Zumba Mega Mix 45

As expected, after complaining yesterday about this month’s Mega Mix being so late it arrived today. Let’s check out what’s on it shall we?

Lo-Lo-Love (Warm Up)

A Escondidas (Merengue) – Puro Mambo

Noche de Copas (Salsa) – Luis Enrique

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What To Expect At Your First Zumba Class

You want to go to a Zumba class, you think it would be fun but…you’re scared. You won’t know what to do, you’re horribly uncoordinated, people will laugh at you, and you think you might die. That about cover it? Well I’m here to tell you you’re dead wrong.


Concern #1: You Won’t Know What To Do:

Your first concern is a valid one, you probably won’t know what to do all of the time. But the beauty of a Zumba class (when taught by a good instructor) is that the routines are easy to follow, so you catch on really quickly! The first 5-10 minutes will be the worst because that is when you are trying to figure out your instructors way of cueing. Most Zumba

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Zumba ZIN 55 Preview!

I always get tickled pink to see the preview of the upcoming ZIN releases! My only beef about this one is we don’t really get much clue as to what songs might show up (aside from the one playing throughout the video).

On the other hand I lovvvvvvvvve me some Kass Martin so I’m excited to see her and Steve in the live class. And more importantly, did I miss the release of Zumba camo leggings or are my eyes playing tricks on me and that is some other sort of pattern? Like I seriously need to go check the shop right now because those are amazing (in that cray Zumba lady sort of way!)


Here is the preview…

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Zumba ZIN 54

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve! ZIN 54 is here!!

Tu Me Quemas (Merengue Urbano) – Chino y Nacho

La Tusa (Salsa Choke) – Integracion Casanova

Adios (Casadiego Merengue Urbano Remix Radio Edit) – Ricky Martin

Chica Practica (Reggaeton) – Zumba feat. Zona Prieta

Entre Rejas (Cumbiaton) – Casadiego feat. DJ Leon & Sergio Casadiego

All About that Bass (Pop) – Meghan Trainor

Portunol (Brazilian Funk) – Claudia Latte feat. Beto Perez

Hey Alicia (Cumbia Hop) – Zumba feat. Myrto

Ta’ Pegao (Latin Daace) – Liana Veda feat. Macero y Jag

I haven’t watched the DVD yet but the little bit I’ve heard of the CD so far I’m pretty happy with the release. Here’s hoping I like them once I hear them a bit more!


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Zumba Mega Mix 43

I’ve been a little whiney the last few days about this month’s mega mix taking so long to arrive since the last couple releases came around the 15th of the month, but I can stop now since it arrived Tuesday!

And for all of you non-ZIN’s out there (or those of you still waiting for your copy to arrive) here are the songs found on this month’s release!

Break Free (Electropop/Warm-up) – Ariana Grande

Por Ahi Maria Se Va (Merengue) – Amarfis y la Banda de Atakke

Baila Mi Tumbao (Salsa) – Soto75

6:00am (Reggaeton) – J. Balvin

Luna Barranquillera (Cumbia) 

Translation (Electronic) – Vein feat. J Balvin & Belinda

Mexe as Cadeira Ai (Axe) – Ceceu Muniz

Cuadro Flamenco (Rumba Flamenca) – Zumba Fitness

Rockin’ Robin (Rock & Roll)

Vamonos Pa’ La Calle (Merengue Urbano) – Dasoul feat. Maffio

I gotta be honest here, I had no clue who Ariana Grande was before this season of Big Brother, and although she’s got a couple catchy tunes, she herself drives me a bit crazy because she seems to be a big ole diva. Anyway, I was surprised to see her on the CD but will likely end up using the song if I like it.

I haven’t listened to all the songs through but a few of them already seem catchy, and I’m betting my Zumba Gold ladies would like a Rockin’ Robin routine!

What songs are you liking on this month’s release?



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