Get Fit for 2013 Challenge: The Before

Hi everyone!  I hope you’re all having a great weekend so far :)

After announcing the Get Fit For 2013 Challenge back on Wednesday, I fell victim to a chest/head cold and spent most of Thursday and Friday whining about it.  Thankfully today I’m starting to feel better so it’s time to get back to business.


For anyone who is joining me in the challenge, by now you’ve had time to set your goals, and have hopefully gone ahead and started laying the ground work to figure out what you are going to do to achieve them.  We are going to get down to business on Monday with a workout plan for the week (which you can chose to follow, or you can do your own thing), but over the weekend I want you to take a few minutes to find out where you are starting.

What do I mean?  Well, if your goal is to lose 15 lbs by January 1st you need to know what your starting weight is.  If you want to be able to run for 30 minutes straight without stopping, you need to know how long you can run without stopping right now.  If you want to be able to do 30 push-ups from your toes, you need to know how many you can do now.  You get the idea.

If your goal is weight loss, or even if you are not looking to lose weight but are hoping to lose some fat and gain some muscle you will also want to take your measurements, and take your “Before” photos.  The scale can be frustrating.  If you don’t get weighed often and are working your tail off for a month or two, get on the scale and see that you’ve stayed the same – or worse GAINED weight you feel defeated.  But what if during that time you lost fat and put on muscle?  The scale isn’t going to tell you that.  Photos and measurements will.

If you have a scale or another device that will tell you your body fat percentage you can also track that to help show your progress.  Remember, that these devices aren’t 100% accurate, so if you are going to track your body fat percentage you need to use the same method every time.  You can’t use a scale one time, then calipers the next as they will yield different results.

To help you figure out how to take your measurements here is a great video by the lovely Danny-J from The Sweat Betties:

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/WD-FR5tJvXA”]

If your primary goal is weight loss, remember I said in the opening post that I would like you to choose a fitness goal as well, this will help keep you motivated during the 90 days if your weight loss should slow down or even stop.  Once you’ve determined your fitness goal, you’ll need to determine your starting point.

Most people seem to be afraid of taking “before” photos, but it is so important.  You don’t ned to show them to anyone, but you need them so you can actually see the difference and the easiest way to do that is by looking at before and after photos side by side.  You can take as many as you like, But one of your front, one of your back, and a side shot is really all you need.  You don’t need to take them in a bathing suit or underwear if that makes you uncomfortable, but take them wearing clothes that really show your current shape.  Remember you WANT to see the difference and it’s hard to do that if your before picture is taken with you in baggy sweats and a t-shirt!

I’ve whipped up a recording chart for you to use to record your starting numbers.


There is also a column for your final numbers so you can compare them side by side.  If you are not tracking your weight, body fat or measurements, then you don’t need to record those numbers, and if your goals are strictly physical and you are completely happy with your appearance then you don’t need to take before/after photos either.  All you need to do is determine your starting point and record the results.

That is it for today, let me know if you have any questions and if there is anything in particular you would like me to provide as far as workouts go!

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“Get Fit for 2013” 90-Day Challenge: Goal Setting

It’s October which means we are into Autumn and the holiday season(s) are creeping up on us quickly (this weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada!).  I had intended to start a 90 day Fall Fitness Challenge at the beginning of September, but instead I took a quick trip down my deck stairs and was rendered fairly useless for the best part of the month. 

So I had to rethink my plans, and have decided to change the basic idea slightly, but to continue with the 90-day challenge.

Why am I starting today, October 3rd and not back on the 1st?  Because 90 days from today is January 1, 2013.  


How awesome would it be to ring in 2013 knowing you had already met some major health and fitness goals?  That even through the craziness that is the holiday season, you were able to stay focused (while having fun) and are ready to tackle your next challenge come January instead of waiting until January to get started.

I think it would be pretty fabulous.

Throughout the next 90-days I will be helping to encourage you to by posting workouts and challenges and by motivating you to keep going.

Today’s Challenge:

Decide what your goal for the next 90 days is.  

Make it specific.  Do you want to be able to run for 20 minutes without stopping?  Maybe you want to lose 15 pounds.  Whatever your goal is, make sure it is a realistic and measureable goal.  

If your primary goal is weight loss, I would like you to think about adding in a second non-weight related goal.  Something that will continue to drive you to success even if your weight loss is stalling for a week or two.  Maybe your non-weight goal is being able to take the 5 flights of stairs to your office without being out of breath, or to be able to jump rope for 5 minutes straight.  It doesn’t have to be something huge, just something that will help you see the changes happening inside your body, when it’s hard to see them on the outside.

So if you’re game, spend a few minutes this evening choosing your goal(s), make it specific and then announce it.  Tell your husband or boyfriend.  Post it on Facebook or Twitter, tell your friends.  Make sure you tell someone what you are planning to do.  It’s a lot easier to throw in the towel when nobody knows you are trying to achieve something.  

Then once you’ve done that I’d love it if you commented below (or posted to my facebook page or tagged me on twitter) telling me what your goal is!

What are you waiting for?  Go set those goals!

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Perfect Fit Protein Giveaway *ENDED*

Happy October 1st!!  This past weekend I hit a pretty big milestone on Twitter.  I finally passed 1000 followers!  Earlier in September I hit 500 “likes” on Facebook and 300 followers on Instagram (@suziconfesses) so how does a girl celebrate?

