Make Movie Night Better

I’m so darn close to being on vacation I can taste it! And that means that I am getting ready to snuggle in and watch all of my favourite Christmas movies while sitting next to our stove, looking at Christmas decorations, and eating snacks. And what pairs better with a movie than popcorn?


For the past 6-months or so I’ve completely avoided popcorn because the last time I had it was when my IBS was acting up and it made me feel ill. I can never have theatre popcorn because the added chemicals and additives makes me crazy sick, and honestly I do miss it. When the folks from Popcorn, Indiana offered to send me a couple bags of their Movie Theatre Popcorn in the new Warm-up bag I decided that it was time to see if I could eat popcorn again!


Popcorn, Indiana isn’t your typical store bought popcorn. Their popcorns are made with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, are made with non-GMO corn and are certified gluten-free. I opted for the Original Movie Theatre Popcorn, but they have a number of flavours and styles available (including Popcorn, Indiana FIT which is 40 calories or less/cup).

I was really impressed when the popcorn arrived and I checked out the ingredient list: popcorn, vegetable oil, clarified butter, salt. Yay for real ingredients!!

To warm you corn you tear a hole in the top of the bag and microwave it. Our microwave is pretty powerful so I had to be careful not to burn it, but overall I was happy with how the popcorn reheated. I typically don’t care for re-heated popcorn, but this didn’t have that “re-heated” taste or texture. It wasn’t s hot as microwave popcorn but I think that is to be expected since the kernels are already popped.

And in case you’re wondering, not only did the popcorn pass the taste test, it also didn’t upset my stomach or leave me feeling like I’d eaten an entire box of table salt, three cheers for Popcorn, Indiana!!


The real problem is I have already scarfed down the two bags they sent and my vacation hasn’t even started yet….oops. At least I know I can pick some more up at the grocery store because I scoped it out on Friday ;) #priorities

If you’re not into popping your own popcorn, and want an easy theatre-style popcorn without the extra chemicals and nastiness found in those microwave brands check out Popcorn, Indiana. 

Disclosure: I received complimentary product in order to execute this review, all opinions are 100% my own. 

Time to Slow Down

Hi everybody! I hope everything is going well in your part of the world. :D

I wanted to take a few minutes to check-in and let you all know that you can expect the blog to be quieter than usual over the next couple weeks. I’m wrapping up a few classes this week and have a small handful of posts I want to get up before the end of the year, but otherwise I plan on taking a break over the holiday season.


This time of year always feels like the best time to slow down, enjoy time relaxing and being with friends and family instead of worrying about writing posts and working. Especially since many of you will be unplugging a bit more over the upcoming weeks so you won’t miss my ramblings anyway ;)


I’ll still be posting on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter so I’m not entirely falling off the map, but I felt I should at least tell you that the blog is going to be pretty quiet for a while, just in case you wondered what was going on!

I hope you too find a way to slow things down and spend time with the people who mean the most to you, and doing things you enjoy. Regardless of whether or not you celebrate any holidays in December, it is a great time to reconnect with people you love.