Tuesday’s Challenge: 10,000 steps

Tuesday’s challenge is hopefully an easy one.  Studies show that people who walk a minimum of 10,000 steps/day on average have lower BMI’s and are more fit/healthier than those of us who do not.

Your challenge is to measuring your daily steps.

This is done very inexpensively with a pedometer (available at most dept stores for well under $10), a Fitbit, some watches like my Solo 925 (which I still owe you a review on) have a pedometer built right in it, and these days most smart phones have pedometer apps you can download for free.  My newest iPod actually has one built right in so that is an option too.

Once you start tracking your daily steps it can be fun to try and beat your previous day’s record and it’s a great way to encourage more movement.  You’ll find on days that you notice your step count is really low that you’ll find ways to bulk it up before bed because you don’t want to record such a low number.

All of you iPhone users, I highly recommend the Pedomter app by Runtastic, the basic version is free and if you want to upgrade to pro for more features you can.  Of course, if using your phone as your pedometer you need to remember to keep it in your pocket or carry it around everywhere you go.  If that sounds like a pain, then maybe a smaller pedometer or Fitbit would suit you better.

So that’s your challenge – I’d love to hear (or see!) how many steps you take tomorrow, please share here, on facebook, twitter, instagram or if you’re participating in the dietet you can share the photo there.

Good Luck!

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