The Suzi Chronicles 4/23/14

Hi-ya! I’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis on what to call these types of posts.  I use to call them “health updates” but that is boring, and then last month I was calling them “fibromyalgia chronicles” but that really limits me to talking about fibromyalgia when really I just want to talk about stuff in general and then I called the last one this random name, so now it’s the Suzi Chronicles. We’ll see if this one sticks ;)

Since my last life/health post I’m sad to report that I have yet to duplicate that lovely 7 hours of sleep in one night.  But in this past week we’ve been making a real effort to go to bed earlier which is great.  Last night I had nearly 6 hours of sleep in just under 10 hours so that’s pretty rad for me!

Another development since I started charting all of my food intake is that I don’t seem to be able to eat salad anymore (or more specifically right now). Every night I’ve felt really unwell and bloated has been after eating some sort of green salad, which makes me quite depressed because I dream about greek salad.  But I know that eventually my stomach/IBS will settle back down and I’ll be able to eat it again, that time just isn’t right now.  So what’s a girl to do?


Make lots of fresh juice! In addition to going to sleep earlier we’ve also been juicing every day for breakfast or lunch (depending on my schedule) which is great since my body doesn’t seem keen on having raw vegetables right now, and J never can eat them raw (thanks to his Ulcerative Colitis) so it’s good to know we are at least getting the nutrients of the foods our body needs but doesn’t seem to want us to have!

If you’re wondering, the concoction above is a mix of romaine lettuce, carrot, ginger, sweet potato, kiwi and green grapes.  We usually have lettuce/ginger/carrot/apple/sweet potato but were running low on ingredients yesterday.

And since starting to track all of my food, exercise, etc. on myfitnesspal ( <– link is to my profile, feel free to friend me if you’re on there too!) again I’ve also started tracking on my wall calendar my personal workouts (versus my workouts through teaching) and keeping track of my water and foam rolling (ugh).  Technically my water is tracked on myfitnesspal too, but I like the visual reminder on the wall.


I’m still missing days here and there, but I’m definitely doing better than I was prior to tracking!

P.S. Later today I’m doing the last workout of Phase 1 in the Ultimate Booty Workouts 12 week plan. I’m pretty excited to be moving on to phase 2 next week!!

On the fibromyalgia front there isn’t much to report.  My arms still drive me crazy at night, my shoulder is a bit better these days, but now my wrists are acting up.  It’s really quite annoying, but I feel like the further into spring we get the better I feel so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that, that trend continues!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here or not, but I’m training for the Bluenose Half Marathon which is 4 weeks from this past Sunday, so we are getting to the l-o-n-g long runs.  On Monday I busted out 10 miles before supper. I got a new heart rate monitor with GPS tracking a couple weeks ago (the Polar RCX3) so it was really nice for me to be able to keep an eye on both my pace and heart rate instead of blindly running. Because I was watching my heart rate (to make sure it didn’t go too high) my pace was a bit slower than usual (about 30 seconds/mile) but overall I was happy with my run.  Especially when my lung (for anyone who doesn’t know, I have a soft spot in the top of my left lung that gives me problems when it gets tired, and occasionally springs a small hole…) didn’t hurt at all during or after my run, and I didn’t feel “winded” for a few hours afterwards as I often do.  It seems like this little gadget was a wise investment for that reason alone! The only downside is I think my chest strap was a bit too tight, because I’m sporting a few chafing marks on my ribcage now which are pretty sore.

I’m pretty sure my HM time in the Bluenose will be my slowest of the year, but I’m okay with that, I just need to remember that considering my lung condition, and that I have fibromyalgia it’s pretty awesome that I’m able to run a half marathon at all!

They just released the shirts for the race this year and I am loving the adult tech tee I’ll be getting!  Go pink! ;)


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Zumba ZIN 50

Happy Easter! It’s new Zumba music day!



Here are the songs found on this month’s release, as well as any artist information and videos I could find!

Fiesta (Merengue Urbano) – Zumba Fitness Original

Here To Stay (Electronic/Glitch Hop) – Zomboy

Chucucha (Merengue Tribal) – Ilegales

Mambo Salsa (Salsa) – BIP

Grita Gol (Batucada) – Zumba Fitness Original

Blin Blin (Flamenco/Salsa) – Zumba Fitness Original

Latinos A Ganar (Ragamuffin) – El General

Donde Estes Llegare (Reggaeton) – Alexis y Fido

Moda Nova (Axe) – Claudia Leitte

I haven’t put the DVD in my player yet so I have no idea what the choreos look like for any of these songs, so I’m going to hold my final judgement until I’ve watched the release.  For now I can say that not many of the songs are “jumping” at me, but sometimes that changes once I hear them a few times and see some routines.

What do you guys think?



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