Zumba ZIN 61

Ready to see what’s on this month’s Zumba release ZIN 61? It just arrived in my inbox and is ready for listening!
Love Zumba and want to know what music is coming up in your fitness class? Check out the song list for ZIN 61 sent to Zumba Fitness Instructors February 2016

Pa’ Ponerte En On by Edward Sanchez D’RD – Merengue

Difícil by Jorge Villamizar (cover) – Salsa 

Picky by Joey Montana (cover) – Reggaeton

Indian Passion by Zumba® Original Music – Bhangra/Cumbia
Nadie Nos Va a Parar by treo – Merengue Electronico

Make Love by Aisha feat. Beto Perez – J Pop
Yela Mama (Remix) by Zumba® Original Music – ElectroAfrican
Erupt by Machel Montano – Soca

Wild Thing by Tone Loc (cover) – Hip Hop

I’m tragically behind on ZIN releases (as usual) so who knows when I’ll actually get to these songs, but without seeing the DVD I’m excited about at least a few of these songs!

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Zumba Mega Mix 51

It’s new music day! Usually the new Zumba releases come on the 1st but because of the holidays Mega Mix 51 just became available on ZIN Now today. As usual, I haven’t really had a chance to listen to it yet as I’m writing this only seconds after downloading the songs. I’m hoping there are some good ones though as I need to put together a few new routines this week! Though honestly, I am still only just starting to listen to Mega mix 49 and 50 since finally burning them to a CD a week ago. Eeep!

Love Zumba and want to know what music is coming up in your fitness class? Check out the song list for Mega Mix 51 sent to Zumba Fitness Instructors January 2016

But let’s move on to it shall we? Here are the songs found on Mega Mix 51!

Hacerlo Lento  (Warm-up) – Pedro Camacho (Nico, feat DJ Polin & Light GM)

Nueva York, Nueva York (Merengue) – Oro Solido feat. Amarfis & Kalimete

Salsa Soca (Salsa) – Oscar D’Leon feat. Mola

Vaivén (Reggaeton) – Daddy Yankee

Kajalu Chellivaa (South Indian Pop) – Ravi Teja, S.S. Thaman

Do me a favour and watch the first minute or so of this video. What in the heck!? hahaha

Doh Tell Mi (Soca) – Nadia Batson

Felicidade (Funk Carioca) – Ceceu Muniz

A Bongo (Electro-Tribal) – Zumba Fitness Original

Come Back To Me (Merengue) – Periko

Better When I’m Dancing (Cooldown) – Meghan Trainer

It might be meant for a cool down but I think Better When I’m Dancin’ will be a great song for my kids classes!

What do you all think? What song are you most looking forward to using or hearing in your Zumba classes?

P.S. If you are new around here, don’t forget to check out the Zumba page for all things Zumba including all past Mega Mix and ZIN song lists!

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Zumba ZIN 60

Hi everyone! Before I get into this month’s Zumba release, I wanted to take a second to tell you why there have been no new videos since the end of October. On October 30th I started getting sick and ended up with a lung infection & bronchitis (which I think I mentioned to you all already). I wasn’t allowed (nor could I) exercise until it started to clear, and even now I have a bit of a lingering cough. Right after that, my grandmother passed away, and then last week I slipped and sprained my foot (I’ve had x-rays so I know there is no fracture), and yesterday woke up with strained muscles in my upper back/neck. Needless to say, I’m hobbling my way through my classes the best I can, but I’m still in no share to record videos. So, until I get my sick and injured body pieced back together I’ve had to put #FitnessFriday on hiatus. But I will be back! I promise!

Now let’s move on to the reason you are here – Zumba ZIN 60! 
zumba fitness zin 60 is here! Find out what music is coming to your favourite exercise class!
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Zumba Mega Mix 50

What’s a better way to kick of the week than with new tunes? It’s a new month and that means new Zumba music! And this is when I realize the shame that I still haven’t used and songs off the ZIN from last month. Yikes. Gotta add that to my to-do list. Anyway, let’s check out what’s on this month’s Mega Mix shall we?

Find out what music is on Zumba fitness mega mix 50

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Halloween Dance Fitness: Thriller

What is Halloween week without Thriller? I mean really! I can’t NOT do it. I only bring it out once/year and only for a handful of classes and it would seem almost criminal to not to the most iconic Halloween song of my generation.

Because I’m a super nerd, I know the entire Thriller dance from the music video but that is much too complicated and involved for teaching in Zumba, so I’ve created this routine which simplifies it down to around 6 moves.


Because it’s a longer song and the moves don’t follow the Zumba formula I generally take 2-3 minutes to go over all 6 moves before I start the song so everyone has an idea of what is about to go down. 😉 This is also the only regular Zumba song where I will verbally cue now and then to tell people what is coming next. Every time I’ve done it I’ve been really impressed with all my participants – in fact this week I taught it to my after school program kids (mostly grade 4’s) and they were great!

Unlike the other routines I shard this week, this one does take a fair amount of musical memorization, but as long as you know the basic moves it’s easy to tell when the chorus is coming up and otherwise you just repeat as you need.

The video is pretty laughable, you seem much less insane when doing these types of things with other people around you. Or at least I like to think you do. 😉

If you give it a try let me know how it goes!

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