Zumba Convention 2011: The Fitness & Pitbull Concerts {video post}

Happy Saturday everybody!  I hope you all have a fun weekend planned!

As I briefly mentioned Thursday, Friday morning was the Live Fitness Concert.  We had been told in advance that we weren’t allowed to take anything into the concert with us so I don’t have any photos from the actual concert.  Of course loads of people did take their cameras so it would seem I could have also but whatev.

The concert was serious fun.  The stage was circular and there were probably 6 dancers on it at any given time instructing us on what to do, and there were all sorts of styles of dance and music.  We had caught wind that Wyclef was going to be appearing at the concert so were expecting to see him, but what we didn’t expect was for Pitbull to come out and sing a song!  Pitbull is pretty big in the Zumba world, many of his songs are used for Zumba routines, and recently he released a song titled, “Pause” that actually has Beto (the creator of Zumba) and Lindsay Taylor (a Zumba education specialist) featured in the video {you can watch the video here if you haven’t seen it.  So once he showed up on stage it was no surprise that he started to sing “Pause” and we all broke out into the choreography from the video.  The thing is…there was a camera guy recording for Zumba almost directly behind Holly and I and we didn’t realize it (I saw him there but didn’t think anything of it) and it was a day or two later before one of my friends discovered this, but we are in the video released on Youtube for that performance!  Holly is in it almost the entire time, but I pop in and out as I was slightly off screen.  If I can find the video I’ll post it here later.

From there we went to a Zumbatomic (the kids Zumba program) Boost with Gina Grant – who I LOVE.  I was determined I wasn’t leaving until I got a photo taken with her which I got!

DSC01959 Sweaty hair and all :S The amazing thing is unlike when I met Krista, I didn’t act like a total goober!  Maybe it was because I had a good 2 hours in a session with her beforehand to get over my goober-ness.  Either way I was glad not to be a blubbering fool this time.

We also got the chance to get our photo taken with Lindsay (the ZES from the Pause video) and it was Holly’s Idea to do a “Pause” pose.  I love it! 😀



After the Zumbatomic session we started heading to our last session for the day.  On our way we noticed a small group of people who seemed to be freaking out over something.  Being nosey we went over to see what they were so excited about, it turns out Beto (the creator of Zumba) was heading up to his hotel room.  Sadly I was slow on the draw so we didn’t get a decent picture of him, but that is him behind the dude in the hat.


Our last session – Columbian Connection – was crazy awesome.  It was easily my favourite session of the entire convention.  I just didn’t want it to ever stop.  If you’re a ZIN member planning to go to convention next year, if they offer this session again I totally recommend it.


But wait!  The day still wasn’t over!  That night we ( all 6500 convention attendees) had a private concert with Pitbull.  Like I said above, us Zumba instructors LOVE Pitbull (and I’m pretty sure he loves s – we help make him quite a bit of money by promoting so many of his songs!).

DSC01978 The concert was great, there were all sorts of people doing zumba (including us 😉 ) and having a great time.

The concert finished up at around 11:45pm, and our beloved trolly stopped running at 10:30.  Our original plan was to grab a taxi back to our hotel and we went outside to see if we could nab one.  Once outside we met up with a group of people walking back to their hotel which wasn’t that far from ours so we decided to walk to.  Remember how we got lost on the first day?  Yeah, well this time we got lost after midnight wearing concert attire – thus looking quite a bit like prostitutes.  Lovely.  As we wandered aimlessly we decided to record something…

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/RmE-JRcieBo”]

Sorry Arlene! You had to know we were going to pick on you! 😀

Clearly we made it back to the hotel, but before we got back we had 7 or 8 cars honk at us, 1 dude yell, “you need a ride!?” at us, I smashed my toe hard 2x on the uneven sidewalk, Holly had a rat or something run across in front of her which resulted in a number of profanities being screamed as I took off running and leaving her to fend for herself, and two sets of directions given to us from two different hotels to assist us in finding our way.

It was then that we decided that we would be leaving Saturday night’s “Glimmer and Glow” party early enough to catch the trolly since we clearly couldn’t be trusted to walk (or find a taxi).

