Business Corner: Never Eat Alone Review

Most of the time I stick to health/fitness/food related stuff here, but once in a while I dive into some more business-y things, and today is one of those days. So, if you are not the least bit interested in hearing about networking then feel free to skip today’s post.

On the other hand, if you are a blogger like me, then you know the importance of networking. And if you are self employed like me, you also know the importance of networking. Or perhaps you realize the general importance of getting to know people and that the world really is more about who you know rather than what you know.

If any of the above sound like you, then stick around would ya?

I first heard of the book Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz on Savvy Sexy Social when Amy reviewed it back in the summer <– additional news flash, if you are still reading this post, I can only assume that networking and/or social media is of interest to you. In which case you should be following Amy because she’s fan-freaking-tastic. Anyway, let’s’ get back to the book.

I have to admit her glowing review didn’t make me take the plunge and buy the book, however when I saw it was available to me to review as a blogger not long ago I figured it was meant to be and decided to check it out.

Let’s backtrack for a second to get one little thing out of the way. I’m an introvert. Yes I write this blog and post lots of parts of my life here, on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter for the world to see, I can at any time close the computer, put down the phone and retreat into my introvert hole. And why yes, I am a fitness instructor which means I speak in front of crowds multiple times a day, but once again – when that hour (or hours) are over, I can go back home and into my hole.

I’m not good at going up to people I don’t know and introducing myself and chatting. If someone comes to me I have no problem at all striking up a conversation, but I’m horrible, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE at being the person who make the first initiative. It’s not because I don’t want to meet other people (well….on occasion it might be…) but I don’t feel comfortable talking to people I don’t know out of the blue mainly because I think that they don’t want to talk to me, or don’t want to be bothered. And that is where this book scares the pants off of me. It’s pure networking gold, that’s for sure, but it definitely requires you to stick your neck out in order to grow.

Really though, that’s the way it should be, and I know that most people feel a little heeby jeeby about introducing themselves to others like I do. There are those rare people that don’t mind it though, and I’m quite happy my friend Lisa is one of them because it means we can send her to do the dirty work anytime we want to find out who someone is, or really want to pet a strangers dog but are afraid to ask on our own. Not that, that has ever happened….

But this book isn’t just about meeting people, it’s about how to stay in contact with people, how to develop good relationships, reaching your goals and about being the type of person that other people want to meet.

I found this book wildly helpful, and while I’m not sure I’ll ever be the person who feels comfortable freely introducing myself to anyone I meet there are still so many things I’ve taken away from this book that will certainly help me to further develop and maintain the relationships I already have, and those I will build in the future.

Another big piece of Never Eat Alone is learning to ask for what you want, because the worst someone can say is no. Keith doesn’t come from a family with money, his father wanted more for his son than he had for himself so he did what he could to get his son a better education, better connections and a better life. And how did he do that? By asking. This is something that comes up in blogging groups often, and is something I’m still not comfortable doing but need to reach out of my comfort zone in order to grow. Just a few weeks ago Cassey (Blogilates) wrote a great post on something that happened to her recently because she asked. Long story short, she was invited to Taylor Swift’s house to listen to her new album with Taylor. The invite was originally just for her but she asked if her sister could come too and they said yes! You can read all about it on her blog, but because she wasn’t afraid to ask, they both got to go! Would they have let everyone bring along a second person? Probably not, but most people aren’t even going to ask to begin with!

Obviously you’re not always going to get a “yes” when you ask, but you’ll get a heck of a lot more yeses if you ask than you will if you don’t. So while there are a lot of things to take away from this book, that is probably the biggest one for me.

Just. Ask.

I am selling this book horribly short, but I swear, if you are an entrepreneur, a blogger or anyone who could benefit from a larger network of contacts and friends (spoiler alert – that is everyone) then I’d highly recommend checking out this book. I’m with Amy – this is your networking bible hand down! You can pick it up on Amazon here: Never Eat Alone, Expanded and Updated: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time or at your local library/bookstore.

Disclosure: I was provided with a free e-book version of this book for the purpose of this review. If I didn’t like it I wouldn’t have written about it so please trust me when I say I really liked it!

Stay Energized On The Go With SunRype Okanagan Energy Bars

Let’s start off this post with a little honesty shall we? I have always hated the taste of energy bars. Everytime I see someone talk about how much they love a certain bar I get excited, I buy one, and….. ick. So to say I was slightly skeptical the first time I tasted SunRype Okanagan Energy bars, is an understatement.

