Zumba ZIN 59

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am loving not having to wait for my Zumba music to come in the mail anymore! I know a lot of you decided to keep the physical copies instead of going with ZIN Now, but for me it’s fantastic. Partly because I love that I can access the videos via my login, instead of having to dig through a pile of DVD’s to find the one I’m looking for. So far I’ve been only downloading the music and burning a CD, but eventually I do plan to also back up the video portions of the ZINs. It’s just not a priority for me at the moment. I’m so often at my computer it’s just easier for me to login and find what I’m looking for.

zin 59

Anyway, enough about that, let’s get to the songs on this month’s release!
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Feel This Moment: Dance Toning

I’ve decided that once a month I’m going to do a little Flashback Friday with these videos. I have lots of older stuff that I don’t record because well, it’s old, but lots of my participants still ask for older routines to be made into videos, and just because it’s old to me doesn’t necessarily mean it’s old to someone else, ya know?

Anyway, this week I’m sharing a routine to “Feel This Moment” which was on Mega Mix 36. This isn’t an original routine, I found it on YouTube to begin with and may have changed it very slightly (it was a very years ago) but not enough to say it’s my own.



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Ya No Puedo Mas: Low Intensity Dance Fitness

So I was hoping to have a routine from the new Mega Mix to share this week but for whatever reason I just couldn’t get any of them in my head. So instead I am sharing this low intensity dance fitness (or Zumba Gold) routine to Ya No Puedo Mas which is a cumbia that was on ZIN 58.


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Rompe la Pompa: A Dance Toning Routine

Heeeeey! You guys, I’m both thrilled and frightened that it’s Friday. Somehow I went from being all caught up in my work to being way behind in the matter of about three days so I’ve been scrambling all week to get back to caught up before all my classes start up over the next two weeks. Fingers crossed that I get enough done this weekend that I can take Monday (which is Labour Day here in Canada) off!

I decided it was time to share a new Dance Toning (aka Zumba Toning 😉 ) routine. I haven’t been choreographing any new ones this summer since I don’t teach that format June-August, but with my classes starting the week of the 14th it was time to get back to work!

Rompe la Pompa

Because I was really digging Rompe la Pompa on ZIN 58 and I felt like it had a Zumba Toning-esque about it that’s what I used!

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Zumba Mega Mix 49

I gotta say, it’s nice not waiting around most of the month for my Zumba music to show in my mail box! I just need to go get some blank CD’s so I can burn them for my backups. Anyway, it’s September 1st and thanks to ZIN NOW I have Mega Mix 49!


Let’s see what’s on this month’s release!

Azumbo (Warm-up) – Krys feat DJ Lewis

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