Spruce up Your Spring Closet with Bench. Canada

Yes I said it: Spring. All of my fellow east coast dwellers know what I’m talking about when I say February was a beast. Snow storm after snow storm after snow storm all month long. And there is something just so hopeful about the month of March. It’s possible that we will, in fact, see the ground again at some point in the next 4 weeks. Also, there is a slim possibly we won’t have to bundle up in 400 layers just to go outside before month’s end. In the meantime, Bench. Canada wants to help get you in the spring spirit by giving one of you a $100 Gift Card to spend in one of their retail stores!

Recently I visited our store at Mic Mac Mall (you can follow the mic mac store on Instagram @benchmicmacmall) and picked up a few things to spruce up my own wardrobe. Going in I had every intention of getting some more winter-y items, but I managed to time my arrival the day after they had brought in a bunch of new pieces and my winter plans quickly got tossed aside for spring staples instead!

Initially I had my eye on this Denney Jacket as I don’t really have a spring/rain jacket,

Bench. Canada Denney Jacket

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Zumba ZIN 55

I’m not a fan of this new tread of me getting my new Zumba releases at the very end of the month. I much preferred getting them around the 20th. What can I say? I’m impatient!

If you’re still waiting, here are the songs on this month’s release!

Moviendo el Pum (Merengue) – Oro Solido

Mas Que Tu Amigo (Salsa) – Marco Antonio Solis

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Dance Toning: Sabes A Chocolate

sabes a chocoalte

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite routines that we’ve dubbed an arm destroyer. The key with this song (And any toning routine really), is to really focus on engaging your arm and shoulder muscles throughout the work phases of the song.

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Kids Dance Fitness: Wreck It Ralph

As soon as I heard the Wreck It Ralph song, I knew I had to use it for Zumba Kids Jr. It is upbeat, fun and best of all – appeals to both boys and girls.

wreck it ralph

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Kids Dance Fitness: Rio Rio

This week I’m sharing a couple of the kids routines I’ve been using the past year or so. For the older kids I usually use “watered down” versions of my regular Zumba routines, but for the younger kids I like using songs from recent movies as they usually recognize them and get more excited about learning them that way.

rio rio

This is a routine to the song “Rio Rio” from Rio 2, and it’s a great routine for kids aged 3-7 or so, and a great way to burn off a bit of energy if you are still snowed in – enjoy!

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