Who is this “Confessions of a Fitness Instructor” girl?


Hi – thanks for dropping my my site!  I’m Suzi and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada with my husband and two cats.  I want to help you learn how to live a healthy life without taking it to the extreme, because life is too short to spend your time beating yourself up over eating a cookie or missing a workout.

My motto is simple,

Being healthy, isn’t about being perfect.

Nobody on this Earth is perfect, and the most time we spend trying to pretend we are, the more of our lives we are wasting.

I don’t believe there is one type of eating plan that will work for everybody.  I don’t think that there is one type of exercise or fitness class that will change the life of everyone who takes it.

We are all different, and therefore our bodies all respond differently to foods, and we all like and enjoy different forms of exercise so I will never tell someone to eat something or do a certain exercise to be healthy.

I do encourage people to find the type of eating plan that best works for you, and finding forms of exercising that you love, not what I tell you I think will work best.


There are a few reasons I started this site, one of them was to try and inspire and educate people.  To help people realize that we are all fighting a battle, it’s just that some of those battles are harder to see than others.  My battle is with fibromyalgia, a lung condition and IBS.  Three medical issues you wouldn’t normally associate with someone who exercises for a living.  Sure it makes what I do difficult some days, but it is also a large part of the reason I chose to pursue this career.


Sometimes after a particularly hard day, you just need to lay down and take a rest – even if you are still at work! ;)

We all have pain in our lives.  Things that make it difficult for us to get up in the morning, to focus during the day, and sleep at night.  But one thing that I do know for sure, is that eating {mostly} healthy foods, and moving helps.  It might not seem like it helps at first – in fact in the beginning you may feel worse – but it gets better.

I truly believe that if you put in the effort you can reap the rewards.  I try to listen to my body and rest when I need to rest, and spend the rest of the time kicking ass. ;)



What you’ll find here

My blog is a place for me to share my struggles and accomplishments.  A place to provide a voice for others living with chronic health conditions to show that we can still live an active life.  That our quality of living can be improved by eating well and exercising.

But that’s not all I’m about.  I also love to share recipes, talk about one of my favourite workouts - Zumba, tell people about products and services I love and find useful, and share stories from my daily life.

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