A Visit to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

If you follow me on social media you already know that last week I went to Toronto on a press trip with President’s Choice (you can expect more on the “work” portion of my trip tomorrow). While in Toronto I had some free time and since anytime I’m in Toronto it’s for a whirlwind trip with no time to sightsee, I decided to hit the streets and see some sights!

A friend had been to the aquarium when in Toronto the week before and recommended that I check it out, and since it was next to the CN Tower which I wanted to check out anyway I headed in that direction.


The good thing about walking to the CN Tower is you have a pretty good landmark to make sure you keep on track! The Rogers Centre also hangs out in that part of town

Rogers Centre

Rogers Centre 2


After stopping to take the required number of tourist CN Tower photos, I made my way down to the aquarium and inside. I was surprised at just how busy it was for a random Thursday afternoon in September. I can only imagine what it’d be like at the height of tourist season!

I’ll be honest, when I saw that it was going to cost me $30 to go in I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go, it seemed like a lot of money but I had time to kill and I do like looking at fishies so in I went!

Be prepared for photo overload…


one of the rare blue lobsters (they had two, and a red one as well. And possibly a white one…my memory is failing me on that one)

Blue Lobster


Mr (or Mrs.) Octopus!



Star Fish



I was really enjoying the aquarium, until I entered Dangerous Lagoon

Dangerous Lagoon

Once I started hanging our with sharks – I was certain that the $30 admission was more than worth it. How often to you get to have sharks swim over your head without any worry for your safety? If you’re me – the answer is never.



This guy startled more than one person (including myself) when they looked up and saw it hanging out right above their head!


apparently it’s a popular place to hang out!



Sea Horse

I had never seen Sea Horses with their tails wrapped around something like this (though I’m sure they do it often, I don’t hang out with them very frequently!)

sea horses

And now let’s just bask in the amazement that is the creatures in the world…


IMG 8280







IMG 8276

IMG 8305

This isn’t the clearest photo, but I love that this dude looks like it’s smiling and waving to me!

IMG 8297


So despite my initial concern that the cost might not be worth it, it absolutely was. If I had, had the whole day free I would have spent so much longer there, but my short visit was absolutely amazing, and I highly recommend visiting it (especially if you have kids) if you are in the Toronto area.

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Zumba ZIN 53 Preview

Still no new mega mix here yet (hopefully it’ll arrive early next week) but I did notice a preview for ZIN 53 was released on Thursday. Have y’all seen it yet? If not check it out:

Sounds like they are really overhauling the format giving us a lot more options on how to view the content, and I think I like the idea of choreo notes right on the DVD (I might change my mind once I see it). I rarely go online to look at the notes on zumba.com so I think it’ll be nice to be able to look at them right on the DVD if I want to.

And as far as the volume goes, I’m always excited when Gina is around – I normally like a lot of her choreo routines so yay for October when ZIN 53 will arrive!


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