Zumba Mega Mix 44

As I start this post I haven’t had a chance to listen to any of the songs on this month’s release as I put it directly into my iMac to import the songs and came right here to start writing. I’ve heard from a few people on my Facebook page that they thought it was a dud, and looking just at the song titles alone I can’t say I disagree. Maybe my tune will change by the end of this post once I’ve heard some of the songs…

Sunny Sunny (Hindi Pop) by Yaariyan

Accordeon Dance (Russian Folk) by Zumba Fitness

Swing (Country)

Tangled Up (Tango) by Caro Emerald

Lepo Lepo (Axe) by Psirico

Big Spender (Urban Burlesque)

Tutti Frutti (Rock & Roll) by Little Richard

Adicto (Reggaeton) by Wisin

Zumbalo (Coupe-Decale) by Dexter Hamilton

Good Time (French Dancehall) by Bel-Mondo

Come Baby Come (Hip Hop) by K7

Yemaya (Merengue) by Amarfis Aquino

Jumping (Soca) by Armando & Heidy

What is going on? We use to get one or two “different” songs on a Mega Mix and this one is like nearly ALL “other”. It feels almost like a CD made specifically for Zumba Gold with the exception of two maybe three songs. I’m game for different songs as much as anyone but this is a little insane. I might get around to using one or two of these songs but that’s it. I don’t think it’s even going to make it to my car (I usually listen/memorize music while I drive)

What do you all think about this month’s release?

Studio to Street Wear

Weekends aside, I am in leggings or stretchy pants, tank tops and sweaters most every time I leave the house. I am always on my way to, or coming from an exercise class where stretchy pants are an absolute must, and who has time to change into street clothes every time they have to run into a store?

That’s why when I’m shopping I try to find styles that can go from the studio to the street without missing a beat.

Styles that are both functional and fashionable make it easier for me to pop into a store between classes to pick a few things up without feeling like I look like someone who just came from the gym and Bench. styles are made to be multipurpose, in fact they have right on their clothing tangs, “Multipurpose City Clothing”

Or you know, multi-purpose country clothing… ;)

reverse warrior



This Bench. Sinker II Fleece in Polar Ice is quite possibly the softest hoodie I’ve ever felt. It’s like wrapping yourself up in a blanket! Complete with the beloved thumb holes and sleeves that are actually long enough for this long limbed girl give it two distinct thumbs up from me!


A not so well kept secret about me is that I’m always cold, so when I saw this adorable grey snood (scarf meets hood) I knew it had to come home with me. Not only is it great for keeping my neck warm, but if my ears get cold and I don’t have a hat or hood near by I can pop it up over my head like a hood for double duty!


As for the fingerless gloves, I’ve been wanting a pair of those for well over a year. The Bench. Leyko B Glove are fleece lined making them super cozy for those times you want to keep you hands warm but need the freedom of bare fingers.


I picked up the hot pink Supta Vest tank from the sale section, so I’m not sure if you’ll be able to find it in store, but the tank is made from lycra supplex making it a high performing tank that looks amazing paired with the Baddah Legging.


side angle


These leggings might have tied my much adored herringbone WU’s for favourite leggings. They are super comfy, soft and let’s face it, look pretty dang amazing.

Prior to now I never would have thought to look to Bench. for multi-purpose clothing like this. Actually I thought they only made outwear and hoodies (oops…), and now that I’ve seen what great pieces they have to offer you can be sure I’ll be looking to see what they have to offer the next time I’m looking for new pieces.

From studio to street to studio. That’s how I live my life, and these pieces from Bench. are definitely helping me do that with a little more style!

Disclosure: I was provided with a gift card to Bench. in order to facilitate this post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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