By having a give away of course!

So who would like to win some Perfect Fit Protein from the girls at Tone it Up?

IMG 0863

This Organic Brown Rice Protein is vanilla flavoured and provides 15g of protein/serving.

From their website:

Perfect Fit is a complete protein, organic, gluten-free, raw, vegan, non-GMO, non-fat, and free of sugar, dairy, lactose, cholesterol, soy, corn and allergens.


To Enter:

Comment below telling me what your favourite protein source is.  Giveaway is open until Friday, October 5th at midnight.  Winner will be selected on Saturday, October 6th.

Please note, all entrants are required to provide me with a means of contacting them (e-mail or twitter handle) so that I can contact them about collecting the prize should they win.

Giveaway open to residents of Canada and the US.

And the winner is….

Congratulations Jen, I’m sending you an email in a couple minutes!


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Fibromyalgia and Fitness: Changing Seasons

I don’t frequently talk about my Fibromyalgia on my blog, mostly because I don’t want to be thought of as, “that fitness instructor with fibromyalgia,” but that’s kind of silly because that’s exactly who I am.  So, while it won’t be a super regular thing, I am intending to write more frequently under the category “Fibromyalgia and Fitness” to help give you more insight as to what it’s like for me as a full-time fitness professional dealing with this condition.

This past week I’ve been really struggling with my condition due to the weather starting to change from summer into fall.  I think everyone feels this to a certain extent.  You feel tired and want to nap and eat.  I always feel like a bear getting ready to hibernate.


It doesn’t seem to matter how much sleep I get, I wake up feeling completely exhausted.  I don’t mean the type of tired that starts to go away 10 or 15 minutes after you’ve got up, I mean the type of tired that 4 hours later you are still barely able to form a sentence.  I wake up and on my way to my first class I am already calculating home many hours until I can either go back to bed, or whether I will have time for a nap.

The answers this morning were 14 hours – and no.

At home I walk around in a exhausted tired stuper, willing myself to stay awake when I do sit down to relax here and there because I know I don’t have time for a rest.  I know that I can sleep in tomorrow morning so right now I’m living for that.  I’ve got 2 Zumba classes to teach yet today, a basement floor I need to put another coat of paint on, and a long list of other things that need to be done before the weekend.

Last night about 20 minutes before I had to leave for my evening classes I almost fell asleep on the couch.

My body hurts.  My hips ache, my sternum hurts, my lats and traps are killing me but not from exercise, it’s all stupid old fibromyalgia.

I’ve been using my Trigger Point Therapy Ultimate 6 Kit which helps in the long run but at the time hurts so badly it makes me cry.  I’ve been trying to get lots of sleep, but as usal the irony of having Fibromyalgia is I often suffer from insomnia even though I’m so tired I can barely even think straight.  

I think I would be quite happy if I could stay in bed sleeping or resting for about a week.

Thankfully, once my body adjusts to the weather I should be back to {my} normal and I’m really hoping that won’t take much longer as I have a really busy couple weeks ahead of me and it would be nice not to be a walking zombie.

For now, I have 28 minutes to relax before I have to start getting things ready for the second half of my work day.  I think it’s time for some hot chocolate.

Question:  Do the changing seasons affect you?  

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The Preview for ZIN 41 is Here!

Remember back in June when I road tripped it with a bunch of Zumba Instructors to ZIN Day in Toronto?  One of the major perks to going to ZIN Day was being in the live taping of ZIN 41 which is coming out next month!

For those of you who aren’t Zumba Instructors, ZIN stants for “Zumba Instructors Network”.  Each month all of the members of this network get a CD in the mail.  One month (like this month) we will get a “Mega Mix” which a CD of Zumba music but has no choreography to go along with it.  The following month we will get a ZIN CD/DVD, and the DVD has on it two sets of choreography we can choose to use (we can make up our own if we want) for all of the songs on the CD.  One set of choreography is given in a one-on-one setting (one instructor on set showing you the routines), the second is a live class version where one or two instructors teach a live class using those same songs.

Which means I am part of the live class on the DVD being sent to all ZIN Instructors next month.

And that, is pretty cool.

Here is the preview

Did you see me? 😉 No, of course you didn’t!  I’m in the crowd so it would be  impossible for you to pick me out without a little help.

Here is one freeze frame from the preview that has me in it

(click to enlarge the photo)

There are a few others too, but I’m not going to bombard you with freeze frames of the DVD preview – I’l wait until I have the actual DVD to do that 😉

For my fellow ZIN’s, the only song I actually remember from the class is, “Now That We’ve Found Love,”

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNEgUPKxk7A”]

(which had some old school hip hop moves and a lot of samba lunges in the choreo)

but I remember liking the majority of the songs and routines.  As soon as I played the preview and heard the Daddy Yankee “Pose” song I recognized it, and it really got me pumped.  I usually get my Zumba stuff around the 20th of the month.  I’m still waiting for this month’s Mega Mix so I’ve got at least a 30 day wait before I get to finally see the live class on the DVD.

I’m super excited!

Have you ever been an extra or in a group shot in a TV Show or movie?

Obviously this isn’t anything like being in a movie, but it’s still pretty cool!  My biggest concern is that the only time you’ll be able to see me during the live class will be during arm moves.  We were so close together there was not enough room for my massive wing span so I had to do these sad little versions of the arm moves so I wouldn’t take anyone out!

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