As a fitness instructor who is on the go teaching classes six days/week, I have always struggled to find good portable snacks to keep in my bag for those times when I need a little something extra before teaching a class. My clients can tell you that there have been many occasions that they’ve seen me scarfing back whatever food I was able to toss in a container seconds before running out of the door (sunflower seeds, blueberries, almonds, whatever!). So while I was skeptical of whether or not I would like these bars, I was also hopeful that I would like them because life would be just that much easier if I did!


Sure it’s easy to stop and grab a chocolate bar, bag of chips or some honey-roasted peanuts at the gas station. And while I do enjoy all of those things on occasion, I like to eat a nutritious diet most of the time. Since I don’t like the typical energy bars on the market, that can sometimes be easier said than done.

Then I tried SunRype Okanagan Energy Bars. Was I going to like them? Or would this be just another product that failed to meet my apparently very picky taste buds?


Something most of you don’t know about me is that I’m slightly obsessed with SunRype Fruit to Go snacks. And by slightly obsessed I mean I have literally asked for them for Christmas the past 5+ years. That is no joke. They are so good I think of them as healthy candy. So when I looked at the ingredients on these bars (because I’m a bit of an ingredient snob) and saw that the first thing listed on the SunRype Okanagan Energy bar was fruit pieces, I got excited. Maybe these bars would taste more like my beloved Fruit-To-Go, and less like sadness! As I continued to read, not only was the first ingredient fruit, but all of the ingredients are real and understandable like whole grains, sunflower, flax seeds and real dark chocolate chips. Three cheers for real food!


Each bar contains SunRype’s natural energy blend, which is a 100% natural combination of pea protein (which is a plant-based protein that is easy to digest and doesn’t have a lot of allergen issues common to other proteins like soy and whey), green tea extract and ginseng,


and contains 7 grams of natural source protein and are a source of iron and fibre. 20g of sugar may seem high, but remember the bars are primarily comprised of fruit, which is higher in naturally occurring sugar.

But let’s get to the part you all are waiting for – taste.

product shot 1

I want to start out by saying that one of the big reasons I hate protein bars is because they are so flipping dry. My mouth feels like the Sahara trying desperately to find saliva to break down the bar to no avail. I remember one night when we were sitting in the ER for most of the night I was starving and found a protein bar in my bag. I really wanted to eat it (because I really was starving) but it was soooo bad all I could choke back was two small bites.

So imagine my delight when I discovered that the SunRype Okanagan Energy Bars are not dry at all. In fact, they are super moist! Another one of the things I normally hate about protein/energy bars is that they taste exactly like protein powder. And Suzi don’t like the taste of protein powder. But these bars don’t taste like typical protein snacks at all. In fact all I can taste is the fruit, chocolate and coconut.

I was so darn excited.

I finally found a bar that actually tasted great, delivered a safe energy boost without artificial colours, flavours or preservatives!

ChocolateCoconutBar ChocolateRaspberryBar

The SunRype Okanagan Energy Bars come in two flavours: Chocolate Coconut (my favorite) and Chocolate Raspberry, and in addition to being made with 100% natural ingredients, they are also completely nut free!

Added bonus points go to SunRype for not putting dates in the bars. Dates are not my favorite and everyone seems to put them in most every “healthy” bar out there and that also makes me cranky. And while I’m not a huge fan of raisins (which these do have) I will take a few raisins over a date filled bar any day of the week!

With this revelation, my on the go snacking world has changed. I now make sure I always keep a SunRype Okanagan Energy Bar in my purse at all times so anytime I need a little something, I can grab it out of my bag and keep going. These bars have powered me through fitness classes, half marathons and shorter races (they are now my go-to pre-race snack). I’ve eaten them on planes (where nobody ever feeds you anymore), while shopping, driving and everything in between. These little babies have been a life-saver on numerous occasions!

product shot 2

These bars truly are tasty, convenient, and good for you – they are the perfect way to energize your taste buds when you’re on the go. And let’s face it, I’m always on the go!


So the next time you are shopping, take a look for SunRype Okanagan Energy Bars and pick a few up to have on hand as an alternative nutritious and healthy snack. For more information on this and other great SunRype products please visit the SunRype website. You can also visit SunRype’s Facebook page for more product info, recipes, health resources and product coupons. You can also check them out on Pinterest and Instagram.

Disclosure: Although this post has been generously sponsored by SunRype, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect SunRype.

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