Sizzilin’ Summer Virtual 5K Prizes Revealed!

The first of my three virtual 5K’s starts a week from tomorrow (there is still time to sign up!!) and to help give you all a little bit more incentive to get registered and ready to go I’ve decided to reveal what the prizes will be!

Sizzilin' Summer

Because this is a virtual race, I can’t confirm who actually finishes with the fastest time, so instead of a traditional 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize giveaway I will draw from all of the confirmed finishers randomly.  The first person’s name to be drawn will win 1st, second will get 2nd place, and 3rd will get – you’ve guessed it – 3rd place.

Before we get into the prizes, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has registered, and remind you that I won’ know exactly what your finishers medal looks like until registration closes (the more people who register, the fancier we can make the medal!).  Once I have the medals ordered I should get them in about 1 week and can then ship them out.

On to the prizes….

I’m so excited that some companies I love have agreed to provide prizes for this month’s race!  All three products are things I personally own (and use!) so I’m excited to share them with you!

First Place Prize: NAYAD Custom Made Aqua Sportswear Sports Bra

NAYAD_Logo copy

NAYAD, Aqua Sportswear Made for Movement

Visit them online at

And because the lovely ladies over at Nayad are will, lovely, they are offering all of my readers a 10% off coupon for their site!  SImply enter coupon code: racewithsuzi to take advantage of this great offer.

Did I mention how much I love my NAYAD bra?  Because I do!

Second Place Prize: NeoCell Collagen Sport Protein Powder


I am a big fan of NeoCell (it’s one of the only protein powders I will use!) and the added Collagen has made a big difference for me and my Fibromyalgia.  I’ve had a lot of people ask me about this product so I was really excited when they offered to provide a container of Collagen Sport to one of the race winners!

Third Place Prize: A Pair of Pro Compression Socks or Sleeves





Pro Compression socks are the bees knees.  I know that if I hadn’t had them on during and after my 10K (that I was totally unprepared for training wise) I would have never had such an easy race, and that my recovery would have been a lot worse (my hamstrings hurt the next day, but my calves which normally bother me didn’t at all).

I eagerly await the start of a new month to see which socks will be deemed the “sock of the month” (which means you get them for 40% off!), and since I am a walking bag a of skittles, whenever I see the bright colours on sale I get a little bit giddy. ;)  I’m so excited that one of you will get a pair for your own.  If I were to win (which I can’t.  Bummer.) I’d totally choose the pink argyle.  They are at the top of my “want” list! But if you win you get to choose any pair of socks or calf sleeves you like!

So with all of those great prizes, how can you NOT sign up!?   I mean seriously, any one of those prizes costs more than the entry fee for the race!  I’ve been trying to figure out how I can enter and win one of these prizes without it looking devious, but alas I cannot.  But you can!  Registration closes on Friday (may 31st) and I’ll be e-mailing out everyone’s race bibs over the weekend so you can get your 5K on!

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Zumba Mega Mix 35


It took it’s fine time showing up but this month’s Mega Mix is finally here!

Estoy Enamorao {Merengue} – Bip

Mambo Lives {Mambo} – Dante Vargas & The Cat Band

Ne te Veo (Remix) {Reggaeton} – Jowell and Randy

Tu no te Sabe Mover {Dembow} – Eduar2 El Romologo

99 Luftballons {New Wave} – Nena

Como Le Gusta a tu Cuerpo {Vallenato} – Carlos Vives f. Michel Telo

Me, Myself and Music {Club/Dance} – Dahrio Wonder

Banjaara {Hindi Pop} – Sukhwinder Singh

Si tu Quieres {Techno Merengue} – Fortuna & Fuego

Promise {Bachata} – Romeo Santos f. Usher

I haven’t listened through the whole CD yet but I think there are a couple tunes I’m liking in here, what about you?

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