Soothing Your Skin With Natural Skin Care Products

It seems like with each passing year my skin gets more and more sensitive, often leaving me feeling itchy, frustrated and uncomfortable. I’ve gone from using most anything that struck my fancy as far as body and skin care products go, to being really quite choosey about what I will and won’t use. That lovely scented body lotion just isn’t worth it if I spend the next 24 hours clawing my skin off because it’s so red and itchy.

It can be downright frustrating especially during the winter months when everything is so dry and my skin is dying for some extra care. I try to choose products that have fewer chemicals and fragrance added to prevent irritated skin, but it can be so hard. Even companies like LUSH who pride themselves on their natural ingredients often use more chemicals than you’d think. :/ Which leaves me buying items from hypo-allergenic lines which are effective, but I can’t deny I miss having more fun scented products to use.

Fortunately (I think) spring is here – though we had a bit of snowfall overnight so I’m starting to feel the relief from that dry winter skin. Not only because of the change in seasons, but also because I’ve been enjoying using some products from Duckish these past few weeks.

Soothing skin with natural skin care products from Duckish - a local Nova Scotian company

Duckish Natural Skin Care is a local Nova Scotian company operating out of Halifax which hand makes all of it’s products. From diaper rash cream (their first product), to body butter, lip balm and lotion sticks, Duckish has a wonderful product line-up that not only soothe your skin, but also come in both scented and unscented options.

They were kind enough to send me one of their Best Kind Bundles which allows you to choose what scent you want for each product so you can customize it to meet your needs.

Soothing skin with natural skin care products from Duckish - a local Nova Scotian company

I was excited to try everything, but I was most excited about the bath bombs and the lotion sticks. Back in the day I use to make and sell bath bombs! And it’s been a long time since I had one to use myself so I was really excited about being having four of them, haha. It’s the simple things!

As for the lotion sticks, I was really excited about those because I chose the tea tree mini lotion stick and the lavender lotion stick. Tea tree is my go-to whenever I have a bug bite or something that needs to be disinfected or something like that so I thought having it in a mini lotion stick form would be super handy – and it is. I’ve used it countless times over these past couple weeks on different things. I can only imagine how useful it’ll be once the bugs are out in the summer!

Lavender is another essential oil I use constantly, so again I’ve found it super useful to have it in a stick form that is easy to apply. If they added a peppermint lotion stick to their line up – well then I would be in total heaven!

My beloved bath bombs and the bath salts are both long gone, and thoroughly enjoyed,

Soothing skin with natural skin care products from Duckish - a local Nova Scotian company

I’ve taken to using the body butter every night before bed, and the lip balm has moved into my bag so I basically am taking it everywhere I go.

Using natural products really makes a be difference both in how your skin feels, and how your body feels as well. With so many xenoestrogens out there, it’s nice to know that these products are made without those chemicals that so easily mess us our sensitive hormone balance (usually without us even knowing!). And supporting local businesses is not only important to the business, but to the local economy as a whole. The more we can support local people, the better off we will all be. That’s why I’m thrilled to be telling you all about Duckish today, and I really hope you will check them out!

P.S. Over on their website you can enter to win one of their Mother’s Day Giveaway which ends on April 24th. It’s open to Canadians only and would be a great way to check out some of these fab products for yourself!

Disclosure: I was provided with my Best Kind Bundle free of charge en exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Lick Your Plate Cookbook

I’m a book girl. I love to read, I love looking at books, organizing books, collecting books, and using books. And since I’m a food and fitness blogger it should come as no surprise that I love me a good cookbook.

A few weeks ago I received a copy of the new cookbook “Lick Your Plate” by Julie Albert & Lisa Gnat which is a visual delight just based on it’s photography alone!

lick your plate is a cookbook made for every home cook and is filled with recipes sure to delight the whole family!

One of my biggest beefs with cookbooks is when they don’t have good photos, or even worse – any photos. As I am always looking to improve my own photography skills, I find myself paying more attention to food photographs in the cookbooks I have, and Lick Your Plate is visually stunning. Every photo in the book is beautiful and showcases the recipes to perfection!