With the hopes that I’m not boring you to death with these posts, tomorrow I’m going to combine the final two days of the convention into one post, and depending on the length it may also include our trio to Seaworld in that post as well.

I hope you are enjoying reading about our {mis}adventures!

Have a great weekend!

Is anyone heading to see Harry Potter this weekend?

We went last night and I was a mess (as predicted).  It took all my energy to avoid actually sobbing out loud in a theatre full of strangers.  I was successful and managed to just cry uncontrollably without making much noise.  But when I left the theatre everyone waiting in line was starring at me, J looked at me and told me I was a mess.  My face was red, my eyes were bloodshot and puffy.  Adorable.

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Zumba Convention 2011 {Saturday & Sunday}

Wow, it’s really hard for me to believe it’s already been a week since the Zumba Convention ended!  I guess it’s only fitting that 1 week later I am writing my last blog post about it.  I’ve decided to cover both Saturday and Sunday and then tomorrow share our trip to Seaworld with you in a separate post because, honestly – isn’t Seaworld deserving of its own post???

Saturday was a killer.  We knew when we chose our sessions that we were going to be a hurtin’ pair by the end of the day, but out motto for the day {and anything we had to walk a million miles because we were lost, or haul heavy bags of groceries around, or – well anything really} was, “it’s okay we’re fitness instructors!”  Famous last words.

We started the morning off with a Polynesian session which was really fun.  We learned Tahitian, Samoan and Hula dance steps.

We had expected it to be a serious ab workout – which it sorta was but more than that was the leg workout.  We did not realize that for all of the dances we would be in a half squat position, and some of those dance steps were pretty killer!

I really, really liked it though,  and hopefully I remember enough to actually incorporate it in my classes.  I’ve got a couple of the songs we used during the session and while I only remember a few of the steps we did to them I’m sure I can figure out a somewhat similar routine to use.

Then that afternoon we had a double whammy of the Mexicans.  First it was a session called, “Mexican Feista” where were learned a bunch of steps to Mexican dances including the Mexican Cumbia, Duranguense Step (my fav! ), and the Quebradita.  In case you’re wondering they are all kinda killer.  The Mexican Cumbia is the calmest of the three but they are all a little crazy.  I like crazy, crazy is fun, but 2 hours of crazy killed me!

But wait!  We were the crazy girls that also signed up to take the Mexican Master Class right after the Feista was over!  ”It’s ok, we’re fitness instructors…” but still we sort of thought they would have some, well you know, easy songs thrown in there since it was the last session of the day.  Not so much.  We lasted 1hr 20 min into the master class (which was actually only suppose to be 1hr and 15 min) before we bailed.  We were tried and sore and ready to go hop in the pool at our hotel.  I really am not one to leave a class or session before it’s over but man, we had a rough day and needed a little time to relax before heading back out for the party that night.

The party, was a black light party.  We didn’t really even want to go to the party but decided to make an appearance in our nut-job outfits just the same.  Here we are – waiting for the trolly

Yes people, we took public transportation dressed this way.  And yes, we did get a plethra of strange looks.  ANn yes, I did look quite a bit like the Hamburgler.

but a cute sort of Hamburgler ;)

Like I said we weren’t really into the party to begin with, so we only stayed around an hour and then grabbed a trolly back to our hotel, but we were there long enough to at least feel that our outfits were quite tame.

I guess after we left someone got proposed to on stage, Wyclef showed up, and Beto, Gina, Tanya and the gang showed up to.  Oh well, I was happy to get a little extra sleep to be honest.

On Sunday we only had two sessions, a Bollywood/Bhangra session which I really enjoyed (but my brain was too tired to keep up with the hand positions)

I already use Bollywood and Bhangra in my classes so this one was fun to leave some new (and more authentic) moves, and find out about some new tunes as well!  THe guys in the photo above were the Bhangra experts.  They have been a part of different dance teams that have won competitions in Bhangra and they were SOO good (the girls were great too ;) .  The thing with Bhangra, is it is all done on a foundation of bouncing and what the fascinating thing for me was the ease with which they were able to bounce continuously, it looked positively effortless.

It was really fun to just watch them.  Quite magical really.

