How I Create & Organize Zumba Playlists in iTunes

Recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I organize Zumba playlists for all my different classes so I figured it would make a good topic for this week’s video.

how I create/organize zumba playlists in itunes. A great resource for fitness instructors.

I know some instructors create a new playlist for every class they teach, but that’s too much for me. Keeping one playlist for each of my classes (Tuesday afternoon gets one, Tuesday evening, etc.) makes it easy when I want to change up the songs because I change them within that same playlist. From there, I organize my songs within the playlists to create intervals for higher intensity and lower intensity songs. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t always follow the Zumba structure as far as the song style list they give you when you become an instructor, but I do try to ensure a good variety of styles are dispersed throughout the class unless it is a special class (i.e. Reggaeton or Cumbia night or something).

My method may not work for you, but I always feel like I learn a little something that  I can apply when I watch videos or or learn from other instructors how they do things so I hope that rings true for you as well!

Whether or not my method will work if you use other music managers I’m not sure, as I’ve always used iTunes, but if they have a visual way to rate individual songs it should work just fine.

Mega Mix 53

You know it’s new music day if I’m posting twice in one day – that never happens otherwise, haha. Mega Mix 53 dropped yesterday so let’s take a look at what’s on this month’s release shall we?

Verano by Danel Batista {Merengue}

Quiero Verte Bailar by Jeison El Brother {Salsa}

Hasta el Amanecer  (Cover) {Reggaeton}

No (Cover) {Hip Hop}

Dale (Radio Edit) by Soldat Jahman & Luis Guisao feat. Kenza Farah {Dance}

La Cumbia Del Cucu by Papayo ft. Victoria “La Mala” {Cumbia}

La Vida by Arsenal {Soca}

Cheap Thrills  (Cover) {Pop}

Bolliyan by Mika, Shipra Goyal {Bhangra}

Dancing Kizomba by Alx Veliz {Kizomba}

Looks like that last one you’ll have to click through to YouTube to watch/listen to, but the song is there.

Anyway, there you have it – the new album for May 2016. I know they like to add pop songs now and again, and I do use them but it does seem a little odd to me that we’ve had 3 Meghan Trainer songs in the past year or so. Of course they need to get the rights to do a cover so maybe she is more willing to have a cover of her tunes than others. Either way I’m probably going to use No for a warm-up or something once I get my head wrapped around the idea of finding time to choreograph again!

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Volume 62

Hey there! I’m going to start off today’s post by explaining why I almost didn’t publish this playlist at all. Last month shortly after publishing my monthly Zumba song list post I got an email from the Zumba Police (AKA Legal Compliance), telling me I was in violation of my agreement by sharing my music.

Now this has happened before, and I explained to them then that I am not giving any of the music away, just listing the names of the songs and at that time they told me that was totally fine (as did the ZES I spoke to about it way back in 2011 before I ever started posting them -unfortunately it was at convention and I don’t recall who I asked as the trip was a bit of a whirlwind). Anyway, the last time I was reported I was told it was fine for me to list song names as long nobody could download anything – which they can’t.

So when I got the email in March, I immediately replied (as I have zero interest in violating my license) and they took over a week to reply. They said they had no record of my previous conversation, so I forwarded it to them and expressed once again that I would remove everything if I was in violation, but needed confirmation that what I was doing was not allowed.

Cue the crickets. I remember my first dealing with the legal dept. ended in them saying, “It’s fine,” and when I asked a follow-up question they never replied, so I can only assume that upon receipt of my forwarded message showing I was told what I was doing was NOT in violation that they closed the case and moved on, because it’s now been over 3 weeks and I haven’t heard anything else.

So I assume everything is ok?

I can’t see how it would be a violation of anything, I mean if not we shouldn’t be allowed to tell anyone any of the songs we use in class either. All I’m doing is letting participants who want to find a song the ability to do so!