But I know you’re not here to hear about the photos! Lick Your Plate is touted as “A Lip Smackin’ Book Tor Every Home Cook” and I think that is pretty accurate description. The recipes are simple but impressive, any are perfect for any busy at-home cook looking to feed their family fast, healthy, and delicious food.

lick your plate is a cookbook made for every home cook and is filled with recipes sure to delight the whole family!

The first time I looked through it I saw so many recipes to try I had to go get a pad of sticky tabs, and now it’s a rainbow of marked pages.

Some of the recipes I am really looking forward to trying include the:

But believe me, I have about 20 other recipes marked to try as well. It’s going to take me a while to work my way through this one! Which is great because I normally only find a handful of recipes that interest me in any one cookbook. To find so many right off the top was really exciting!

The cookbook is broken up into 10 chapters which cover everything from No Fork Required Appetizers, to Rule the Roost Chicken & Turkey, to Rise & Shine Brunch and everything in between!

The past few weeks have been pretty crazy over here so I sadly haven’t had a chance to test out the recipes, but based on what I’ve seen, I’ll be very surprised if I don’t love them. They use fresh whole ingredients, are straight forward and easy to follow, and sound downright amazing!

This would make an amazing Mother’s Day gift for any ladies in your life who enjoy cooking, or for anyone who likes to spend time in the kitchen.

Lick Your Plate was released on March 29th and is available to purchase on Amazon (affiliate link).

Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of Lick Your Plate free of charge.

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Zumba ZIN 62

Hey there! I’m going to start off today’s post by explaining why I almost didn’t publish the ZIN 62 playlist at all. Last month shortly after publishing my monthly Zumba song list post I got an email from the Zumba Police (AKA Legal Compliance), telling me I was in violation of my agreement by sharing my music.

Now this has happened before, and I explained to them then that I am not giving any of the music away, just listing the names of the songs and at that time they told me that was totally fine (as did the ZES I spoke to about it way back in 2011 before I ever started posting them -unfortunately it was at convention and I don’t recall who I asked as the trip was a bit of a whirlwind). Anyway, the last time I was reported I was told it was fine for me to list song names as long nobody could download anything – which they can’t.

So when I got the email in March, I immediately replied (as I have zero interest in violating my license) and they took over a week to reply. They said they had no record of my previous conversation, so I forwarded it to them and expressed once again that I would remove everything if I was in violation, but needed confirmation that what I was doing was not allowed.

Cue the crickets. I remember my first dealing with the legal dept. ended in them saying, “It’s fine,” and when I asked a follow-up question they never replied, so I can only assume that upon receipt of my forwarded message showing I was told what I was doing was NOT in violation that they closed the case and moved on, because it’s now been over 3 weeks and I haven’t heard anything else.

So I assume everything is ok?

I can’t see how it would be a violation of anything, I mean if not we shouldn’t be allowed to tell anyone any of the songs we use in class either. All I’m doing is letting participants who want to find a song the ability to do so!

The way I look at it (unless they come back and tell me otherwise) is, if I took my Taylor Swift CD and wrote a blog post naming all the songs on the CD and linking to videos for any she had released as a single, I wouldn’t be violating her copyright in any way. I know Zumba is strict on these things, but I guess until they tell me, “Yes, you are violating your license by telling people the names of songs on your CD’s” I will keep doing it. And if that day comes, well – I’ll take everything down, but I don’t feel I should have to do that until they actually reply and say, “We’ve changed our minds, you can no longer do that.” You know?

Anyway, let’s move along to the actual reason you are reading this shall we? The songs found on ZIN 62.

Sexy by BIP {Merengue}

Tarzan Boy by Zumba (Cover) {Salsa}

Shut Up and Dance by Max Pizzolante {Dembow|Lambada}

Bailame by Alex Sensation feat. Yandel & Shaggy {Latin Urban}

Soy Para Tí (Remix) by Marcelo Cezán {Raspa|Cumbia}

Dile by Zumba (Cover) {Batacuda|Samba}

Pinta Mi Corazón (Zumba Remix) by Fonseca {Cumbia Remix}

Quién Quiere Bailar by Max Pizzolante feat. Papayo{Reggaeton|Timba}

Footloose by Zumba (Cover) {Pop}

Bonus Song: Turn it Up by Liana Veda & Dexter Hamilton {Latin}
Now let’s all collectively cross our fingers that Zumba has decided this is a-ok so I don’t have to take them all down!!

