TV Commercial Break Workout

The challenge for tomorrow (Thursday) is one I want you to use the next time you fine yourself watching TV in the evening and then you realize you haven’t fit in a workout that day.  If you want to be a super keener, and find yourself in that position tonight then I’ll give you three extra star stickers if you do it tonight. ;)

You don’t need any equipment (though a sturdy chair can be used for one exercise), heck you don’t even need to put your sneakers on!  

Here’s the deal:

You hang out watching your show, then when the first commercial break comes on you hop up and do exercise #1 for the entire length of the first commercial.  Then you move on to exercise 2 for the second commercial, and so on.  If you get to the end of the exercises before you get to the end of the show (which you should) then you start from the beginning again.  Since most 30 minute shows are 22 minutes long, and most commercials are 30 seconds long I calculate there are on average 16 commercials/30 minute broadcast so you should make it through the list 2x (or there about).


If you would like a printable copy of the workout you can find one here

Here is link to each listed exercise in case you aren’t sure what they are:

Push-Ups (from knees or toes)

Alternating Lunges

V Sit (in the video, they show advanced versions of the exercise, just start with the easiest and if you want to challenge yourself further you can move into the more advanced options)

Tricep Dip (from the floor or from a chair)


Plank (from knees or toes)

Plie Squats (you can omit the arm movement ;) )

Plie Squats with Alternating Calf Raises

Of course if you are unable to complete an exercise due to an injury or or physical limitation, please swap that exercise out for something else.

Let me know if you give it a try! 

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2013 4 Week Health Challenge – Day 10

The challenge for tomorrow (Wednesday) is a fun one!

Rewarding yourself!

For those of you participating in the DietBet, assuming you lose 4% of your body weight you will be winning a bit of cash.  Hopefully more than your initial $25 bet, but at worst you will get $25.  Certainly you can chose to reinvest that money in another dietbet, or you can cash out and buy yourself something.

Even if you aren’t participating in the diet bet, perhaps you might want to start putting a couple dollars away each week towards a reward when you reach your goal.

The key – your reward can’t be food.

Maybe it’s a new pair of workout sneakers or an outfit, a new dress, a handbag,

IMG 0039


IMG 1651

or a fancy pair of jeans.  Maybe it’s a pedicure or manicure, whatever will help drive you to reach your goal!

Perhaps spending money isn’t in the cards – that’s okay too!  You can plan to take a couple vacation days from work when you meet your goal, or plan a fun “staycation” that doesn’t cost much money (personally, we like cashing in our airmiles for movie tickets so we rarely ever pay for our admission when we go see something).

Use your imagination and come up with a reward to give yourself once you meet your goal.  Those early morning workouts seem a lot less terrible when you have a reward you can be day dreaming out!

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