Our last session of the day and of the convention was a Raggaeton session.  Sadly we didn’t get to stay for all of this session.  It was over an hour late starting because another session was late getting out, and we had already paid our admission for Seaworld and certainly weren’t going to miss seeing Shamu!  We stayed for the Master class which was loads of fun,

Once the master class was over we stayed for the talk and then left when they started going over dance steps.  I would have been fun to stay – but we had a date with Shamu!!

We walked out of the Convention centre, and two minutes later what do you suppose happened?


At least this time we had umbrellas.  We got on our trolly, and it was really raining quite hard at this point.  The trolly was doing a far amount of hydroplaning and then as it got into the middle lane to turn onto Sea Harbour Drive (where we were staying) – it died.  Right there, we could almost see our hotel from the dead bus.  We were already running late, and running out of time.  SO when the driver got out to put the yield sign things in back of the bus we bailed.  Umbrellas in hand we took off towards our hotel.

And that’s where I’ll leave today’s post.

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Zumba Convention 2011 – Day 2 {Thursday}

Ugh, I had this post almost complete then hit some mystery button by mistake and it all disappeared.  When will I ever learn to save these things every few minutes?

Want to catch up on what happened on day one of my trip?  You can read all about it here.

Okay, here we go again!  Yesterday I left off at the end of our marathon shopping trip.  That night we slept like the dead and woke up ready to get going!

We started the day with an exciting trip to Publix to get groceries for the next few days.  We had a fridge in our room and I had brought a soft sided cooler so we could make and bring our lunch and snacks each day instead of depending on whatever food was available on site.  We each spent $60 and had enough food for breakfast, lunch and snacks for 4 days plus a few extras (I bought some minnie mouse ears for my niece).

After getting our groceries taken care of we headed up towards the convention centre to see if we could get into the zumba wear shop.  After yesterday’s scene we expected to have to wait in line but lo and behold – no line!  We walked on in with no wait at all giggling like little school girls!  Truly it was a crazy clothes wonderland!

And if there’s anything us Zumba instructors love – it’s crazy clothes!  We were in there for well over an hour, we lost each other countless times, had exciting experiences in the “community” change room and during one of those trips to the community change room I heard that the zumbawear outlet shop was open – with a 2 hour wait to get in.  While we didn’t want to wait around in a line-up for hours, we did want to make a trip to the outlet so we thought we’d at least check out how long the line was and figure out what to do from there.

Happy girls with their purchases!

We get to the area the outlet was being held and there was nobody around.  We knew that the outlet was going to have weird hours so I automatically assumed it was closed.  And then we saw someone just walk right in.  Could it be?  All the stories we heard from last year was nothing but waiting in lines to get in – was it possible we were just going to stroll on in like we owned the place?  Yes, yes it was.  We were beyond giddy!  While there were still quite a few people in there it wasn’t too hard to get around and see what was what.

Sadly, while there was lots there when we went in (we must have got there within a few hours of it opening) a lot of it was instructor branded stuff, or things that were too small for most normal size people (there was lots of x small stuff though!).  It took me probably an hour to find 8 tank tops to bring home to sell to my participants, I had hoped to get way more but it just wasn’t to be I guess.  We really took our sweet time in there making sure we saw everything and got everything we wanted.  The line up to check out was pretty long but moved quickly and after checking out we walked out of the store – and nearly died.  In the amount of time we were in there a few hundred people had gathered in a line waiting to get in the store – the same store we just strolled right on in.  We really couldn’t believe it.

I can’t even begin to tell you how pleased we were with ourselves at this point.  We were literally skipping out the doors saying, “Jesus really loves us!  We didn’t have to wait in any lines or anything!”  We got outside still thinking we were really something else, and headed towards the trolly stop to wait for the trolly to take us back to our hotel.

note the umbrella…

But before we even made it to the trolly stop this happened

And in case you’re wondering, the trolly stop wasn’t enclosed.  It had a metal umbrella thing over it that had holes in it and it was raining so hard it was truly raining sideways.  We were drenched in 2 minutes flat.  And then had to wait another 10 for the trolly to come.

I can only assume that is a piece of my hair plastered across my forehead.

We were freezing cold but luckily we had new zumba hoodies we could put on. :D  The sad part is we had planned to go to Seaworld after dropping our stuff off at the hotel.  Clearly, this was our penance for not having to wait in any lines…

Once we got dry and warm at the hotel and  checked out all our purchases….

