#PlantItForward with Kashi

With the always rising costs of food, and many people focusing more on eating healthy, nutritious food, I think we are all looking for ways to eat better, but save money at the same time. One easy way to do that is by growing your own fruit and vegetables!

Did you know that less than half of Canadians have actually grown their own fruits or veggies? And while many of us like to visit farmer’s markets or community gardens to get our hands on fresh produce, the Kashi Plant It Forward survey recently discovered that one third of Canadians never visit either. That’s a heck of a lot of people who aren’t taking advantage of some of the easiest ways to get their hands on freshly grown, local, and inexpensive food. And that is precisely why Kashi and Evergreen have partnered for a second year in a row on the #PlantItForward initiative, which aims to build and support community gardens across Canada so deserving communities can get closer to real, fresh food.

Kashi Infographic Final
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Zumba Mega Mix 47

I’m so behind on ZIN releases right now. I still have songs from releases 4 months ago that I want to use, and I haven’t used a single song from the last ZIN yet! Sheesh! So when I saw MM47 in the mailbox today I was both excited, and a little overwhelmed. I need to get my Zumba act together stat. Anyone else finding themselves with a bit of a Zumba backlog at the moment?

Anyway, here are the new tunes for this month!

Life is Cool (Warm-up) – Zumba Fitness Original

Shenai {Radio Edt} (Electronic) – Mocham

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More Peanut Butter Snack Bite Recipes!

A few weeks ago I shared with you my recipe for Choco-Coco Peanut Butter Snack Bites, which are made using Kraft All Natural Smooth Peanut Butter. These snack bites are a snacking staple in our house!


Since then I’ve had the opportunity to make a batch with my niece Emma, who is quite the ball rolling pro.
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ZIN 57 Preview

I love Lindsay Taylor. I really like Gina and Kass, I’m still sad I never got to meet Tanya, but Lindsay is my all-time favourite. I just love that girl. And ever since I saw her Instagram pictures from the shooting of ZIN 57 I’ve been impatiently awaiting it’s arrival. I still have to wait another month before it comes, but at least I have this preview to hold me over and get me excited all over again!

Squee!!!! It’s Lindsay!!!!

And because I’m so amped, I’ll share one of my favourite Zumba photos with you…

DSC01957It might be my favourite Zumba photo if I didn’t look radioactive with my shiny face and sweaty bangs, but this is what happens when you do Zumba for 3 hours!

For anyone who doesn’t understand our positions in the photo, we were doing “Pause” from the music video (which Lindsay is in), and had just come out at the time (which for some reason I cannot for the life of my track down at the moment #sadface).


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Bluenose Half Marathon 2015

Photo 2015-05-16, 8 34 12 PM


Remember back this winter when I actually thought I was going to show up to a spring race fully trained for it? I amuse myself sometimes. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. First we had the winter that just would end, and I’m a terrible treadmill runner so my training didn’t really start until we were 7 weeks out. And then I realized I was taxing my body too much trying to get two runs in/week on top of my teaching schedule so I cut back to just my long runs.

And then two weeks ago I started having issues with my lung so I had to skip my last two long runs entirely. In fact, a week before the race, I was seriously in doubt that I would be well enough to run at all.

After a week of early bedtimes and lots of rest, changing the way I teach a few classes (no more weights for Suzi when teaching strength classes), and being really careful about what I eat I decided I was okay to give it a go. On Saturday I headed into the city with my friend Catherine who was running the 5k (the Bluenose 5K takes place on Saturday, all other distances are on Sunday), with the plan that J would drive in later after he got off work.

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