Zumba ZIN 58

Well lookie here, it’s a bonus post for this week 😉 that must mean there is new Zumba music! 😀 😀

I haven’t actually received ZIN 58 in the mail yet, but Zumba has finally launched ZIN NOW which is an online download and streaming platform for our ZIN and Mega Mix volumes so I can watch ZIN 58 and download the songs while I wait for my actual copy to arrive! For the rest of August I can access ZIN NOW for free, but moving forward I’m going to have to decide if I want to switch over to just the streaming option, or to pay the extra $$ to have both. Right now I’m really leaning towards paying out the extra money because I like having a hard copy of the DVD and music, and while I know I can download and burn my own copies, it seems like it might be more cost effective for me time wise to just shell out the extra dollars. I’m going to think about it for a week or so before I decide.


Anyway, you non-ZIN people don’t care about all of that, you want to know what’s on the CD! So here you go:

La Merengue Mania {Merengue}  by Oro Solido feat. Grupo Mania & Los Hermanos Rosario

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Fitness Friday: Ice Cream & Cake

I’m a little bummed about the quality of this week’s Fitness Friday video. I had recorded this routine (and nailed it I might add) last week but when I got home I realized that it was out of focus – WAHHHHH. So I knew I needed to re-record it, and then somehow forgot to take my DSLR with me and ended up having to record with my phone which isn’t quite as nice, especially in a low light setting.

icandcAll that aside, this week’s video is to Ice Cream and Cake from Mega Mix 48. I actually had this song on my iPod from a few years ago but never got around to choreographing it. Then when it appeared on last month’s release I decided it was time to get working on it!

I’m a fan of a crazy merengue, and this one fits the bill without being too difficult to learn.

And then of course it’s called Ice Cream and Cake, which makes it a winner right from the start, no? 😉

I hope you like it – have a great weekend!

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Fitness Friday: Sigueme Y Te Sigo

Sigueme Y Te Sigo

Hey there! This week I’m sharing my routine for Sigueme Y Te Sigo by Daddy Yankee that was on the Zumba Mega Mix 48 CD. It’s yet another product of car-ography 😉 so nothing too complicated, but I think it’s fun and I hope you enjoy it too!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Zumba ZIN 58 Sneak Peek

Fast on the heels of Mega Mix 48 arriving last week Zumba released a sneak peek for ZIN 58 last week.

As usual we only get a tiny look at what to expect, but right out of the gate I have to say, man the production value of these releases has really gone up over the past few years. More and more they are becoming videos that ZIN members who don’t teach can use as a regular workout video. I mean, you could always do that, but now they look more inviting in that regard. The backdrops are more interesting, the live classes are easier to follow and prettier. All in all regardless of what songs and moves the videos hold, it’s hard to deny that they keep getting prettier and prettier!

I still really like the old volumes that were more industrial (for lack of a better term), but the last few years they really have become pretty awesome!

What do you all think? I’m so far behind on new choreography that I’m not even close to thinking about ZIN 58. I really need to get back to a more organized schedule so I have time carved out each week for new routines. In fact, I think tomorrow I’m going to go back to 57 (which I haven’t used at ALL yet – I only watched it through very briefly when it came) and see what I can throw together for tomorrow night’s class!

What are your favourite songs from ZIN 57? And are you looking forward to ZIN 58 now that you’ve seen this preview?


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Fitness Friday: Dance Fitness Descontrol

It’s a little Fitness #FlashbackFriday because I’m sharing an old routine with you!

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