Fitness Friday: Dance Fitness Descontrol

It’s a little Fitness #FlashbackFriday because I’m sharing an old routine with you!

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Fitness Friday: Dance Toning Lovumba

TGIF! When this goes live I’ll be on my way to Toronto – squeeeeee!!!!!

It’s been a while since I shared a toning video so I decided this week was the week. This routine was strongly inspired (I really can’t recall just how much I changed it from the original) by a video I saw a while back on a Facebook Group I use to be a part of. Because I’m no longer in the group I can’t go back and see who posted the original video or how similar the routines are.


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4 Tips For Keeping Your Cool During Summer Workouts

Welcome to July, the land of heat and humidity. Where exercising can become downright uncomfortable. Because it’s important to keep up a regular exercise routine year round, I thought today I would share four of my favourite tips for keeping your cool during summer workouts.

1. Take It Inside (where it’s air conditioned)

There comes a point when exercising outside simply isn’t safe when the heat and/or humidity get too high. In those cases it’s time to dust off the weights in your basement, dig out that gym membership, or hit up a local fitness class where the atmosphere is more agreeable. That doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t get hot while working out, it just means that you will be staying in a much safer temperature range compared to what it would be if you were outside. Just the other day I had someone in an air conditioned class complain that they were too hot, but it wasn’t because the room was too warm – they were just hot from exercise. That’s sort of the nature of the beast when you are doing cardio 😉 so expect to still get hot and sweaty, but hopefully to a safer degree than out in the heat/humidity.

2. If You Do Exercise Outside Opt For Mornings or Evenings

If outside is your only option in the summer, make sure you get your workout in during the morning or evening when the sun isn’t at it’s highest. Exercising in the mid-day sun is a recipe for dehydration and heat exhaustion. No bueno.

3. Drink Up!

Regardless of where you are exercising, make sure you hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. If you’ve had an especially sweaty workout drinking plain water won’t be enough, you’ll also need to replenish your electrolytes. My favourite electrolyte replacement is Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator but there are lots of great options out there. It’s so much easier to get dehydrated in the summer, so please if you only do one thing on this list, make it hydration!!

4. Cool Off!

Literally! Regardless of what you do to try and keep your cool, in the summer (and year round) we can still easily overheat if we work too hard or exercise in the wrong environment. When that happens you need to cool down quickly. In the past I’ve always taken a wet face cloth with me to events when I knew there was a good chance I would overheat. It’s amazing what a cold towel on the neck can do to cool you down. But now I’ve got an even better solution, the EnduraCool® Instant Cooling Towel!

Photo 2015-07-03, 7 14 03 PM


This lightweight towel contains proprietary technology that cools to 17C below average body temperature when wet to help cool you down, and stays cool for hours. It’s reusable, machine washable and chemical-free. I was fortunate enough to have one of the EnduraCool® Instant Cooling Towels sent to me by MISSION and in the short time I’ve had it, it has quickly become one of my summer must haves! Not only does it cool you down like it claims, it also looks a whole lot cooler than wearing a wet face cloth or hand towel around your shoulders!

EnduraCool® products are sold exclusively in Canada at your local Canadian Tire or Sport Chek store. The EnduraCool® Towel retails for $19.99 CAD and the EnduraCool® Multi-Cool™ sells for $29.99 CAD. The XL EnduraCool® Tech Knit Towel is exclusive to Sport Chek in Canada and retails for $29.99 CAD.

Disclosure: MISSION sent me one of their EnduraCool® Instant Cooling Towels free of charge. I was not required to write this or any post talking about the product, but I liked it so much I wanted to tell you all about it. As always all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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Fitness Friday: Dance Fitness “Fun”

This week’s video I can only take part credit for as it’s not entirely my own choreography. A few weeks ago when I was getting ready to teach a Zumba class at the local Relay for Life I decided that it would be fun 😉 to throw in “Fun” by Pitbull fat. Chris Brown. But in classic Suzi form I decided to do this about 2 hours before I was set to teach and not only did I not have a routine, I didn’t even have the song memorized. So I took to YouTube and found a video I liked and them changed it up a bit. This is the original video/routine but I knew I wanted to simplify it a little bit since I would be dealing with a lot of first timers I didn’t want to add any more confusion by having a bunch of turns, a crossover step, and more samba lunges (Since those were already in one of the songs I was planning to do). So I stuck with the basics of that routine and made a few minor changes to make it fit what I needed. Once I taught it at Relay for Life I was happy with how it flowed and decided to stick with the simplified version for my own classes.

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Nova Scotia 5K Foam Fest 2015

One of my goals for 2015 is to participate in at least three races that I haven’t done before, and when I found out that Foam Fest was coming to Nova Scotia this year I knew that I had to go!


I ran Mud Hero back in 2013 and while mud is fun, paring it with foam is perfection. Who doesn’t want to get covered in mud AND foam!? Well, realistically I’m sure lots of people, but there are even more of us who think it sounds like a good time!

5K Foam Fest Canada

5K Foam Fest is an obstacle course and while there is a certain level of physical fitness needed, the focus of this race is on having fun – not on how fast you can finish. Some of the obstacles can be challenging and push you out of your comfort zone, but if you need to opt out of any obstacle for whatever reason, you can!
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