Zumba ZIN 55

I’m not a fan of this new tread of me getting my new Zumba releases at the very end of the month. I much preferred getting them around the 20th. What can I say? I’m impatient!

If you’re still waiting, here are the songs on this month’s release!

Moviendo el Pum (Merengue) – Oro Solido

Mas Que Tu Amigo (Salsa) – Marco Antonio Solis

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Dance Toning: Sabes A Chocolate

sabes a chocoalte

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite routines that we’ve dubbed an arm destroyer. The key with this song (And any toning routine really), is to really focus on engaging your arm and shoulder muscles throughout the work phases of the song.

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Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Giveaway

I’ve got a little secret.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts - sooo good!

Yup, it’s true! I heart hemp hearts. More specifically Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts!

For anyone who has never tried hemp hearts, I find they taste a lot like a chopped walnut, others compare them more to a sesame seed or pine nut. Any way you look at it, you can easily add these little hearts into lots of recipes without even realizing they are there (which also makes them kid friendly!).

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Dance Toning: Reggaeton Latino

Hi everyone! Last night on Facebook I asked which you’d rather have for videos this week – Zumba Toning and Zumba Gold, and the masses requested Zumba Toning so that is what you shall get! The bad news is I didn’t realize when I recording how crazy bright the room was and when I imported the videos onto my laptop I was disappointed at how bright and hard to see the videos are/were. I’ve edited them to make them darker, and for this first one that worked alright, but the Thursday video was a bit more of an issue. That’s what I get for having a skin tone which is best described as transparent.

Note to self, next time I try to record there, wear long sleeves, no matter how warm it is!

dance toning

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Smart Snacking

In my role as a nutrition/weight loss specialist I’ve noticed that many people seem to have no problem eating well during regular meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) but when it comes to snacks they fall all to pieces. They don’t have anything pre-planned for snacks so they start eating whatever they can grab, or find themselves reaching for convenience foods that more often than not derail their healthy eating efforts.

So how do you avoid the snacking pitfalls? The answer is to plan!

I know, I know, planning snacks isn’t all that exciting. But you know what is exciting? Not having to think about what to eat because you already have your healthy snack ready to go. Knowing you are nourishing your body with the foods it needs and craves, which will make you feel (and look) better!

So why don’t we all plan our snacking? We like to fool ourselves into thinking we don’t have time to prep snacks for the week, but that simply isn’t true. Taking 10-15 minutes once/week you can get all of your snacks ready for the week which is less time than most people spend wondering what they should have for a snack each day. The real reason we don’t all plan our snacks is because a) we’ve never thought about it, b) we don’t want to.

Pre-package snacks for quick on-the-go mini meals

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