Weekend Eats

Most of the time I eat pretty healthy and clean foods, but every now and again I spend a day to two stuffing my face with not-so-healthy foods.  I really think it’s necessary to let yourself go a little crazy once in a while and eat some the unhealthy stuff you’ve been dreaming about to help keep you from going on a total junk food binge.

This weekend was one of those times!  Friday night we headed out to our favourite local restaurant Jungle Jim’s

Where I feasted on this platter of nachos which was the size (and probably the same weight) of my entire torso

Complete nacho domination ensued.

Jungle Jim’s recently went through a small renovation, a few small changes to the layout and they updated the decor a bit too.  We were really liking the addition of the comic book prints on the wall above our booth.

After that mountainous pile of nachos there was no dessert happening so when J was finished his fish’n’chips we paid our bill and headed back home.  While paying our bill one of the waitresses (who often serves us, but didn’t this time) came over to ask me if I got a new sweater because she hadn’t seen that one before – you know you go to a restaurant too often when…. lol

Saturday night wasn’t much better.  After being out all afternoon buying groceries and other essentials we got home late and I wasn’t sure what to make for supper, until deep dish pizzas came to mind.  Behold my beauty of a pizza

Homemade pesto, mozzarella, bacon and sautéed red onion & mushrooms.

Tasty beyond words.

And as if that wasn’t enough I followed it up with a homemade molten chocolate cake topped with vanilla iced cream.

So darn good.

Today has been pretty much a write-off.  I haven’t been feeling well so spent most of the day on the couch watching movies.  Now it’s time to get things ready for the week and head to bed.

I hope you all had a good weekend, eat anything delicious? :)



McCafe Real Fruit Smoothies Giveaway **ENDED**

See end of post for winners!

Hi everyone!  It’s Friday!! :D

I’m super excited today to be able to offer a giveaway to all of my adorable Canadian readers (all my readers are adorable, but unfortunately this one is only open to the Canadians – sorry!).  You might have guessed from the title of this post what the giveaway is for – some Real Fruit Smoothies from McCafe!

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been trying out the new smoothies and being a smoothie-a-holic this has been like being in smoothie heaven :)

mango pineapple smoothie, I adore thee.

One thing I didn’t know is that Nova Scotia was part of a test market for the smoothies over this past year before they launches nationally in March.  I know I’ve had them numerous times in the past year but had no idea we were part of a test market.  Here’s a classy photo of me and my wild berry smoothie last June after a crazy hot mid afternoon (outdoor!) Zumba session at Kentville’s Relay for Life event.

If I remember correctly back then you could either get the wild berry smoothie (which I adored) or the strawberry banana smoothie (sidenote: every time I write the word banana, I always catch myself typing bandana instead.  What’s with that?).  Unlike the rest of the free world, I’m not a fan of the banana (I swear, I just nearly did it again!) so I have never tried that flavour but I expect if you are a fan of the naner then it would be right up your alley. :)

The new snack sized smoothie and the blueberry-pomegranate flavoured smoothie both came into being after result of the testing in Nova Scotia and comments from the consumers.  I think it’s pretty cool that Nova Scotia was part of the test market, even if we (or at least I) didn’t know it at the time!

A little more about the smoothies:

Okay, that last part might have been less fact and more opinion based – so sue me!

Right now over on McDonald’s Canada’s Facebook page you can play Fruit Ninja Frenzy which is a version of the popular (and addictive) Fruit Ninja game.  I’m not very good at the game on my computer, though personally I think I rule the Fruit Ninja app on my iPod.  If you’ve never played Fruit Ninja you should really pop over there and give a try!

And once you work up a sweat virtually slicing fruit, what better way to cool off than with a smoothie?  Well you’re in luck!  The lovely folks at McCafe have sent me some coupons for free fruit smoothies to share with you!

The Giveaway

Two winners will each receive 4 coupons for free small McCafe Real Fruit Smoothie!

To Enter (mandatory entry):

Comment below letting me know what is your favourite smoothie flavour or combination.

