name a few bloggers in hopes that they will continue on with the tour!

Treadmill Runway – My friend Courtney and I met back in 2012 in NYC, and since then she has lost a lot of weight, I thought she looked great then and now I don’t know if I’ll even recognize her the next time i see her in person!

Running Tall - Erin is another Canadian blogger, and I can’t help but love her since she’s a runner, does yoga and teaches Zumba just like moi! And I’m jealous because she managed to grow a few inches taller than me, I’m still annoyed that I stopped growing at 5 foot 9. I really wanted to be 6 feet tall…

Mommy Miracles - I just love Laura so much! And she’s even cuter than usual because she’s currently got a baby brewing away in her belly! And she’s a Nova Scotian blogger which also tickels my fancy (and I’m really hoping I get to see her tomorrow too!).  She was one of my guest bloggers last week, and you’ve seen her picture lots of times because we have a pre-race photo tradition so she’s shown up in many of my race re-caps. And we have plans to take Team in Training by storm some year soon and run a fun race together!

So that’s it for my stop on the blog tour – I hope you enjoyed it :)


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What I Did On Summer Vacation

Did you ever have to write one of those essays? I’m sure I did but I really don’t remember it, but thought I’d kick off my return to work & blogging with a recap of what I did last week while on vacation.

Are you ready? It’s going to be exciting!

First and foremost – I slept. A lot. And it was glorious. Mind you I’m still tired today so what does that tell you? That I need to go to bed earlier, that’s what it tells you.

But seriously, it was so nice to not worry about alarms (meaning, worrying about sleeping through alarms) and just sleep. Have I mentioned I heart sleep? Because I really do. But enough about sleeping ;)

When I wasn’t sleeping I was relaxing either no our deck with a furry friend



chillin’ out watching TV or a movie (we only have about 1 1/2 hours left to watch of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy – the extended versions which took up a lot of the week, lol. J complained that the 3rd one is mostly Aragon and his love life which is funny because it’s true.

I also spent a lot of time in our pool. This picture signifies a good week of vacation:



bathing suits everywhere! It was so hot here in Nova Scotia last week that I took multiple trips to the pool on many days. And the humidity is probably why I slept so much, it was just too hot to do anything! And even though I was sleeping a lot I still didn’t sleep well. I honest to goodness slept with an ice pack on my belly two nights last week because it was so hot I couldn’t stand it. <—I’m so glad I didn’t have to teach classes in that humidity!

I had a fun mail delivery last week that helped keep us cool though, some drinks from Zpirit!


Zpirit Infuzions are fruit flavoured waters that actually have fruit in them, you can sort of see it here:


J had two and I had two (but requested sips of his so I could report back on the flavours ;) ) and I loved them all! I think that the mandarin and mint was my favourite, but the peach and basil was a close second, and the other two weren’t far behind. And of course you know i love supporting Canadian companies so you should def. check them out! If they aren’t already, Zpirit will be available for purchase soon at Whole Foods and Longo’s grocery stores as well as many others in Ontario and Quebec. If/when they reach the Atlatntic Provinces I’ll be sure to let you know but in the meantime you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates. 

And then on Sunday, Arthur hit us and knocked out power through I think most of Nova Scotia (a lot are still without power. We were fortunate enough to get it back early yesterday afternoon) and knocking down lots of tress and branches. Here is a shot of one tree on our property that split three ways during the storm



But we had a lot more down branches besides this, but this was the largest tree damage we had here. At my parent’s cottage a tree fell on the roof, but they don’t think it damaged it so that’s good.

So I spent most of my last weekend on vacation in the dark, but no worries, I had downloaded both A Discovery of Witches and Shadow of Night into my Kobo beforehand which kept me happily entertained. I’m in love with this series! And excited to be late to the show because the 3rd book comes out next Tuesday so I don’t have to wait years for it. Yay!!

Two things I didn’t do last week – work or exercise! And that, is amazing. I was so sure I’d get the itch to work or exercise but I didn’t – yay!!! I think I was so over-do a really honest vacation that my body and mind happily accepted it. Usually I’ll take time off from teaching classes but still blog, or vice versa, but unless I’m going somewhere I rarely take time off from both, and that is a mistake.

Later this summer I’ll be taking another mini vacation (I’ll still teach during the week days, but take the evenings and weekend off) and will probably take the week off from blogging then too. It’s such a good way to rest and recharge, and I always come back with more ideas. Plus I have some pretty fab friends who are happy to drop in and keep you guys entertained while I’m off relaxing!

So that was pretty much my week off. Actually I’m taking tonight off from teaching classes because so many people are still without power, I didn’t want anyone to worry about missing a pre-paid class (and I’m not even sure the community centre has power) so I guess we’ll be able to finish off our Lord of the Rings marathon ;)

It certainly wasn’t the trip to Walt Disney World we were planning to have this summer, but all things considered it was a pretty great vacation all the same!


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