Nova Scotia’s 5K Foam Fest 2015

I’m finally getting around to writing about my time at 5K Foam Fest when it came to Nova Scotia on August 15th! You may remember me writing about it earlier in the summer, this was an event I had been both really looking forward to and dreading. I was dreading the long drive to and from the venue, and was a little worried it would end up being a rainy, rotten day.  It was held at Ski Wentworth, so a little over a two hour drive away from where I live. Fortunately I collected up a few of my friends and we went together which made it a lot more fun travelling than it would have been all by myself (and bonus – I didn’t have to drive!). And it turned out to be a beautiful (though hot) day so my second worry ended up being for nothing – gotta love it when that happens!

We had signed up for the 11 am wave so we didn’t have to leave quite so early, even so we were on the road at 7am, which gave us lots of time to get there, pick up our bibs and whatnot before our wave started. We also didn’t know what the parking situation would be like, and were hoping we wouldn’t have to take a shuttle to/from the race site – well we lucked out there too! We got in the main parking lot and got to watch people already on course taking the “Death Drop” which was only feet away from where we were parked.

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Fitness Friday: Lower Body Burner

This week’s Fitness Friday is another quickie! The video itself is only 30 seconds, so if you have less than a minute in your day to exercise, you can still get this workout in. 😉 Of course if you have say – 5 minutes, you can do this through a few times to really get a nice lower body burn happening. lower body burner


So many people tell me they don’t have time to exercise, which is why I decided to make this series of super, crazy short videos to prove that
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The Top 5 At-Home Myofascial Release Tools

Any active person from professional athletes to weekend warriors can tell you that myofascial release is essential to keeping them injury-free, and helping them recover and repair more quickly. Sure deep tissue massage and sports massage does the same thing, but few of us are rich enough to be able to afford the weekly or daily treatments that are often needed. So what’s an athlete (professional or recreational) to do?

Finding a massage therapist to massage you for free everyday might be difficult, so self myofascial release is the next logical answer. 😉

Myofascial release is a soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain. This alternative medicine therapy aims to relax contracted muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles. It can be as painful as heck, but oh so effective! And once you have a few tools you can work on pretty much any area on your body that is giving you grief.

Before I get into what I think are the best tools for the job, I would like to say that if you are experiencing pain on a regular basis in particular areas, you should first consult a sports doctor or physiotherapist to have an assessment done to see where the problem is originating. Many times the place that hurts isn’t even the place that has the issue so it’s important to know what you’re doing. If you have a general tightness or are looking to do fascia release as a preventative measure, you are probably pretty safe to go ahead and start working your kinks out (believe me, you’ll find some!), but even still it’s nice to check with a trainer or fitness professional such as myself who has been trained to identify imbalances and places where fascia is “bunched up” for a little extra guidance.

Now that you’ve been cleared for myofascial release, here are the 5 at-home tools I keep in the living room at all times so we can release tension and fascia while watching TV!

1. Foam Roller

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Fitness Friday: Tricep Burner

It’s that time again – time for the weekend, and time for a new workout video! For the rest of August I am going to be bringing you some super quick workouts you can do on days when you have no time for a full length workout. And by quick I mean they are all under a minute in length. Yup, it’s going to be hard for you to tell me that you don’t have 60 seconds in your day to exercise!

This week’s video is a tricep burner that reallllly burns. I couldn’t do anything with my arms for a good half an hour after I recorded this one, haha. So while it’s short it’s pretty darn effective since it uses your body weight.

tricep burner


Now some of you may not be quite ready for the tricep presses (the bending and extending at the elbow), and might find holding your body weight in place to be enough of a challenge, if that is the case – do that! Holding your weight is still a great exercise, and that way it gives you something to work up to, without taking a lot of time out of your day. 
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Crunch Live: Take The Challenge with a FREE 30 Day Membership!

August can be a really tough time to find your motivation to workout. With the summer heat in full swing, many fitness classes at a reduced summer schedule, and vacations, it’s easy to get out of your normal routine.

That’s what makes online streaming workouts like those offer from Crunch Live so amazing. You get a great variety of classes with the ease of an at-home workout.


Working out on your own at home can be tough. Without someone there to push us we are much less driven to push ourselves and finish hard, which ultimately is only going to make it harder for us to reach our goals.

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