Spring Tune Up: Work it Out Wednesday

So many of you tell me that you have a handle on eating well, that it’s the exercise that you fall short on, that’s why I’m trying to focus more on the fitness aspect of losing weight and getting in shape.  Within the daily challenges I’ll still be throwing food/diet challenges in there for you, but the bulk will be fitness related.  Remember, if you need a little extra “push” you can do my 4-week health challenge at the same time as this challenge!  There will be days that the health challenge won’t work with the Spring Tune Up challenge, but overall you should be able to do it easily.  I’ll start linking to my health challenge posts at the end of each of these challenges for anyone who wants to double up.

But today you get a different type of double up – the double up workout!  Below you’ll find two workout videos, and today I want you to do both of them!  Start to end this should take you 25-30 minutes to do (to can break it up into 2-15 minunte sessions if you want)

And yes, you really do need to do 3 sets of the exercises (meaning do the video 3-times through.

Once you’ve done your bikini strap workout it’s time for the Inner Thigh Insanity Workout from Blogalites.

I’m well aware you’re probably not liking me very much right now, but remember, I’m doing these right along with you!  And I’ll take my thanks when you are looking amazing in your bathing suit 😉


If you want to check out the health challenge day 6 is right here (it was initially posted on a Friday, but it’s good food for thought any day of the week!)

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