Nova Scotia 5K Foam Fest 2015

One of my goals for 2015 is to participate in at least three races that I haven’t done before, and when I found out that Foam Fest was coming to Nova Scotia this year I knew that I had to go!


I ran Mud Hero back in 2013 and while mud is fun, paring it with foam is perfection. Who doesn’t want to get covered in mud AND foam!? Well, realistically I’m sure lots of people, but there are even more of us who think it sounds like a good time!

5K Foam Fest Canada

5K Foam Fest is an obstacle course and while there is a certain level of physical fitness needed, the focus of this race is on having fun – not on how fast you can finish. Some of the obstacles can be challenging and push you out of your comfort zone, but if you need to opt out of any obstacle for whatever reason, you can!
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Fitness Friday: Body Sculpt Tricep Workout

Happy Friday friends! Today I’m sharing with you another video for my Body Sculpt playlist that will eventually take you through a full Body Sculpt strength training class! Today’s song is a tricep song, so you’ll need to grab a pair of weights.


In the video I’m only using 2lb weights because all my heavier weights are in my car (the life of a travelling fitness instructor 😉 ) but you want to choose weights that will fully fatigue your triceps by the end of the song. So, if you finish the song and your arms aren’t tire – you need to up your weights next time!

There was also a certain grey kitty who snuck into the room and spend the whole video weaving back and forth between my legs and getting into trouble. Silly girl.

Anyway, if you try out the video let me know how you like it – and have a great weekend!

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Zumba ZIN 57 + Video Mishaps

Happy Wednesday!!

As you can probably guess from today’s post title, I received this month’s Zumba release today! I’m going to share the playlist with you as per usual, but first I want to let you all know why there is no new video today. I’ve been trying to make Wednesday video day around here, but the video Gods were working against me this week. I really don’t like having to shoot in my basement because it’s so dark, and missed my chance to record Monday night at the community centre (mostly because I didn’t know what the heck to record), so I decided to take the show on the road and record at the park!

IMG_0005Which would have been great, you know – had my camera been in focus…

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Kids Dance Fitness: Happy

“Happy” is just one of those songs that you can’t help but like when you hear it. Even after you hear it on the radio 5000 times, the 5001st time you still like it. That’s why, when the kids in my after school program asked me to choreograph it for their last class of the year, I said sure!


As usual, I like to keep my kids routines pretty straight forward, and the kids in my group are mostly in the grade 4-5 age range (with a few older and a few younger).

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A New Body Sculpt Video: Chest Focus

It’s another crazy Thursday in Suzi-ville (Thursdays = 5 fitness classes, oye.) so this is going to be a quick one! Since it’s Thursday I’ve got a new video to share with you, this is another Body Sculpt song, this one is a chest focus!



The video seems to be in better focus than the one I posted on Tuesday, but is still a little fuzzy – sorry about that! I’ll be sure to check the focus better next week. The truth is it was so darn cold in the basement when I went to record these videos that I wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible, and that’s what happens when you rush.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy the video, adding the hip bridge really amps up the intensity, and isn’t it always good to add a little extra lower body work in there? I think so 😉

Plus….check out my pretty now Brooks sneakers in the video. They are running sneakers but I couldn’t help but wear them for the video, they are so pretty!!

Have a great Thursday everyone, I’m not expecting to have a post tomorrow on Friday, so I’ll check in with you next week!

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