Fired Up Arms Friday

Yay!  Tomorrow is Friday!!!! And yes, you’re going to have workouts assigned all weekend long.  You didn’t really think you were going to have the weekend off did you?  So many people take the weekend “off” from diet and exercise, and somehow Friday morphs into part of the weekend and before you know it you are taking Friday, Saturday and Sunday off!  3 days off out of a 7 day week means you are taking 42% of the week off, 42% of the year off, 42% of your LIFE off!  Is it any wonder people who take the weekends “off” find it hard to achieve their goals?

I’m all for taking one day off from exercise/week (which on this plan is Sundays, as they will always be “Stretch it out Sundays” and I also believe in allowing yourself 1 cheat meal/snack each week where you get to eat whatever you’ve been craving all week without stressing over going off your plan.  Personally I’ve got an Aero chocolate bar that’s been staring me in the face all week that I’m going to be happily throwing in my face (perhaps drowned in ice cream) this weekend!

But back to Friday’s challenge, an arm challenge.  It’s gonna buuuurrrrrrrnnnnnnnnn!

If you have two sets of hand weights, start the workout with the heavier set, and then when you can’t take it anymore, drop down to the lighter set.  Then if you still think you are going to die, drop the weights and keep going without weights.  Just push yourself to finish!

Remember, it’s when you are uncomfortable that your body changes.  If you don’t push yourself you’ll never know what you can do!

Let’s do this!!


p.s. here is your day 8 Health Challenge 

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