EPIC Canadian 10K 2013


This past Saturday I participated in the first ever Epic Canadian 5/10K in Dartmouth.  Since my class schedule has now cut back for the summer I’m officially starting my half marathon training, but since I’ve already got a running base I’m jumping right in where the rest of my TNT team is instead of starting at week one.  That means that this past weekend I was scheduled to run 10K anyway, so why not earn a medal at the same time?

I’ll be upfront with you.  This was the first time I ever wondered, “What the hell am I doing here?” during a race, it wasn’t a bad race, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

I imagine that was partly because I was up before 5am to get there, get my race kit and to be ready in time for the 8am race start.  I left home around 5:30am and once I have picked up my kit, taken the extra stuff back to my car and walked back to the start line I only had 15 minutes to spare so I’m glad I left when I did, but I’m so not a morning person.  Anyone who has taken classes from me at 9am or earlier morning and a class at night can tell you I am a much better instructor in the evenings.  Mornings are not my time.  I know many of you find mornings are the best time for you to exercise, that is so not me.

And then there was the rain and the wind.  My umbrella couldn’t handle it

IMG 3770

Almost every time a teeny gust of wind blew my umbrella would fold over onto itself.  Seriously.  I expect better quality from Dollarama.

Video by suziconfesses * Instagram by @suziconfesses

It was really unfortunate that it was raining, I bet this would have been beautiful if the sun had been out

IMG 3772

IMG 3773

The run was run around the perimeter of Lake Banook in Dartmouth, though a large portion of it was in the residential area so you really only saw the lake for 40% of the race.

IMG 3774

When I left home Saturday morning it wasn’t raining at all.  It was humid but I remember thinking to myself, “this is great running weather.”  And then I got to Lower Sackville.  And it started pouring.  Like crazy.  Fabulous.  I didn’t bring a jacket.  Luckily I found the above mentioned umbrella in the back seat so I could try to protect myself a bit before the run.

I met up with Laura at the start line, and then when it was time to line up I gave my delinquent umbrella to someone who was going to be watching the race.  I told her it was broken so she didn’t need to give it back, but it should help to keep her a bit dry.

IMG 3785

(Laura and I before we gave away the umbrella.  Please note that you can see the water drops on my shirt in this photo indicating that it is mostly still dry)

Meer moments after we were no longer in possession of the umbrella the real rain started.  The “I feel like I’m standing under a door that has no eavestrough, but really it’s just raining that hard” type of rain.  And every time the organizers spoke over the speakers, “Only 5 more minutes until start time!” ,”Only 3 more minutes!” , “90 seconds to go!” it would rain harder, and harder, and harder.

Laura: This will be an experience, just think about what a great blog post it’ll make

Me: I have a feeling that will be the motto of the day

Laura: There is a puddle in my shoe.  I can feel it when I take a step

And we hadn’t even started yet.

Finally 8am arrive and we were off.  I wasn’t timing myself, but I started my Runtastic app on my phone so that my friends on Facebook could watch my progress.  Because I don’t have an armband for my phone (I thought I did, but when I dug it out on Friday night it turned out to be for my nano.  #fail) I used the trick I saw on Facebook of using a sock to make a holder.  This just in – it didn’t work.  It was fine while walking around, but as soon as I started running it fell right down so I ended up carrying it.  At least the fabric from the sock helped protect my phone from the rain (my phone is in an otterbox so I wasn’t super worried about it).

The next issue – my headphones.  They had become wet from the rain (go figure) before the race started, so I spent the entire 10K fixing my headphones every 30 seconds which proved to be extra annoying since my one hand was holding my phone.

The good news is probably 5 minutes into the run the rain went back to being a friendly rain, not the, “I’m going to get you!” rain from just before the race.  It may have even stopped raining, I’m really not sure, I was totally soaked at that point so I had no frame of dry reference. ;)

Next I did what I always get mad at myself for doing later.  I ran the whole 5K without stopping to walk except for one time when I had to fix my sock phone holder :/ and to drink my water at the water stops.  Why do I get mad at myself for not walking?  Because I run a lot faster when I take a walking break once every 10 minutes.  And when I finished my first lap and saw that the clock read 36 minutes and something I was pissed.  I knew the clock was at nearly a minute before I passed the start line, but still a 35 minute 5K is crazy slow for me.  And then I saw all of the people who ran the 5K and were now done standing around smiling and happy with their medals, and here I had to make another whole lap.  I sorta wanted to throat punch those 5K’ers even though they had dones nothing wrong.