This is our combined haul – NOT just mine!

…we decided to go check out the other outlet mall.  We were, after all, in Florida, just because it’s raining we aren’t going to sit in our hotel room!  But first, we stopped at the gift shop and made two important purchases – umbrellas.  Which we never left the room without for the rest of our trip.

The real truth of the matter is I wanted to go to the outlet mall because I found out there was a lululemon outlet there (Thanks for the tip Ally!!), and really I hadn’t already spent enough on Zumbawear so I surely I should go to lululemon right?  Exactly.  I think Jen would be disappointed in me if I hadn’t gone!

I was good and only bought a bra and skirt but I sure wanted to buy another bag, but I didn’t.  Sigh….

Sidenote: I realize that in Canada we pronounce “Z” as zed and not zee like the Americans but my goodness, I couldn’t believe how many people didn’t know what I was saying when I said “zed”.  There were at least three instances where people asked for my name to put my name on the change room (at lululemon), or get my email address or something and when I spelled my name saying “zed” they would ask me to repeat myself, and I’d say it again, and they’d ask again, and after the second time I caught on and would say “zee” instead of “zed” and honest to God, one person said to me, “I didn’t realize you had different letters in Canada!” Oh my goodness.  I’ll leave it at that.

Second Sidenote: I went to A&W at this mall for my supper.  I was going to get a Mama Burger Combo.  Apparently they don’t have the burger family in the states.  Everything was named like, “double cheeseburger” and stuff.  I couldn’t even determine what to order from the photos of the burgers.  Whatever I ended up with sure didn’t taste like a Canada A&W burger.  There was a serious lack of the sauce that makes an A&W burger and A&W burger – plus their fountain pop sucks.  Likely because it’s made using their icky water.

After this shopping extravaganza (seems that’s all we really did the first two days!) we hoped on our beloved trolly (we didn’t want another aimlessly walking in the wrong direction event) and ended the day with a lovely soak in the hotel hot tub.

Coming tomorrow:

Friday was pretty slow day.  We saw Pitbull and Wyclef in the Zumba Fitness Concert (and I ended up being in two youtube videos released by Zumba Head Office from the fitness concert!),  met Gina Grant and Lindsay Taylor, were only a few feet away from Beto, took an awesome Columbian workshop – and oh yeah, went to an exclusive Pitbull concert.  I’m not sure what I’ll even find to write about! ;)

Question for my American pals: If someone who you knew was named Suzi spelled their name and pronounced the Z as “zed” would you know what they were talking about?  Please tell me you would…

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New Zumbawear Launched at Convention 2011

Any Zumba instructor can tell you – we live for the new Zumba wear releases.  It’s a sickness really.  One of the perks of going to convention is you get to see the newest release before everyone else does!  I wish I had, had enough sense to actually stop and take photos of all the new stuff but let’s be honest, I was a crazy Zumba instructor in a store full of crazy Zumba clothes – that just didn’t happen!  But, I’ve taken photos of all the new stuff I bought myself, and I have photos of people wearing a lot of the other new stuff I didn’t buy so I can at least give you a sneak peek at what’s to come in the next few weeks!  That’s better than nothing right?  Here you go!

This also comes in a lime green colour, and maybe black or grey?  Not sure about that last one.


his one also comes in a lime green

these also come in a purple/green combo.  I find these more comfy than the logo stamp carpis from last year – and they run true to size.

this crop top/shrug also comes in grey and is part of the new “performance” line of wicking clothes (finally!)

I love this hoodie!  It runs true to size, I actually ended up with an XS because they didn’t have any small or medium left and this fit me better than the large.  It also came in another colour, black I think?  I don’t remember for sure though.

This is the reverse side of the above hoodie.


You can see the matching capri’s that go with that hoodie on Lindsay, she’s also wearing a new released top (it comes in white and grey too I believe)

On the maniqan you can see the new purple Zumba tights with attached ribbons that you can wrap down the leg as shown here, our up your torso – or however you want!  You can also see part of the matching bra, one of the new headliner tops and the new bandanas.

