Zumba Mega Mix 43

I’ve been a little whiney the last few days about this month’s mega mix taking so long to arrive since the last couple releases came around the 15th of the month, but I can stop now since it arrived Tuesday!

And for all of you non-ZIN’s out there (or those of you still waiting for your copy to arrive) here are the songs found on this month’s release!

Break Free (Electropop/Warm-up) – Ariana Grande

Por Ahi Maria Se Va (Merengue) – Amarfis y la Banda de Atakke

Baila Mi Tumbao (Salsa) – Soto75

6:00am (Reggaeton) – J. Balvin

Luna Barranquillera (Cumbia) 

Translation (Electronic) – Vein feat. J Balvin & Belinda

Mexe as Cadeira Ai (Axe) – Ceceu Muniz

Cuadro Flamenco (Rumba Flamenca) – Zumba Fitness

Rockin’ Robin (Rock & Roll)

Vamonos Pa’ La Calle (Merengue Urbano) – Dasoul feat. Maffio

I gotta be honest here, I had no clue who Ariana Grande was before this season of Big Brother, and although she’s got a couple catchy tunes, she herself drives me a bit crazy because she seems to be a big ole diva. Anyway, I was surprised to see her on the CD but will likely end up using the song if I like it.

I haven’t listened to all the songs through but a few of them already seem catchy, and I’m betting my Zumba Gold ladies would like a Rockin’ Robin routine!

What songs are you liking on this month’s release?


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Zumba ZIN 53 Preview

Still no new mega mix here yet (hopefully it’ll arrive early next week) but I did notice a preview for ZIN 53 was released on Thursday. Have y’all seen it yet? If not check it out:

Sounds like they are really overhauling the format giving us a lot more options on how to view the content, and I think I like the idea of choreo notes right on the DVD (I might change my mind once I see it). I rarely go online to look at the notes on zumba.com so I think it’ll be nice to be able to look at them right on the DVD if I want to.

And as far as the volume goes, I’m always excited when Gina is around – I normally like a lot of her choreo routines so yay for October when ZIN 53 will arrive!


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