Zumba Mega Mix 46

Wow, somehow it slipped my mind that it was time for this month’s Zumba CD to even be here until I saw it in my mailbox this afternoon. I’m really hoping it is as good as the last Mega Mix was *crosses fingers*.


Mal de Amores (Dance) – Juan Magan

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Dance Toning: Donya

How’s your day going? Fantastically I hope :D

On Tuesday I shared a brand new toning routine with you so today I’m showing you an oldie! This is a routine set to Donya, which I discovered and choreographed quite a few years ago. Ironically more than a year after I started using the song it showed up on a Zumba Toning release, which I thought was pretty funny. I mean, what were the chances? Anyway, this routine is primarily a lower body routine with a little upper body action to keep you from getting too bored.


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Zumba ZIN 56 Preview

Lookie what I found this morning? The preview video for Zumba’s ZIN 56!

I love it when they have all the ZES in the crowd, I spend the whole time seeing who I can find!

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Dance Toning: La Noche Ta’ Buena

Last night I realized I had no clue what I was going to do this week for videos, so I hastily threw this toning routine together in my head while driving home from yoga last night. Fortunately I tried it out and it didn’t seem like a tragic disaster so I present you with a Zumba/Dance Toning routine to La Noche Ta’ Buena from ZIN 55

la noche ta' buena

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Aqua Dance Fitness: Cupid Shuffle

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for the next video! This week is aqua week so today I’m sharing a routine for Cupid Shuffle.


Now a couple things, if you missed my Tuesday post  please go back and check it out first for my explanation of my aqua style in these videos. Secondly, this is one of those “special” routines where I don’t actually follow the |Zumba formula. In order to take advantage of the lyrics/chorus in this song I made it into a repetitive song where we do the same three moves and over and over. Two of those moves are self explanatory, the third is a tuck (and is the move you see me demonstrating in the photo above).

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