Here’s a better shot of the bandana (they come in a 3-pack of pink, blue and green)

Here I’m wearing the black version of those tights – the glowing part on my leg actually says “Zumba” but it went crazy with the camera flash.  I’m also wearing one of the new bubble tops.  They came in black, lime green with instructor on the back, blue for aqua, gold for gold, and I think there were purple and pink versions for toning and Zumbatomic.  When we got to the store on the second day all the was left was XS/S (which was too tight for me even though my grey one from last year is S/M) and XL/XXL which is what I got.  SInce I’m so tall the bigger size works fine for me.

This isn’t a great pic but on the left you can sort of see the new wonderland pants and capris.  They come in pink, blue and grey.  Here’s a better photo of someone wearing them

{Updated} Sandra (another Zumba instructor) sent me some better photos of the new Wonderland pants to share.

and the back with some of the new scarf snap on tassels

There are also some new wonder cargos and cargo capris

These also came in a Blue with purple accents and black and aqua which you can see if you look to the very left of this photo (black) and on the middle right (blue) the girl in the blue capris is also wearing a new pink tank.

I tried on some of the capris but they just didn’t look go on me.

It’s sort of blurry but here are the new purple pants:

which also came in lime green and a grey colour.

They were also selling different tassels you could buy for the pants.  Some with bells, some with studs, ones for the different specialties and even some that were like little scarves

{update: see photo above for the scarf like tassels}.

Sandra also sent along a photo of the carpet slip-ons we all got with our registration package.  They will be for sale in the zumba shop too.  I found they worked pretty well, and would certainly be good if you are teaching in a carpeted location!

I almost forgot! There is also a new release of the sexy back shirt.  My camera battery died so I can’t show you a really good photo of it but here I am wearing it

and no, Holly’s crazy blue tights aren’t Zumba tights – those are from Nike!

Here’s a shot that sort of shows the back:

You can sort of see that is says “Zumba” on the back.  I really like this one!

There is still a lot of stuff I don’t have photos of, the new performance line which included leggings, bras, tops, hats, shirts of the dudes lots of things (because it is performance wear it was more expensive) plus all of the new men’s stuff, new Z1′s, underwear for both dudes and chicks, a new bag, water bottle, and I’m sure I’m still forgetting lots of things. FYI – Holly bought the new performance bras in a medium (which is what we both take in the v bra) and I tried one of them on and things were spilling out everywhere…so I would suggest sizing up in that bra if you do decide to buy it when it comes out!  And if your chesty at all, you may want to avoid it completely, it’s VERY low-cut.

There were some new bracelets there, here is a shot of a few of them

They had those wide ones for all the specialties, and there were also bracelets with bells on them so hopefully those are making a comeback!

So I hope that helps give you an idea of the new stuff that is coming out!

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Home from the Zumba Convention

Hi everyone!  Long time no type ;)  I had hoped to have time to write a few posts while I was in Florida, but we were on the go non-stop trying to make use of ever Florida minute so I didn’t have a chance.  Major thanks though to my two good friends Jen and Ang for guest posting while I was away (you can read their posts here and here).  I hope you all enjoyed their posts!

I had such an amazing time in Florida and at the Zumba Convention but since getting home yesterday I’ve been doing a whole lot of sleeping.  around 16 hours of exercise squeezed into 3 days, on 5 or less hours of sleep/night and two nearly sleepless nights due to travelling tires a girl out!

Of course I’ll be blogging all about my trip starting tomorrow, until then, here a few photos of our fun and adventures!

DSC01862 after a long day of travelling and walking we’re registered!


no words can describe this loveliness.

Day 2: let’s do this!


and of course by this I mean shop! 😀


Day 3 was the start of our sessions

DSC01949 the awesome Gina Grant


and my fav session of the whole Convention – Columbian Connection.  SOOOO good!

Oh yes, and then there was a little something called the Pitbull concert!



And then two more days of inspiring sessions presented by extremely talented dancers.

DSC02063 and we capped it all off with an awesome trip to sea world (photos of sea world to come in my Seaworld post – they are on my iMac and everything else was on my netbook which I’m using right now.

It was a wonderful trip and I can’t wait to start telling you all about it!  Tune in tomorrow (Wednesday) for the re-cap of day one and two of the trip!

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