Did I mention I needed to pee?  Cuz I did.  I don’t think that made me any happier.  So on I trudged on my second loop.  By now I was tired and cranky (and soaked) so I started taking more walking breaks.  I got to the 6.5km water station and got a drink (I must have managed to get water just before they ran out as Laura wasn’t far behind me and they were out when she got there) and then headed towards the one downhill on the course.  I’ve come to embrace the downhill.  I went for it and passed 8 or 9 people on the downhill climb and continued around until I got to km 8.  At this point two guys were in front of me and I was determined to keep them in my sights.  IF they ran, I ran, if they walked I walked.  At one point they started to get away from me so I cranked it up a notch to catch up to them, and seconds after I got behind them they stopped to walk.  I thought about walking but then I said, “Don’t be a sissy, you’ve got 1km to go.  Just run.”  So I did.

I finished in 1:08:15.  Not a PR by any means, but I finished uninjured and that’s really all that matters.

I waited for Laura (who was very close behind me) and we went to find our medals and snacks/water.

IMG 3776

Canada Day cake and Watermelon!

Then I started walking back to the car (which was about 1km away).  And it started raining harder again so I took this photo

IMG 3777

Notice my shirt is all one colour now.  I was positively drenched.  Seconds after that I made the huge mistake of saying to myself, “I couldn’t possibly get any wetter.” And then God proved me wrong.  The heaviest rain I’d seen all day started pouring out of the sky.  The beak of my hat looked like a waterfall.  Cars were hydroplaning all around me and I had more than one Bridget Jones moment (in fact I had one before the race too)

(go to about 0:40)

After what seemed like and eternity I made it back to the car.  I took my green shirt off and put my race shirt on before getting into the car, and sat on my sweater.

And then I swear it started raining even harder

IMG 3780

It was then I decided to change in the car.  In the parking lot of the Superstore.  It was not an easy task, but I managed to do it in a mostly discrete way ;)  It did, however, take about 5 minutes to wiggle my wet legs into a pair of jeans.  Jeans that once I got them on I discovered the zipper was broken in.  Grand.

But I still had to pee and I needed some caffeine before driving back to the valley so I went to Mic Mac Mall and hoped my (second, dry) sweater would cover the broken zipper.

It was worth it for this

IMG 3782

As I left Dartmouth they had the, “reduce speeds heavy rain” signs up.  When I hit Mount Uniacke it was dry and sunny.  When I got home to the Valley it looked like I had entered an alternate universe.  The ground was slightly damp but not wet with buckets of water like in Dartmouth.

IMG 3784

What can I say?  It was an experience.

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Friday Faves (6/28)

Happy Friday!!!  Wishing all my Canadian friends a great Canada Day weekend <3 I’ve had a bit of a stink-tastic week so I”m excited to call it a wrap and move onto the weekend.  But even in a bad week there are lots of good things if you look for them ;) here are five things I’ve been loving this past week

jun 27 faves

1) Vacation!!!

Okay, so I’m not really on vacation, but I’m sort of on vacation for the next two weeks.  I’m only teaching two evenings next week, and two evenings and one morning the week after that.  And after 12 days without a rest day, I’m really looking forward to the next two weeks!!

2) Frozen Yogurt

This isn’t really a new love, but when I was in Halifax last week I had the chance to visit Yeh! Frozen yogurt not once but twice.  And it was glorious.  And it’s a good thing I live an hour away from that place!

3) Fresh Strawberries

I don’t think there is any fruit I love better than nice warm ripe strawberries picked right off the plant.  I’m really looking forward to eating my weight in strawberries in the coming weeks ;)

4) Aveeno Shampoo/Conditioner

I’ve been having hair issues for a while.  For the past year the only thing that could get it clean was Aveda Scalp Benefits which recently stopped working.  Pantene, no good.  I even made my own homemade shampoo to no avail.  I’ve been going nuts trying to find something that will clean my hair and so far this is doing the trick.  I’ve been using it for nearly a week with no issues, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way!

5) Our basement

That photo is from the thermostat in the basement.  It was almost 33C outside and only 20C in our basement media room.  Perfect napping conditions :D  If we get a really humid summer I’m thinking about moving down there!

That’s it for me – what have you been loving this week??

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