ZIN 40 Songs

Since my post on ZIN 41 has been so popular that I’m going to go back in time a little bit and post the songs from ZIN 40 and another post with the songs from Mega Mix 31.  I’m not going to go back any further than that, but looking forward I will post the songs on each CD as I receive them.

Without further ado:

1. Me Va Quema El Celular (Merengue) – Villanosam ft Armarfis

2. Vamos Pa’ La Pista (Salsa) – Zumba Fitness

3. La Suavecita (Techno Cumbia)

4. Fuera De Control (Reggaeton) by KLC Clave Cubana

5. Maria (Rumba Flamenca) – Zumba Fitness

6. Getting Nasty (Techno Dance) by KBC feat. Lady Lauryn

7. Coisa Brasileira (Axé/ Capoeira) – Zumba Fitness

8. Ponte Los Tenis (Electro Merengue) – Zumba Fitness

9. Come On Eileen (Ska Punk) by Save Paris

Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup

There is just something about soup on a cold day that makes you feel warm and cozy.  And since the weather has begun to get colder I find myself making soup more and more frequently.  Saturday night I decided to make Chicken Tortilla Soup for supper.  This isn’t a hard-core traditional tortilla soup, but if you’re looking for a quick and easy soup to toss together this may just fit the bill.

Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup
Serves: 4 lare bowls
  • 1 chicken breast
  • 1 box (900ml) reduced sodium chicken broth
  • 6 large mushrooms
  • 3 cloves of garlic, chopped
  • 1Tbsp olive oil
  • 1 cup of tomato sauce
  • approx ⅓ cup taco or hot sauce (ad more or less to taste)
  • tex mex seasoning (to taste)
  • 1 bag of tortilla chips
  • shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream (optional)
  1. Season chicken breast with tex mex seasoning and bake covered at 350 for 30-40 minutes or until cooked through.
  2. Allow to cool then shred and set aside
  3. Chop mushrooms and garlic then cook in large pot with the olive oil until cooked through. Add chicken, chicken broth, tomato sauce and taco or hot sauce.
  4. Heat through over medium low heat.
  5. Test broth and season to your desired level of spiciness.
  6. Fill soup bowls ⅓ or more with tortilla chips (I like to crumble them slightly before adding to the bowl)
  7. Pour soup over tortilla chips, and add cheese, sour cream and any other garnishes you desire.
I use reduced sodium broth and do not add any salt to the soup as the salt from the tortilla chips will further enhance the flavours in the soup.

For some weird (but wonderful) reason, though this soup has spices in it, J can actually eat it without it bothering his UC.  Probably because we use only mushrooms in the soup, and both the tomato sauce and taco sauce we use are very plain.  As always, every person with UC is different, but it’s nice to know he can eat this now and again to change things up a bit.

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Canada’s Healthiest Town

Reader’s Digest is currently running a contest searching for Canada’s Most Interesting Town.  


One of 7 the categories towns can be nominated in for the contest is “healthiest” (others include best cuisine, most community spirit, greenest, most entrepreneurial, etc).  

Personally, I’m a little excited to see Yarmouth, NS listed as one of the popular entries!

Readers are asked to nominate Towns and the person who submits the winning entry will win $5000 along with $5000 to be put towards their local community. There is also $7000 available in runner-up prizes!  Visit www.rd.ca/canada for full contest details and learn how you can send your submission or to vote for a town you feel is deserving.

Thank you Shareaholic!

Yesterday Shareaholic launched it’s new fitness channel and hand picked little old me to be one of their 25 Top Fitness Blogs.  I couldn’t be more thrilled! If you have time please hop over to the channel and check it out.  Thanks again Shareaholic!

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Muir Murray Bacchus Wine Fun Run 2012


This past Saturday morning I ran my second 5k of the fall (and if I’m being honest, the entire year).  This time the run took place at local winery, and was complete with wine stations.

