Zumba ZIN 55

I’m not a fan of this new tread of me getting my new Zumba releases at the very end of the month. I much preferred getting them around the 20th. What can I say? I’m impatient!

If you’re still waiting, here are the songs on this month’s release!

Moviendo el Pum (Merengue) – Oro Solido

Mas Que Tu Amigo (Salsa) – Marco Antonio Solis

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Kids Dance Fitness: Wreck It Ralph

As soon as I heard the Wreck It Ralph song, I knew I had to use it for Zumba Kids Jr. It is upbeat, fun and best of all – appeals to both boys and girls.

wreck it ralph

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Kids Dance Fitness: Rio Rio

This week I’m sharing a couple of the kids routines I’ve been using the past year or so. For the older kids I usually use “watered down” versions of my regular Zumba routines, but for the younger kids I like using songs from recent movies as they usually recognize them and get more excited about learning them that way.

rio rio

This is a routine to the song “Rio Rio” from Rio 2, and it’s a great routine for kids aged 3-7 or so, and a great way to burn off a bit of energy if you are still snowed in – enjoy!

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Tu Compañia Choreography

Goooood afternoon! Today I’m sharing with you a routine I whipped up on Tuesday for Tu Compañia from Mega Mix 45. Can I say it again without it getting old that I’m super impressed with this Mega Mix? There are still one or two songs on it that I want to do something with – such a rare thing to happen with a Mega Mix I find!

Tu Compañia

It’s a pretty chill routine so I’d use this as a pre cool down song, or as a recovery song. I think it’s pretty fun though so I hope you enjoy it!

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Mi Gente Choreography

Well hello there! Are you ready for the weekend? I know I am! But then again, I’m always ready for the weekend. ;)

This week I’m sharing with you the routine I’ve been using for “Mi Gente” from Zumba Mega Mix 42 (which I just realized came out last July. Wow, it seems like I’ve only had it for a couple months. Time certainly does fly…)

mi gente thumb

I’ve been using this routine as one of my two warm-up songs (which is why the focus is about 50% fitness moves, 50% dance) for the past month or so.

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