The way I look at it (unless they come back and tell me otherwise) is, if I took my Taylor Swift CD and wrote a blog post naming all the songs on the CD and linking to videos for any she had released as a single, I wouldn’t be violating her copyright in any way. I know Zumba is strict on these things, but I guess until they tell me, “Yes, you are violating your license by telling people the names of songs on your CD’s” I will keep doing it. And if that day comes, well – I’ll take everything down, but I don’t feel I should have to do that until they actually reply and say, “We’ve changed our minds, you can no longer do that.” You know?

Anyway, let’s move along to the actual reason you are reading this shall we? The songs found on ZIN 62.

Sexy by BIP {Merengue}

Tarzan Boy by Zumba (Cover) {Salsa}

Shut Up and Dance by Max Pizzolante {Dembow|Lambada}

Bailame by Alex Sensation feat. Yandel & Shaggy {Latin Urban}

Soy Para Tí (Remix) by Marcelo Cezán {Raspa|Cumbia}

Dile by Zumba (Cover) {Batacuda|Samba}

Pinta Mi Corazón (Zumba Remix) by Fonseca {Cumbia Remix}

Quién Quiere Bailar by Max Pizzolante feat. Papayo{Reggaeton|Timba}

Footloose by Zumba (Cover) {Pop}

Bonus Song: Turn it Up by Liana Veda & Dexter Hamilton {Latin}
Now let’s all collectively cross our fingers that Zumba has decided this is a-ok so I don’t have to take them all down!!

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Mix 52

Well here we are at the start of another month which means it’s new music time! This month us instructors are getting Zumba Mega Mix 52, those of use with ZIN Now already have access to it, while those who are still getting their music delivered on CD’s will be getting it in a few weeks. For those of you who have to wait, and for those Zumba participants who are interested to see what songs are coming to their classes s0 here are the songs on this month’s release!

La Vida Es Una Fiesta by Norka (Warm up)

Taka Taka by Kalimete (Merengue Ripiao)

Sal a Bailar by Victor Manuelle (Cover) (Salsa)

Pa’ Que Bailes by Sharlene (Reggaeton)

Mar Adentro (II Canto Della Sirena) by Gigi De Martino (Cumbia Eletcronica)

Irresistible by Fall Out Boy feat Demi Lovato (Cover) (Rock)

Kukere by Lyanya (Cover) (Azonto)

Milonga con Azúcar by Zumba® Original Music (Milonga)

La Aspirina by Max Pizzolante (Merengue)

Easy Love by Sigala (Cover) (Electro Pop)

So there go – Zumba Mega Mix 52. What do you think?


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Fitness Friday: La Machete

Holy moly guys, I’m so excited it’s Friday! I feel like I’ve been running around non-stop for the past few weeks so I’m super excited to have a couple days where I don’t have anywhere I need to be. Today’s Fitness Friday video is a warm-up I choreographed to La Machete found on Mega Mix 50. If I’m being honest, it really isn’t one of my favourite routines, but it does the job as far as warming you up! I think the reason I’m not terribly smitten with it is because La Machete only 3 minutes long and ends quite abruptly. How’s that for a glowing report? Haha. I feel like my mother. She’ll bring over something she made for us to eat but then say, “I have to tell you….” and then tells me what went wrong, or what she changed or whatever has happened that makes her feel she needs to warn people before they eat it (FYI, those warnings are nearly always unnecessary ;)). Hopefully you’ll find the same rings true here!

Dance Fitness/Zumba Warm-up Routine to La Machete by King of the Jungle found on Mega Mix 50

It really is pretty darn basic, but then again, that’s what a warm-up should be. I find a lot of instructors seem to forget that and start out with fancy footwork and complicated routines in their warm-ups, and quite frankly that simply isn’t safe. On the subject of safety, 3 minutes really is too short for a full warm-up, so this would be best used as part of a two-song warm-up to allow your participants enough time to bring their heart rates up and to get the synovial fluid moving! P.S. If you have no idea what synovial fluid is, I happened to see this article from The Yoga Journal yesterday in my Facebook newsfeed. It gives you an idea of what it is, and why I’m so obsessed with it, haha (my yoga clients especially will know that I talk about it during almost every class warmup).

Anyway, after all of that here is the video for La Machete!

I hope you enjoy it or find it useful (despite all my warnings 😉 ).

Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

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