Being November in Nova Scotia, I wasn’t sure how warm it would be that morning (it’s been right around the freezing point lately) so I planned to wear a long sleeved running shirt, my Red Sox hat and gloves.

IMG 1193

In the morning I added a micro fleece pullover to the outfit, and I was glad I did as it was beautiful but chilly!  I left my gloves in the car thinking the cuffins on my pullover would suffice, but part way through the run I wished I had worn them.  Oh well.

Because this was a “fun run” it wasn’t timed, and was pretty laid back.  I was glad it wasn’t timed when we were stuck in this big pile of walkers right from the start.  Then at the water – I mean wine – station we stood in a line-up there for a good 5 minutes or so,

IMG 1200

but that’s okay because we got to enjoy the view while we waited.

IMG 1205

P.S. it was much prettier in person.

Sadly for me they only had white wine at this station, and while I’m not a wine drinker to begin with (please don’t hit me!) I really can’t tolerate white wine.  I think it tastes like it’s been poured through dirty gym socks.  Yuck.  I guess the red wine station was the next stop on the 10k, but since we weren’t going that far I ended up carrying a plastic wine glass with me the entire race for now reason.

IMG 1203

(waiting in the wine station line)

After we were finished at the wine station we doubled back to head to the finish.  THe previous day Steph (above in the grey shirt) noticed how muddy it was when she went to pick up her bib and suggested we all wear old sneakers.  What a sad day, my Saucony Triumph 10’s had been waiting all week to go on that run but I opted to keep them nice and clean and wore my old Nike’s instead.  And when we saw this loblolly I knew that had been a wise decision

IMG 1207

Ick.  Luckily most of the trail was nice and dry but this section was certainly a bit of a muck hole.

The weird thing about this run is there was no real finish line.  I know it was a fun run, but I would have thought they would have at least put up a bristol board sign that said “FINISH”, so we ran to the gate and called it done.  All in all including our stop at the wine station we were done around 35 minutes, though I don’t think it was truly a full 5km, more like a 4.5km.  At any rate we finished and were able to collect our glass of wine and some snacks!

IMG 1209

Have I even mentioned my fav part of races is the post-race snackage?  Because it is

IMG 1208

IMG 1216

IMG 1215

All in all it was a great morning, the morning was nice and clear

IMG 1212

It was chilly but not freezing

IMG 1220

and I got to park in a Vineyard

IMG 1222

I think that wraps up my races until spring, running outside in the winter in the Maritimes isn’t my idea of fun!

Have you ever run a race at a winery or other interesting location?

I would love, love, love, to run a 5K at a zoo, that sounds like a lot of fun!

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Get Fit For 2013 – Month Two

We are now starting week 5 of the Get Fit For 2013 90-day Challenge!  


If you are just joining use you can catch up on all the past posts and workouts by clicking on the Get Fit for 2013 page.

While this was intended as a challenge to take you through the Holidays (October to January 1st) you can really start it at anytime you want.

For month 2 we are going to change up your workouts a bit.  Hopefully over the past four weeks you have fallen into a routine of working out 5-6 times/week.  We are going to continue with that but add a bit more variety to the workouts that you do.  Take a look at the schedule and if you have any questions please let me know!

Monday: Tone it Up “Fine Toning Arms Routine” + 30 minute steady state cardio workout

Tuesday: Bex Life: Burn Fat Fast 4 minute TABATA workout

Wednesday: Blogilates: Drive By Inner Thighs Challenge + 30 minute cardio workout of your choice (that is if you can still walk 😉 )

Thursday: REST

Friday: Fitnessista’s: AB Burner + 60 minute Cardio Interval Workout (here are some ideas if you need help!)

Saturday: Brad Gouthro Fitness: Burn Fat in 4 Minute – Tabata Workout (if you can’t jump due to knee problems, you’ll still get a workout without the jumps)

Sunday: REST

As always, these workouts are only guidelines.  Please change or modify any workouts to suit your current fitness level, and feel free to move the workouts around so they best fit into your schedule.

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