Spring Tune Up – Kick Off!

Is everyone ready?  Tomorrow marks the start of my 4-week “Spring Tune Up” Challenge!


For the next four weeks I’l be posting daily challenges to help you slim down and shape up in-time for summer.  If you want to up the ante, you can really dig in by joining my DietBet game (which also starts on Friday).  Remember, those of you who participate in both this challenge AND the DietBet will have the chance to win some extra giveaways!  😀

As I did for the 4-week health challenge, each day I will be posting the challenge for the following day, that way you know in advance what your challenge for the day is so you can prepare (if necessary) the night before.

Your challenge for Friday is one you can mostly do tonight if you want:

Take “before” photos, measurements & get on the scale

4 weeks doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but you can make some significant gains (or losses in this case 😉 ) in 28 days.  Taking photos is the easiest way for you to compare how far you’ve come visually, and taking your measurements is a great way to measure where you’ve lost inches.  If you need help figuring out how to take your measurements here is a video that can help you:

Like Danny-J says, the scale can be a real downer when trying to lose weight/inches, but if you are participating in DietBet, you need to get weighed anyway.  Those of you who are following just the Spring Tune Up and are not participating in the DietBet, you don’t have to get weighed if you don’t want to.

For anyone who is weighing themselves, doing it first thing in the morning will give you the most accurate reading, but if you must weight yourself in the afternoon/evening, make sure you note the time so you can always weigh yourself around the same time of day.  It might seem like a great idea to get weighed at 8pm one week, and then 7am the following week but we all know you weigh less in the morning than at night so you’re not doing yourself any favours!

There will be random giveaways throughout the 4-weeks, to be eligible you must comment on the daily challenges, post photos or updates to twitter or instagram (tag @suziconfesses and #springtuneup) letting me know you’ve done the challenge, or what you thought of it, etc.  No comments or posts = no chance to win, it’s that simple! 

That’s is for Friday’s challenge, a nice easy one to get you started :)

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