Bonus Entires (you must first complete the mandatory entry above.  Please leave a separate comment for EACH bonus entry you have completed):

Giveaway open to residents of Canada only and will end at 11:59pm (EST) on Friday, May 4th, 2012.  Winners will be chosen via random.org and contacted.  If a winner has not responded within 48 hours of initial contact, a new winner will be chosen.

Disclosure:  I was sent free product coupons for McCafe Real Fruit Smoothies in order to try the new smoothies.  All reviews and opinions reflected in the post are my own.


Congratulations Pam & Cathy, I’ll be contacting you shortly.  You’ll have 24 hours to respond before a new winner will be chosen :)

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Weekend Inspiration

I’m suffering from a weekend hangover over here.  Not *that* kind of hangover, but the kind of hangover that makes it hard to get yourself back into work mode on a Monday.

Lucky for me aside from office work at home I don’t have to get into real work mode for another couple of hours yet :)

This past weekend wasn’t super action packed but enough so to keep me busy.  Friday night I taught a Zumba Master class to help raise money for a Relay for Life team which was sweaty and fun.

Emphasis on the sweaty part – – –

Keep in mind that the sweat you see is what made it through both my sports bra and tank top.  Needless to say it was a good one ;)

Saturday night we hit up Glow Bowling with a bunch of J’s co-workers.  I was on team, “critic everyone who is actually bowling while we sit here and do nothing,” it was a good time :)

Bowling was over early so we came home and J watch some hockey and I worked on an inspiration board for the spring/summer.  Making inspiration boards has become super easy with Pinterest (p.s. if you’re not following me what’s stopping you??? p.p.s. if you’re still not on Pinterest crawl out of your cave and get on it already!  I’ll send you an invite if you need one).  But because I like to see my inspiration right smack dab in front of me I took it one step further.  I downloaded a bunch of the images on my fitness/health board and created this collage so I could use it as my desktop wallpaper

It’s not that I want to lose a bunch of weight or anything, but over the past couple years since I’ve become a Zumba machine, I’ve lost a lot of my muscle mass and strength and need to get that back.  Convincing myself to do another workout on top of my crazy class schedule (see my schedule on the right hand side bar) is hard to do, but I’m going to try to do it!

While it’s impossible for me to follow the plan 100%, I’m planning to at least do all of the strength workouts assigned in the Tone it Up Spring into Bikini Season challenge, plus I’m working on my PiYo Strength license (check out this post on Gina’s blog if you don’t know what PiYo is all about) so my goal is to do that workout 2x/week as well.

In other exciting news I made reservations for J and I to go on vacation this summer!  A number of our friends know where we are going but for now I’m keeping the details under wraps until everything is booked, paid and ready to go.  All I can say is we are pretty excited! :)

Well I’m off to enjoy my last hour and a half before I’m forced into work mode ;)

Something to think about

I saw someone post this late last night on facebook and being an animal lover it made me tear up a little bit

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Not What I Had In Mind

Remember last week when I said I was “sprucing up” the blog?

Well this certainly isn’t what I had in mind…

Sometime Wednesday afternoon some jackass a hacker hacked into my blog and filled it with over 1000 malware links.  Essentially they didn’t change my content but added links that would re-dirct you to a malicious site if you went to any of the pages or posts on my blog.  I found out from Google who emailed me to inform me they had blocked my site and blacklisted it until the problem was corrected.  I couldn’t even log into the wordpress admin as it too was blocked.  Good times.

Thankfully I could get into my web space through my web provider, and got site lock to search my website to see just how bad it was, and it was pretty bad.  Anyway, after about 10 phone calls, a pile of emails, 8 hours and a big chunk of changes later the engineers at site lock had removed all the malware, and by yesterday morning Google had removed it from its blacklist and I was back online.

All in all, the cleaning and repairing of the site went pretty quickly, but created a big bill I wasn’t really looking to have right now.

