#OnMyPath Nature’s Path Qi’a Bars

Y’all know I’m an on-the-go sort of girl, and a hungry girl at that 😉 so it’s essential for me to have great snacks that travel well, are delicious and nutritious all at the same time. I’m already a big Nature’s Path fan, so when I discovered their new Qi’a Superfood Snack Bars I was jazzed to check them out.


The bars come in five flavours – Dark Chocolate Cranberry Almond, Nuts & Seeds & Sea Salt, Blueberry Cashew Pumpkin Seed, Roasted Peanut Dark Chocolate, and Mocha Cocoa Hazelnut, and offer up to 6g of protein (which is pretty amazing considering they don’t contain protein powder) and 6 grams of fibre.
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To Change Your Life You Just Need To Start SOMEWHERE

While I’m sure there are people who are entirely happy with their lives, few of us can say that there isn’t something we’d like to change.

And for most of us, all we ever do is think about wanting to make that change. Few of us ever speak the words out loud, and even fewer still actually act on that desire and work on making that change a reality.

Change is frightening. Whether you are talking about a career change, a lifestyle change, a relationship change, or something else entirely, fear of change prevents so many of us from ever discovering what our lives could become.

You don’t have to sell all your belongings and move into the woods (unless you want to – then by all means, please do!).

You don’t have to declare you’l never eat sugar again in order to lose weight and lie a healthier life.

You don’t have to walk into your boss’ office this afternoon and quit your job because you want to follow your passion.

What you do need to do is to start something. Find someway to help you start to move forward towards your dream. Maybe you’re not even sure what your dream is, you just know you want more – or something different from what you have now.

One of the ways I’ve found clarity in what I want from life is through exercises I’ve done both in my yoga teacher training, and through marketing and business courses I’ve taken. Those exercises have all been in self exploration, and may not make sense to anyone but you when you first complete them.

I was recently sent this great journal by Meera Lee Patel

Photo 2015-08-10, 2 50 15 PM
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Crunch Live: Take The Challenge with a FREE 30 Day Membership!

August can be a really tough time to find your motivation to workout. With the summer heat in full swing, many fitness classes at a reduced summer schedule, and vacations, it’s easy to get out of your normal routine.

That’s what makes online streaming workouts like those offer from Crunch Live so amazing. You get a great variety of classes with the ease of an at-home workout.


Working out on your own at home can be tough. Without someone there to push us we are much less driven to push ourselves and finish hard, which ultimately is only going to make it harder for us to reach our goals.

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Brooks Glycerin 12 Running Shoe

Now that I’ve had my Glycerin 12‘s for a few months and have run a decent amount of miles in them, I feel like I’ve spent enough “quality time” with them to post my honest review of how I’m liking them.

11101230_10152859607888717_8575464303098628687_nFor starters, they’re beauti-ful! I am so in love with the blue and purple combo!!!

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Spinach Dip Appetizers

I love spinach dip, especially if it’s homemade. And when I go to a party or potluck and see a lovely bread bowl filled with the stuff I know I’m in the danger zone. Why? Because I simply cannot have one or two “dips” and walk away. I want to set up shop next to the spinach dip and linger there until I’ve eaten it all. It can be a problem.

Because I’m the kind of girl who likes to indulge from time to time, I thought that I should come up with a different way to serve spinach dip that has a bit more portion control built in, and that’s how I came up with the idea for a spinach dip appetizer.



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