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Sour Cream & Onion Scrambled Eggs

Today I’m happy to be sharing with the second video I shot for the Egg Farmers of Canada’s new network – Eggcentric TV!

sour cream and onion scrambled eggs are the prefect food for a late night meal after zumba, running or any other fitness workout that has left you hangry and tired! This recipe comes togeter in just a few minutes and will delight your tastebuds!

Since the application launched last month, I’ve been really enjoying watching all the videos and recipes on the application. It’s a pretty cool network, where you can get great recipes, learn how to make a 1 minute hollandaise (which I can’t wait to try myself!) or make an omelette, find out about the nutrition in eggs – and whether or not you should be worried about the cholesterol in eggs (the short answer is not really), and so much more. And I can’t lie, it’s also pretty cool to be able to tell people they can find me on it!

Introducing Eggcentric TV, brought to you by the Egg Farmers of Canada. Get great recipes, tips and egg hacks to make your meals EGGcellent!

My new video that is going live on Eggcentric TV is for one of my favourite super fast, nutritious and yummy meals – Sour Cream and Onion Scrambled Eggs.

sour cream and onion scrambled eggs are the prefect food for a late night meal after zumba, running or any other fitness workout that has left you hangry and tired! This recipe comes togeter in just a few minutes and will delight your tastebuds!

There are a couple days/week where I teach three fitness classes and don’t get to have supper until 8pm or later. Let me tell you, I am ravenous by the time supper rolls around. Not only that but I’m also tired and let’s be real – a little hangry. 😉 That’s why eggs make the perfect go-to, and why this recipe in particular is such a favourite. In the amount of time it takes to make some toast to go with it, I can have a plate filled with hot delicous scrambled eggs ready to eat. Pair that with a veggie filled smoothie and I’m happily eating supper in under 10 minutes start to finish.

If you haven’t already downloaded Eggcentric TV take a few minutes right now to do so. If you are someone who struggles with meal ideas, or just wants to learn some new techniques for cooking eggs (like that 1 minute hollandaise) you will really love all the great content. It’s available in iTunes and on ROKU – and be sure to let me know if you watch any of my videos :)

Disclosure: This post has been brought to you by the Egg Farmers of Canada and Eggcentric TV. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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no name® Naturally Imperfect™ Warm Spinach and Apple Salad

It’s Easter Monday so probably many of us have lots of leftovers from Easter Sunday, and aren’t really in the mood for cooking something fancy today. That’s why I decided to save this warm spinach and apple salad recipe to share today as it is fast, easy, delicious, and only uses five ingredients which you probably already have!

This warm spinach and apple salad recipe is a fast lunch when you want something healthy but fast to eat.

This recipe is using apples from the new no name® Naturally Imperfect™ that I told you about a few weeks ago, but really any apple will do.

This warm spinach and apple salad recipe is a fast lunch when you want something healthy but fast to eat.

no name® Naturally Imperfect™ Warm Spinach and Apple Salad
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
  • 1 pkg (142 g) PC Organics Baby Spinach
  • 3 tbsp (45 mL) olive oil
  • 2 no name® Naturally Imperfect™ medium apples, cored and thinly sliced
  • 4 tsp (20 mL) pure maple syrup
  • 4 tsp (30 mL) balsamic vinegar
  1. Place spinach in large serving bowl.
  2. Heat olive oil in frying pan over medium heat; cook apples for 1 to 2 minutes or until softened. Whisk together maple syrup and vinegar; pour into pan and cook another 1 to 2 minutes. Pour over spinach and toss. Serve immediately.

There is just something so enjoyable about a warm salad, and the addition of the apples makes it that much better. I remember when I use to scoff at fruit in a salad (except for of course fruit salad), but now it’s become one of my favourite flavour combinations – especially when paired with balsamic vinegar. Yum!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for President’s Choice. All opinions are my own.

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