So, lesson learned.  I’ve spent the morning changing passwords, installing new security plug-ins and making a number of changes to the site.  If you come across anything that no longer works please let me know (when you add all these security measures it can sometimes mess with your settings/plug-ins.

In order to help prevent this happening to any of you, if you are running a WordPress blog please consider adding the following plug-ins to help secure your site from hackers:

  1. WordPress File Monitor – Monitor files under your WordPress installation for changes. When a change occurs, you will be notified via email.
  2. WP-MalWatch – Performs a nightly scan of WordPress looking for evidence of malware.
  3. TAC (Theme Authenticity Checker) – Scan theme files for potentially malicious or unwanted code.
  4. Audit Trail – Keeps track of what is going on in your site by monitoring and logging administration functions.
  5. Better WP Security – If you only install one of these plug-ins make it this one.  It really helps go over the insecurities on your site to help you make it more difficult to hack

Obviously it is also important to always make sure you are running the latest version of WordPress, and that your plug-ins are up to date to make sure you have the newest security fixes.  I was running a previous version of WordPress (though I try to keep things updated so maybe it was released fairly recently?) and while that may not have been my downfall, it could have been – no point in taking chances!

There are a number of other things you can do, but even if you just enforce the items listed above I think you’ll greatly reduce your chances of being broken into like I was.  Honestly, it feels like someone broke into your house and didn’t steal anything but ransacked the whole place.  It’s a bit un-nerving.

If you’re a blogger please take a few minutes this weekend to try to increase the security on your site.  It’s one of those things that you plan to get around to doing but never actually do it.

Do it.


Stop reading and take 20 minutes to go secure your site.

Right now.

You’re welcome.


Glymm Box April 2012

My Glymm box for April arrived on Monday :)

Before I tell you what I thought of this month’s box let’s take a look at what I got

I know the card can be hard to read so I’ll quickly break it down.  This month I received 3 luxury samples and one full-sized product.  In the upper right-hand corner is the full-size product which is a Mai Couture Social Gloss in the colour “Sake Sunrise.”  It looked like a sample size to me (5ml) but they say it’s full-sized and retails for $28.  I’ll reserve final judgement until I’ve tried it but it really doesn’t look like a good colour for me so I might end up giving this one away…

On the lower left-hand side is Atelier Cologne in Orange Sanguine Fragrance.  I’m not sure what size this mini vial is, but the 30mL bottle sells for $60.  I don’t have much opportunity for wearing fragrance, and don’t like anytime too perfume-y but this I like.  It’s a very fresh citrus scent.  I haven’t tried it but so far I love sniffing it ;)

In the middle is a Free Your Mane Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner.  I’ll give these samples a whirl to see if I like them, the full-sized bottles sell for $16 so it’s a reasonably priced product but I’m pretty happy with my current shampoo/conditioner so I doubt I’ll be making a switch.

And the last item (on the lower right-hand side) is Lucia Soap No. 6.  According to the literature these are packed with pure botanical extracts and enriched with 100% certified organic Shea Butter.  I’m not a big fan of bar soap, but I’ll open it up and try it out in the bathroom.  These sell in a package of 8 soaps for $17.50.

In the box I also received a coupon code (they are calling it a gift certificate) for $100 at NuMe.  I took a look at their website and it looks like I could get a snazzy new hair straightened for a pretty decent price with this discount, or a curling wand.  I’m certainly going to hold onto this for a bit (the discount is good until Aug 31/12) and decide if I want to order something.

Overall I’m not super excited about this box.  I like the perfume (though I don’t know when/where I’ll wear it), and I’ll use the shampoo, conditioner and soap but it’s not that exciting.  As for the full-sized lip gloss, I’m not sure if it’s a good colour for me.

We’ll see what is in this month’s Glossy Box, but unless Glymm has an awesome May box I think I’ll be cancelling my subscription.  So far I’ve loved all of my Glossy Boxes, in June I’ll be getting Top Box and three samples boxes/month is just way too much.

Reviews from past months:

Does anyone have and NuMe tools or have you used them in the past?  Are they good?

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