Zumba ZIN 53 Preview

Still no new mega mix here yet (hopefully it’ll arrive early next week) but I did notice a preview for ZIN 53 was released on Thursday. Have y’all seen it yet? If not check it out:

Sounds like they are really overhauling the format giving us a lot more options on how to view the content, and I think I like the idea of choreo notes right on the DVD (I might change my mind once I see it). I rarely go online to look at the notes on zumba.com so I think it’ll be nice to be able to look at them right on the DVD if I want to.

And as far as the volume goes, I’m always excited when Gina is around – I normally like a lot of her choreo routines so yay for October when ZIN 53 will arrive!


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Zumba ZIN 52

It’s that time of the month again – new Zumba music time! I was happy to see ZIN 52 in my mailbox this afternoon, and I’ve actually already watched the DVD so I can tell you there are three songs on it I’ll for sure be using in the near future. Yay!!


Without further ado…

La Chapiadora (Merengue)

Mulata de Platino (Reggaeton) – Zumba Fitness Original

My Heart in the Beat (Electro-Latin) – Mara

Bailando (Flamenco-Reggaeton) – Enrique Iglesias feat. Gente de Zona

El Serrucho (Cumbia) – Mr. Black El Presidente

La Luz (Tribal) – Juanes

Tanto (Electro-Bachata) – Zumba Fitness Original

Dale Fuego (Calypso Dance) – Edalam feat. Myf & Cuban Mob

Descarga de la Luz (Salsa)

Can someone tell me why all the Bachatas we seem to get lately are “Electro-Bachatas”? I much prefer a plain non-synthesized Bachata. But other than that I’m pretty pleased that even from my first watch of the DVD there are three routines I’m quite keen on. Usually it takes a few times through before I really start to like any of them. How about you guys, what song(s) are you liking form this release?


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